Best Beaches In NJ For Families – New Jersey, commonly known as The Garden State, is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches and resorts and hotels.

Beachgoers flock to New Jersey beaches because they are family-friendly, vast, and some even have lifeguards.


At any of New Jersey’s beaches, you can engage in a variety of enjoyable activities with your friends and family, such as boogie boarding, surfing, boating, sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, and so on.


Mark your calendars and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with your loved ones as you explore the best beaches in NJ for families!


   Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Asbury Park, which is around 90 minutes from both New York City and Philadelphia, has seen a renovation in recent years, with the addition of new restaurants, boutiques, and upmarket hotels.


Bruce Springsteen’s debut record, Greetings from Asbury Park, released in 1973, was the first to put this beach town on the map. The Stone Pony music venue is where Bruce Springsteen got his start, and the bar and the seaside town are still popular live music destinations today. This northern New Jersey beach town hosts music festivals and concerts throughout the year.


Along Asbury Park’s mile-long expanse of sand, you’ll find public toilets, locker rentals, playgrounds, lifeguards, and free Wi-Fi. The Asbury Park Boardwalk (which has no rides) has restaurants, stores, tiny water parks, mini-golf, and the Silverball Museum Arcade, which has pinball machines from the 1930s to now.


  • Sandy Hook National Seashore

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Sandy Hook is a seven-mile stretch of beach that also serves as a national park. Spend the day fishing, swimming, bird-watching, or simply relaxing in the sun while admiring the Manhattan skyline. It’s easy to get there from New York City: take the Seastreak boat for 30 minutes (traditionally, it runs Sandy Hook service all summer long).


Sandy Hook Beach, with its seven miles of stunning shoreline and unending vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, is a haven for families looking to do a variety of fun things.


Because of the variety of activities that you can do with your family at Sandy Hook Beach, I heartily recommend it for your next family excursion.


Bring a ball or frisbee and enjoy family activities on the beach, or assist your children in creating sand sculptures. There are also sand dunes that your children would enjoy playing on. You can also undertake scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, boating, and more on the ocean.


The cerulean water is calm and soft as it approaches the shore, making it ideal for splashing about with your kids. There are also alert lifeguards stationed all over the beach, so you can rest easy knowing your family is secure.


From September 16 to March 14, you are welcome to bring your four-legged friends to Sandy Hook Beach. Your kids will have a blast playing in the water with your pets. You must, however, always keep them on a leash.


  • Long Branch Beach

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Long Branch Beach is one of New Jersey’s best family-friendly beaches. It provides its visitors with a well-kept beach, numerous amenities, and stunning blue sea.


Long Branch Beach, located in a resort town, is easily accessible and convenient for family holidays because it is close to many other sites that your family will enjoy visiting.


Long Branch Beach is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and taking a romantic stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one. Place a beach towel on the sand, set up an umbrella, and spend the day resting.


The beach is accessible from a variety of locations, including Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park. This is a low-key beach with a playground, new skateplex, clean facilities, showers, nice concessions, and no amusement rides, which I try to avoid if I’m simply wanting to hit the sand.


Tents and canopies are not permitted on the beach; only single pole umbrellas are authorised.


  • Ocean City

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


The ultimate family-friendly beach is Ocean City, New Jersey (not to be confused with Ocean City, Maryland, which is several miles south). This coastal town, just 90 minutes from Philadelphia, has eight miles of sandy beach and a 2.5-mile boardwalk.


Lifeguards keep a watch on the waves to ensure that boogie boarding and swimming are both safe. After you’ve finished playing on the beach, stroll up to the boardwalk and enjoy the rides. The Ocean City Boardwalk offers both traditional toddler rides and adrenalin rides for teens.


The barrier island of Ocean City is a dry municipality, which means that no alcohol is sold. Those of legal drinking age are welcome to drink alcohol while visiting (though it is prohibited on the beach); you must purchase it before arriving.


  • Brigantine Beach

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Brigantine Beach, located near Atlantic City, is a popular beach and has miles of coastal shoreline and a variety of family-friendly activities.


Brigantine Beach’s child-friendly shoreline offers a variety of fun activities for your family to enjoy while on vacation. While your children build sandcastles or fly kites, you may relax on the beach and work on your tan.


You can get into the sea and enjoy surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, canoeing, and fishing if you want to do something more daring.


You can enroll your children in a swim lesson programme at Brigantine Beach Patrol if they don’t know how to swim.


  • Beach Haven

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Beach Haven, on the southern end of Long Beach Island, is a lovely beach with sugary white sand and clear blue water.


If you’re looking for a beach close to restaurants, retail centres, and other activities, I definitely recommend Beach Haven for your next family vacation in New Jersey.


At Beach Haven, there’s a lot to do. Sunbathe on the beach under the warm sun, assist your children in building sand castles, forts, and sculptures, bring a frisbee and play catch, or go swimming in the cool seas.


The sunsets here are also extremely lovely, and they’re ideal for enjoying a romantic moment with your partner while sitting on the soft sand and listening to the soothing waves.


You might want to take your family to the Fantasy Island Amusement Park before or after your beach excursion to Beach Haven, where they can enjoy carnival rides, an arcade, fun games, casual food, and much more.

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  • Atlantic City Beach

Best Beaches In NJ
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Atlantic City Beach, one of New Jersey’s most renowned and well-known beaches, attracts visitors from all over the country.


Visit Atlantic City Beach for one of the best family beach vacations in New Jersey. This beach is divided into four sections, each of which offers a variety of sports such as surfing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, parasailing, and canoeing.


The beach is long and wide, making it ideal for spending a full day on the sand sunbathing, playing beach activities, or participating in a competitive game of beach volleyball.


Take some time to stroll along Atlantic City’s famous seaside promenade and pier. Numerous shops and cafés along the famed boardwalk, serving a variety of foods and specialties. The pier is known for its carnival rides and a massive Ferris wheel.


  • Wildwood Beach

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Wildwood Beach, located in a resort town, is an award-winning beach and one of New Jersey’s best for toddlers.


Because the fine white sand is large, flat, has a gentle slope, and no small rocks that might potentially blister their feet, Wildwood Beach is one of the best family-friendly beaches in New Jersey and the safest beach for young children. There are also lifeguards who are observant and vigilant.


Your teenagers can have a joy performing fun activities like sailing, surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking, parasailing, jet-skiing, powerboating, and more while your children play in the sand and swim in the shallow water.


Weekend family trips in New Jersey at Wildwood Beach are fantastic throughout the summer since you and your loved ones can participate in a variety of activities and events, such as kite festivals, parades, craft exhibitions, classic car displays, and more.


In the 1950s, during the Doo-Wop era, this family beach in New Jersey grew into a thriving resort town, and it claims to be the birthplace of rock and roll after the song Rock Around the Clock was first sung in Wildwood. Several Doo-Wop-style motels have been protected as historical landmarks.


  • Stone Harbor Beach

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Stone Harbor bills itself as “The Seashore at its Best,” with 30 miles of gorgeous beaches. Stone Harbor Beach is a peaceful stretch of beach with fluffy white sand and clear blue sea.


If you’re searching for a relaxing beach getaway away from the throng and commotion of the city, Stone Harbor Beach is a great choice. This peaceful beach is the ideal getaway for you and your loved ones to get away from the rush of city life.


Spend the day getting a tan or reading a book on the beach while your kids build sandcastles or swim in the ocean. Because of the abundant shells that wash up on its shores, Stone Harbor Beach is an excellent area for a relaxing stroll while beachcombing.


Jet skiing, sailing, and fishing are among of the activities available.


Stone Harbor Beach has several additional nearby attractions that your family will enjoy, such as touring through historical structures at Victoriana and getting up up and personal with animals at the County Park and Zoo.


  • Island Beach State Park

Best Beaches In NJ For Families
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Island Beach State Park has ten miles of white sugary sand beaches and clear, clean water.


Island Beach State Park is the ideal location for you and your loved ones to make new memories while participating in a variety of enjoyable activities such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, boating, and more.


Clean facilities, grills for enjoying a tasty BBQ or burgers, and picnic tables to eat your meals away from the sand are all provided at this beach to make your visit more comfortable and convenient.


The soft sand is also a great place to unwind as your kids build sand creations or bury each other in it.


Island Beach State Park includes wheelchair-accessible attractions if you want to bring your elderly parents or grandparents along. During the summer, you may also rent beach wheelchairs.


  • Point Pleasant Beach

Best Beaches In NJ
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Because of its well-kept beach, sparkling clean water, and spectacular oceanfront promenade, Point Pleasant Beach is a local favourite for families.


Point Pleasant Beach is one of the best beaches in NJ for families. It’s a fantastic area to go canoeing, kayaking, surfing, and other water activities with your tribe.


The beautiful white sand beach is great for sunbathing, strolling hand-in-hand, building sandcastles and forts with your children, playing fun beach games or throwing a ball around, chasing your children while playing tag, and flying kites.


Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is one of the many elements that make Point Pleasant Beach so popular and distinctive.


Take the opportunity to stroll down this mile-long boardwalk, where you may not only enjoy wonderful food but also visit an aquarium, play exciting carnival games, ride thrilling rides, tour a funhouse, play miniature golf, and much more.


At Jenkinson’s, you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas right on the beach. There are four paid parking lots on Ocean Avenue between Broadway and Arnold Avenue, as well as a big metered lot on Arnold Avenue, although parking will be expensive.


Arrive early to take advantage of the restricted on-street parking in the communities along Ocean Avenue, but double-check that you’re parking legally; the cops in Point Pleasant Beach issue a lot of parking penalties during the summer.


  • Seaside Heights

Best Beaches In NJ
Best Beaches In NJ For Families


Seaside Heights is more than the MTV reality show Jersey Shore, which made it famous. This family beach in northern New Jersey has been dubbed “the home for family fun” since 1913, long before Snooki staked her claim.


Seaside, located only 20 minutes from Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, has its own two-mile boardwalk and two piers filled with amusement rides (kiddie rides and thrill rides), a water park, arcades, boardwalk food, shops, mini-golf, and more.


The Sky Ride (also known as a ski lift) is a must-see attraction in this Jersey Shore town. The gentle ride runs above the beach and boardwalk, providing excellent views of the action below. The beaches in Seaside Heights are extensive, and families enjoy spending time fishing, crabbing, and boating while visiting.


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