10 Best Waterfalls In Puerto Rico — Nothing beats a nice waterfall, and Puerto Rico has plenty! Waterfalls and watering holes are ideal places to cool off in the tropical climate with high temperatures all year. They are not only fun to visit if you want to do something different than go to the beach, but they are also free!


It’s true what they say: there’s nothing quite like a spectacular waterfall, and Puerto Rico has lots of them! I believe this country has a lot to offer, from festivals to gorgeous hiking trails, but my personal favourite is stunning waterfalls in Puerto Rico.


Walking through what appears to be an ancient jungle, hearing the flowing water as you approach closer, and then suddenly discovering a stunning waterfall through the trees is the best experience.


In Puerto Rico, there are numerous natural pools and gorgeous waterfalls that are ideal for cooling down in the tropical heat. Here are 10 spectacular waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

     Waterfalls In Puerto Rico


1. La Coca Falls, El Yunque

waterfalls in puerto rico

The Coca Falls are the first stop after entering the El Yunque Rainforest’s official entry point. The waterfall can be found immediately off the highway. Although not a swimming spot, this location is picturesque and ideal for a photo stop. Climb up on the left, where there are a few large rocks, or along the rocks in front of the falls.


There is parking right there, so there is no need to hike, and it is not far from the National Park’s main entrance.


Catarata La Coca is a beautiful 85-foot (26-meter) waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest.


Water pours down the smooth granite surface, crashing into the boulders below. The rocks are slick, so swimming isn’t recommended, but it’s a great place to stop and snap photos.


My recommendation is to arrive early in order to capture the beauty when there are fewer tourists.


2. Cascada La Mina

waterfalls in puerto rico

The La Mina Waterfall, also known as Cascada La Mina, is located towards the end of the La Mina Trail, which follows the La Mina River.


To get to the waterfall through the route, the USDA Forest Service recommends crossing the river a few times over bridges, which provide spectacular views of various cascades and pools of water. Because the La Mina Trail is so popular, tourists may expect to see a lot of other people visiting the waterfall.


La Mina Falls is a breathtaking 10.6m (35ft) cascade surrounded by a lush jungle and a picturesque lake.


It is the most visited attraction in the El Yunque National Forest, and it may get quite crowded with families, tourists, and groups.


The Big Tree Trail or the La Mina Trail both lead to La Mina Falls.

3. Juan Diego Falls, El Yunque

waterfalls in puerto rico

Juan Diego Falls is also in El Yunque, and is only a few minutes’ drive from La Coca Falls. The trailhead is located directly off the main road, with parking available across the street. The trail is easy to follow and takes only a few minutes to reach the first waterfall.


A little dirt trail goes up to a second, greater waterfall if you head to the right of the falls. Both falls are swimmable and ideal for a brief plunge. If you’re looking for a bit more adventure, head to the left side, where there’s a trail that leads to other water streams.


• If you decide to hike the trail, be cautious because it might be rather steep. If you intend to continue up, we recommend that you wear sneakers or water shoes. We didn’t see how far it goes, but there are plenty of excellent spots to stop and take in the scenery.


There are designated parking places along the road near the entrance. If you arrive early, you should have no trouble locating parking; otherwise, you may have to continue driving up the road. Every few kilometres, there is reserved parking.


Juan Diego Creek is visible from the road and is identified as the entrance to Juan Diego Falls.


The first of the two waterfalls can be reached by following the path. There are a few steps to climb, and the first waterfall is only a few minutes away. This lower waterfall is around 4.5m (15ft) high and features a natural pool.

4. La Canoa Falls

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

It’s difficult to believe that Puerto Rico has so many waterfalls to witness, and most visitors will only get to see the North Side of El Yunque, but there are some great hidden jewels on the South Side, like Rio Blanco.


El Hippie Pool, where caves and pre-Columbian petroglyphs can be found, is an intriguing place that should be explored.


La Canoa Falls can be found above El Hippie Pool. A narrow valley with a 21.3m (70ft) descent between enormous boulders. I realised that the river and waterfall are part of the US Forest System’s only subtropical forest.


This neighbourhood can be difficult to navigate on your own, so I recommend hiring a local tour guide.


There are also some beautiful natural water slides here. This is one of my favourite waterfalls in Puerto Rico. I wouldn’t recommend having little children with you, though.


5. Doña Juana Waterfall

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Doa Juana Waterfall is another Puerto Rican waterfall that is on my “Must See” list. Chorro / Salto / Cascada is how the locals refer to this beautiful waterfall. They are made up of three waterfalls that total roughly 30 metres (100 feet) in height.


This serene spot, located near Villalba, in Orocovis, in Puerto Rico’s Central Mountain Range, along Route 149, is unlike any other. There’s also the added benefit of not having to hike. We could park near the falls and stroll up to them.


The natural pool at the base of the waterfall is ideal for swimming, but it is one of Puerto Rico’s coldest waterfall pools.


Despite its proximity to the road, it is not a particularly busy waterfall.


Keep in mind that it is not a developed tourist destination, thus there are no restrooms or other amenities.



6. Salto Collazo

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Salto Collazo is another spectacular waterfall in San Sebastian’s Central/West Region. It’s really easy to find, and it’s on the major road, just east of town, along a bridge. It’s impossible to miss! It’s quite lovely.


On one side of the bridge, the waterfall is roughly 9m (30ft) high and drops into a nice pool at the bottom. It’s ideal for a swim. There are rocks near the falls that provide for a wonderful picnic spot, however it is close to the road.


I was told that when there hasn’t been much rain, this fall isn’t much to look at, so it’s best to go after it’s rained.


A stunning 30m (100ft) waterfall can be seen on the other side of the bridge. Keep in mind that this one is difficult to access, so enjoy the view from above.


7. La Niebla Waterfall

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

The next waterfall on my list is La Niebla, which is found in Barranquitas’ San Cristóbal Canyon. The San Cristóbal Canyon, which is roughly an hour’s drive from San Juan to Aibonito, has been named one of Puerto Rico’s Top 10 Natural Wonders.


With a height of around 92 metres, La Niebla Waterfall is the tallest and most beautiful of Puerto Rico’s waterfalls (300ft).


It’s not the simplest place to find, but it’s well worth the effort once you’ve there. It’s difficult, slick, and steep in spots, so I’d recommend hiring a local tour guide because it’s not a trek you should do on your own. It may be rather physically taxing, and I wouldn’t recommend it for small children.


The hike is around 6.5 kilometres (4 miles) long from beginning to end, and it will take you about 4-5 hours to complete. The trail is properly signposted, however it is in poor condition. Wear long pants and appropriate shoes because there are a lot of fire ants along the road!


The pool at the base of the falls is pleasant to swim in. However, the rivers of El Yunque National Park are warmer.


8. Gozalandia Falls

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Gozalandia Falls is located in San Sebastian on the western side of Puerto Rico. This 15m (50ft) high, 9m (30ft) wide waterfall attracts crowds throughout the summer, so get there early. It has great swimming areas for the whole family.


It’s only a short walk along a paved trail and down some steep stairs to the falls, but it’s not difficult.


Our efforts yielded a spectacular waterfall, as well as a few smaller ones. With the natural ponds and subterranean caves for swimming, we were spoiled for choice.


There’s a cliff jump spot – around a 9m (30ft) plunge – that the locals adore if you’re feeling bold enough to join the adrenaline addicts.


Continue on to the upper falls, where you’ll find a lesser cascade with a rope swing as well as several natural ponds.


Despite its popularity, it is difficult to locate. We had to rely on Google Maps to get us to Gozalandia Falls because there is no signage for it on the highway.

9. Las Delicias Falls

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

A popular waterfall is a bit of heaven. Located in Ciales’s Estatal Bosque de Tres Picachos. In the central portion of the island, roughly an hour or an hour and a half drive from Ponce or San Juan.


The lovely Las Delicias may be seen from the road. The water is beautifully clear, cool but not too cold, and shallow, making it ideal for a family swim.


To get to the main waterfall, you’ll have to climb over a few rocks, but it’s worth it. The sound of water pouring over curving rocks covered in plants and moss is incredibly relaxing.


It’s an excellent spot for photographs.


10. Salto Curet

waterfalls in puerto rico
Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Last but not the least on our list of waterfalls in Puerto Rico is Salto Curet.

Salto Curet near Maricao is another fantastic example of an off-the-beaten-path waterfall. Maricao is a small village in the Western Central Mountains known as “Town of the Indian Villages.”


After driving around half an hour over a twisting mountain road to get to the falls, you’ll need to take a short but hard climb upstream. To avoid getting bogged in the mud after it has rained, it is advisable to travel in a 4×4.


The scenery is stunning and untouched. If it has rained recently, the waterfall will be spouting murky orange water, making it unsuitable for swimming. Aside from that, it’s usually pretty clean and shallow.

The waterfall is roughly 12 metres (40 feet) tall, with two further sets of falls above it, totaling around 30.5 metres (100 feet).


This is not an attraction I would recommend for small children. Also, think about if you’re physically well enough to take on the challenge before heading to Selto Curet.


• Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico

best time to visit puerto rico

Because Puerto Rico is a tropical resort, the weather is warm all year. The rainy season lasts throughout the summer. As a result, the months of December to April are the busiest for travellers. The weather is still pleasant at this time of year, with the least amount of rain. The disadvantage is that it becomes extremely crowded.


It may be worthwhile to visit shortly before or after the peak season.


These were some of the best waterfalls in Puerto Rico that you guys can visit.


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