In this article I’ve compiled 15 best beaches in lake michigan to help you select one according your desire.

Lake Michigan beaches are no wonder one of the best in the US. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation to the Caribbean, when the Midwest has perfect lake michigan beaches with crystal clear waters.

With over 3200 miles of shoreline, on the Great Lakes, Michigan is the second largest shoreline state in the United States.

Relaxing on Michigan’s beautiful beaches is one of the best ways to spend your summer months.

best beaches in lake michigan


Best beaches in Lake Michigan have something for everyone, from pebbled shores to golden sands, busy boardwalks to isolated islands.

Most of the beaches here are located along Lake Michigan’s azure waters, which are crystal clear and refreshing to chill off in.

You can spend your time leisurely collecting stones on Lake superiors 100 miles of beaches in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or go for a traditional summer swim in some of the country’s most impressive freshwater sources.


15 Best Beaches In Lake Michigan.


1. Grand Haven City Beach

best beaches in lake michigan


Number first on the list of best beaches in Lake Michigan is Grand Haven City Beach.

It is located in a quaint and lovely beach community in the western part of the state is one of Michigan’s most popular beaches.

The Grand Haven City Beach is part of a state park that offers a variety of activities and amenities. Unlike most other beaches, Grant Haven State park entrance fee is $9 per day, but you get full access to everything.

Try your hand at kite boarding or surfing or go for a swim in Lake Michigan. A picturesque red light house and a beautiful boardwalk in the Michigan goes all the way to the center of the town.

Grand Haven, Michigan beach town destination, not far from Grand Rapids has a beautiful downtown area that is packed with activities during the summer months.

2. Orchard Beach State Park

best beaches in lake michigan


So number second on the lake michigan beaches is Orchard Beach State Park.

Orchard Beach State Park offers spectacular views of Lake Michigan and is situated on a bump, with over 150 campsites. From there, you can take the staircase to the beach below, which is easily accessible.

Swimming, fishing, hiking and picnicking are some of the most popular activities here.

During the winter, you can even go cross-country skiing, the harbor itself consists of two piers with amenities such as public restrooms and picnic areas.

Two showers and restroom building sites for campers with mobility issues are all available at the campsite.

One of the main attractions in the area is taking a tour of Manistee.


3. Sleeping Bear Dune National Beach

best beaches in lake michiganiii

Sleeping Bear Dune National Beach, voted one among the foremost beautiful places within the us for its panoramic vistas and 60 miles of shoreline, features golden sand beaches and lush forests with amazing flora and fauna.

Climb the dunes for spectacular views of the island’s lighthouse and cute farmsteads. Hiking through the forest, bird watching, and canoeing on the inland lakes are some of the best options for activities.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Beach is home to some of the country’s most beautiful and clear inland lakes, including Crystal Lake, Glen Lake, Platte Lake and Lake Leilanov.

The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Beach is perfect for families, and the dunes are a huge fun playground for kids.


4. Empire Beach

best beaches in lake michiganii

Empire Beach is located in the heart of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Beach, just a few blocks from Empire downtown.

The stunning natural beauty of Empire Beach attracts large crowds of locals and tourists, and there’s always enough room to stretch out and enjoy the sand.

Empire Beach is dog friendly, and one of the prettiest beaches along the lake Michigan coastline. It’s also great for families. There’s plenty of parking just steps from the beach as well as a climbing structure for kids, making it a great place to spend a day relaxing on the sand with your kids and pets.

This is a peach of a public sea shore — little however family-accommodating, noted for great waves and incredible perspectives on the rises and feigns of Sleeping Bear National Beach. On the rear of the five-section of land park is admittance to a warm inland lake, and the adorable little town of Empire is only a street or two away.

Ash road beach, Petersen beach, Platte River Point, and good harbor Bay Beach are just a few of the nearby popular beach spots.

You can take a leisurely bike ride down one of the many paths or embark on a self guided road trip to explore the area.


5. Copper Harbor

best beaches in lake michigan

Located in northern Michigan, Copper Harbor is known for its scenic beauty and has a world class mountain trail system for fabulous hiking. Make a day of it, and go on a sea kayak tour to see copper harbor’s famous lighthouse.

The Pittsburgh, and Boston Mining Company began mining and shipping copper from local deposits in the late 18th century, using the harbor to transport the goods.

The harbor is now primarily used for recreational purposes, including a ferry service connecting Northern Michigan Isle Royale National Park.

And then spend a day at Copper Harbor Beach, which is just across the street from the lighthouse. The beach is absolutely beautiful and provides excellent photo opportunities, allowing visitors to take home an unforgettable memento of their visit to Michigan’s beaches.



6. Warren Dunes State Park

best beaches in lake michiganii

Warren Dunes State Park is one of Michigan’s most popular state parks, attracting more than 1 million visitors each year.

Set in southwest Michigan on the shores of shimmering blue Lake Michigan, Warren Dunes State Park sea shore offers very nearly 2,000 sections of land of sporting freedom for all ages and capacities.

The recreation center offers the utilization of two sea shore wheelchairs to get to the shoreline.

Tower Hill, one of the biggest sand rises, is ideal for moving to partake in the picturesque perspectives on Lake Michigan, and the pet-accommodating shoreline is an incredible spot to bring canines.

Warren Dunes State Park is a full-administration state park with numerous conveniences: the two camping areas and lodges rentals are accessible.

The close by towns of St. Joseph and New Buffalo, are both a portion of Michigan’s most well known sea shore towns.


7. Roger City

best beaches in lake michigan

Roger City’s beaches are among the most popular in Michigan. Roger city, known as the salmon capital of Michigan and nautical City is a popular beach destination for many Michigan residents.

Lakeside beaches, pristine sands are at the top of the city’s list. Lakeside beach on Lake Huron and Eastern Michigan is a great place to spend hours swimming and socializing.

Visitors come from all over to enjoy the sparkling blue waters and silky sand beaches. If you’re in the area, make sure to visit the nearby 40 mile Point Lighthouse, and ph hoft State Park.

Lakeside Park in midtown Roger city highlights 10 sections of land, lining Lake Huron, including the Roger city Marina, a swimming sea shore with volleyball courts, jungle gyms, b-ball courts, and the enormous structure.


8. Tiscornia Beach

best beaches in lake michigan

Tiscornia Beach, located in St Joseph is a fantastic place to spend quality time with family and friends.

The beach is located on Lake Michigan, and provides a variety of fun activities, as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Swimming, access to the north pier and sand dunes climbing, are all available to visitors. On the beach, there is a picnic area, as well as a swimming area, public restrooms and a pavilion.

Fortunately Tiscornia Beach is open the entire year, and gives ideal swimming conditions in its quiet waters.

Spend the day on Tiscornia Beach or go out to the north pier to watch the fisherman. It’s important to remember that you cannot bring animals or alcohol to the beach.

9. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

Silver Lake Sand Dunes, located between Ludington and Muskegon is an ideal summer destination for a variety of activities, such as boating, hiking, four wheeling and golfing.

This secluded beach along Lake Michigan shoreline is ideal for couples seeking peace and privacy.

The lake is separated from the beach by more than 2000 acres of rolling sand dunes. However, getting to the sea shore is difficult. It requires around 45 minutes to stroll from the Silverlake parking area.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can drive straight over the dunes, and onto the beach in an off-road vehicle.


10. Tawas Point State Park Beach

best beaches in lake michigan

So number tenth on the list of best beaches in Lake Michigan is Tawas Point State Park Beach.

Tawas Point State Park Beach, always points to a park with its 180 acres of awesomeness is an excellent choice for a Michigan summer vacation.

It’s known as the Midwest Cape Cod, and it has a designated beach with ideal swimming conditions. There is a large campground in the area, and the beach is relatively shallow, making it safe for children.

Visitors to Lake Huron fly-away can take a tour of the lighthouse or go bird watching, nearly 300 different bird species migrate through this area.

Travelers who are looking for a pleasant sea shore, where they can swim securely and loosen up with a beverage, will adore Tawas Point State Park.

The Tawas Park Beach is also a nice backdrop for a romantic retreat.


11. Hoffmaster State Park Beach

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

Hoffmaster State Park Beach is located close to the north shores, and has almost three miles of Lake Michigan’s coastline. The beach runs from the Gillette sand dune visitor center to the Lake Michigan dunes, and there are miles of beautiful hiking trails nearby.

There is a campground, where visitors can stay for a night or two. The campground has all of the necessary modern amenities for a relaxing night of camping.

The perspectives on Lake Michigan, from Hoffmaster State Park Beach are fantastic and birdwatching is quite possibly the most mainstream exercises here, as relocating larks like sparrows songbirds and thrushes are much of the time seen.

The Hoffmaster State Park is truly a birdwatchers paradise.


12. Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach is a secluded strip, next to Lake Michigan, with nearly three miles of shoreline. Visitors are welcome to visit the beach, but only during the day.

The sand dunes here are some of the largest in the area, reaching heights of more than 200 feet. Explore the rolling Sandy slopes, or take a walk on one of the many excellent hiking trails.

If you visit Saugatuck Dunes State Park, be sure to spend some time in Saugatuck beach town, souvenir shops, upscale boutiques, art galleries, bakeries, and restaurants abound in the town.

Boating on Lake Michigan, picnicking in the scenic area, and hiking the scenic trails are all must do activities.


13. North Manitou Island

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

North Manitou Island is steeped in history, and provides visitors with a secluded setting where they can focus on nature’s best features, Lake Michigan and the surrounding trails with beautiful flora and fauna.

Visitors can explore over 15,000 acres of the island, which includes camping, hiking, hunting and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

During the day, the island’s villages offer plenty of opportunities for exploration as well as the chance to meet the islands natives and at night visitors can explore the island’s eerie ghost towns.


14. Manistique Beach

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

Manistique Beach, which gets its name from the point where Lake Michigan, and the Manistique river meet, was once a lumber town, but is now a popular summertime recreation destination.

The harbor views, and ideal swimming make Manistique Beach, a popular destination for Upper Michigan residents.

The large sandy beach is one of the best along Lake Michigan, and is only a short drive from many steaks downtown area.

It’s a great beach for swimming or floating on a raft because of the mild water conditions. From your beach chair, you can even see the Manistique lighthouse.

Fishing, boating, camping, and hunting are just a few of many steeks most popular activities.


There are a couple of nice souvenir shops, and boardwalk stands as well as several restaurants serving delicious local cuisine.

Take a tour of Fayette, a famous 19th century ghost town. Starting at the sole Schwab Point Lighthouse.

The Manistique Beach is an upper Michigan draw for some local people on account of the harbor perspectives and optimal swimming.

Simply a short drive from the midtown space of Manistique, the huge, sandy sea shore is one of best along Lake Michigan. The gentle water conditions make it an ideal sea shore for swimming or drifting on a pontoon.


You can even see the Manistique Lighthouse from your sea shore seat. On the off chance that you would prefer not to pack a cookout lunch, you can get yourself one of the close by cafés that have practical experience in serving neighborhood food.

In the event that you need a break from swimming, you can visit one of the keepsake shops, walk around the footpath, or take a visit through the Seul Choix Lighthouse.

In the event that you intend to remain a couple of days, you can take up home at the Econo Lodge Lakeshore, situated across the road from the lakeshore footpath and Lake Michigan.


15. South Beach Park

best beaches in lake michigan
Best Beaches In Lake Michigan

South Beach Park is one of South Haven’s most popular beaches, and it plays an important role in the communities that surround it.

Visitors from all over the country, stop at South Beach Park during their Michigan vacation because it is known for being a safe, fun place for families to enjoy themselves.

Take a stroll along the South Beach Pier, which juts out into the water for hire a paddle board from one of the beach vendors.

There is a skateboard park for those who want to get some air, while others can come prepared to take a refreshing swim in the water sunbathe on the warm sand or take the breathtaking sunset.

This was the list of the Best Beaches In Lake Michigan, I hope you liked it.


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