15 Best Waterfalls In Vermont – If you’ve ever visited Vermont, you’re well aware of the state’s natural beauty. The state is home to numerous stunning waterfalls in addition to grand mountains and lush woods. These waterfalls are scattered across the state, but they are all fairly accessible if you plan ahead of time.


Vermont is a popular destination for Americans wishing to get away from their hectic and stressful life in east coast cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. It is known for its maple syrup, harsh winters, and unequalled natural beauty.


Vermont is a beautiful warm-weather vacation as well as a winter wonderland with snow-capped mountains.


The waterfalls in Vermont come into play as the snow melts and ice runs down the slopes in torrents.


  15 Best Waterfalls In Vermont


Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Look no further than Bingham Falls if you want to view a genuinely magnificent landscape. Stowe, a little town with Mt. Mansfield as its neighbour, is home to Bingham Falls. Bingham Falls is located in the Mt. Mansfield State Forest, a 72-acre forest preserve.


Bingham Falls is notable for its gorges and deep pools. The 25-foot-high falls channel water from the west branch of the Waterbury River into bathing holes that are popular with visitors and locals alike. The swimming holes are open to the public, however be aware of the currents if you decide to swim here. Hiking, hunting, ice climbing, and cross-country skiing are all popular year-round activities in the area.


If you have an all-adult group, I recommend going to visit Bingham Falls. The falls are located in the Mt. Mansfield State Forest, and the natural scenery is breathtaking.


It’s also a great area to visit if you want to see deep gorges and swimming holes. When swimming, however, be wary of the currents, as they can be rather strong.


Bingham Falls, which is surrounded by forest, is one of the most stunning waterfalls on this list. It is also located in a park that provides excellent hiking and hunting opportunities. These falls are perfect for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a challenge.


  •  Moss Glenn Falls, Stowe

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Moss Glenn Waterfall near Stowe, is a stunning, multi-tiered fall located amidst lovely mountains.


It stands approximately 125 feet tall and, like the majority of Vermont’s waterfalls, is easily accessible.


Despite the fact that the water is bitterly cold all year, locals and travellers who want to cool down in the summer go to the fall.


The pool can ice up in the winter, and the flow can be limited in the summer, even though the pool is normally filled.


Allow some time to explore the town’s restaurants, shops, and galleries before heading out on the road.


The Moss Glen Falls is around 125 feet tall and even has a swimming pool!


Although the water at these falls is normally quite chilly, this does not dissuade most visitors. After a trek or on a hot spring day, it’s still a beautiful area to cool off.


Although the summer heat in Vermont can restrict the flow of the falls, there will always be enough room to swim. The waterfall, however, can ice over in the winter, so I recommend going in the spring.


To get to Moss Glen Falls, you’ll need to take a little hike, although it’s not difficult. Stowe features lovely eateries and a variety of things to do, making it a perfect family vacation destination. I recommend staying for at least a weekend to see everything and trek to the falls.


  • Lye Brook Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Lye Brook Falls, at 125 feet, are one of Vermont’s most spectacular, and they’re located in Manchester’s Green Mountain National Forest.


The falls are accessible after an approximately 5-mile journey that is somewhat tough despite its length.


The water cascades down hundreds of tiny stairs in the rock, making sharp, angular bends that give the falls their distinct appearance.


Because of its seasonal nature, the falls are best seen in the spring, when the snowmelt from the neighbouring mountains causes the falls to flow at their fullest.


Because of the thousands of steps in the rocks, these falls are regarded incredibly spectacular and distinctive. The water changes course dramatically and swiftly as a result of these steps, which makes it unique.


Hikers should visit the falls, which are located in the Green Mountain National Forest. These falls are best suited to walkers because they require a lengthy journey to reach them.


Take the trek, cool your heels in the falls’ water, and marvel at the Lye Brook Falls’ spectacular natural wonder.

  • Moss Glen Falls, Granville

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


If you’re planning a trip to Vermont’s waterfalls, be sure to stop by Moss Glen Falls of Granville (note: there’s also a Moss Glen Falls of Stowe, but we’re focusing on Granville). Granville is another little Vermont hamlet surrounded by natural beauty, with Moss Glen Falls being particularly impressive.


The 35-foot-tall falls are in the Green Mountain National Forest, but they can be seen from Vermont Route 100 if you don’t have time to go out there. They’re beautiful to gaze at regardless of where you are.


The perfect time to see the falls is from April to November, but if you go during the summer, don’t expect to swim. These falls are magnificent to look at, but they’re not appropriate for a short plunge. As an added treat, if there is enough rain in the spring, a little waterfall near the parking lot can form. Little Moss Glen Falls is the name given to it by locals.


  • Big Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Big Falls is located in Big Falls State Park on the Missisquoi River near Troy, just a short distance from the Canadian border.


Though the falls are only around 40 feet tall, their true beauty derives in their pure natural surroundings and the force with which the compressed water squeezes and roars its way through the tight, rocky ravine.


The park is located in a remote part of the state, so it may take an hour or two to get there. However, there are few things more scenic than a drive through the Vermont countryside, so fill up the tank and get going.


Fishing and bird viewing are among popular activities in the area.


This waterfall is one of my favourites because, despite being a little off the usual path, the immaculate natural beauty more than makes up for it.


Also, the region is great for birdwatching and fishing, so bring your camera and your fishing rod! If you want to see a little more of Vermont’s natural splendour, this is a terrific spot to go.


  • Texas Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


In the Green Mountain National Forest, in the tiny town of Hancock, are the Texas Falls.


Although only 35 feet tall, these falls are easily accessible. Because of the easy out-and-back track, this hike is excellent for the entire family.


Unfortunately, I’ve learned that swimming is no longer permitted at Texas Falls. You won’t be able to cool off in these falls, but you will be able to enjoy the scenery.


You may cross a lovely tiny bridge that provides a breathtaking view of the falls. You can also set up camp at a picnic site just past the falls if you continue on the road past the falls.


Because you can’t swim here, it’s not as popular as some of Vermont’s other waterfalls. The good news is that if you time it right, you might just have the place to yourself! It’s also one of Vermont’s most photographed falls, so don’t forget to bring your camera.

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  • Hamilton Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Make a note of Hamilton Falls when making a list of Vermont’s top waterfalls. Hamilton Falls is located in Jamaica, a small village with a population of slightly over 1,000 people. Don’t be fooled by the town’s size; it may be modest, but it is home to a large hidden gem.


Hamilton Falls has a total plunge of 125 feet and rough terrain. While it’s beautiful to look at, you must be cautious when hiking through it. There are several tiny bathing ponds at the base of the falls, however there is a deep sinkhole at the top of the falls that should not be used for swimming.


Swimming at the top is highly perilous, therefore keep your swimming for the shallower pools.


  • Bartlett Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Bartlett Falls is one of those Vermont waterfalls that must be seen to be believed. These falls, which are 15 feet high and have a wonderful natural swimming pool at its base, are located near the town of Bristol.


The pool is 40 feet broad by 120 feet long, with varying depths. If you wanted to, you could stand in the water or dunk below it. During the summer, tourists and locals flock to Bartlett Falls to swim in the pool.


The enormous alcove behind Bartlett Falls is another interesting feature. Visitors can now see the falls from behind, which is extremely rare. Bartlett Falls is the spot to go if you want to spend a day swimming and exploring.


If swimming and splashing toddlers aren’t your thing, go in the early spring or fall, when the water isn’t quite frigid enough to swim in.


The water of the falls pours over slightly crooked slabs of flat, stratified granite, giving them a distinct appearance.


They’re on the New Haven River, and they’re a good fishing area, especially in the spring, when the fish, starved after a long winter with little to eat, leap to life and gorge themselves on whatever they can find.


  • Green River Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Not every trip-worthy waterfall is known for its stunning height, width, or sheer volume of water cascading over it.


Green River Falls in Green River Reservoir State Park should be on your list of things to visit in Vermont before you die, if you’re anything like me and enjoy remote, off-the-beaten-path waterfalls.


On your way to the state park, make a pitstop at the falls. They’re ideal for some peaceful reflection, a few photos, and bird viewing.


If you enjoy camping and canoeing, the park has camping spots accessible only by canoe or kayak.

  • Buttermilk Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Buttermilk Falls is a kid-friendly version of Bartlett Falls, and I recommend making it a major priority for kids. Both the main and lower cascades drop into enormous bathing pools, dividing the falls into two pieces.


The pools aren’t very deep, and the currents aren’t very powerful, despite the fact that the rocks can become slippery. This means that youngsters can swim and play in the water in a very safe manner.


In addition, the Buttermilk Falls climb is one of the most accessible waterfall hikes in Vermont. It’s an out-and-back track that’s simple to follow and suitable for the whole family.


Bring your fishing gear since fathers will like the fishing options available at the Buttermilk Falls. The fishing is excellent, and you can easily spend a whole day fishing, relaxing, and swimming here.


The falls themselves are 15–20 feet tall and quite beautiful. These falls are particularly popular due to its beauty and accessibility, as well as the swimming conditions.


Although the pools might get full, they are spacious and wide, so there is typically ample room for everyone.


  • Falls of Lana

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


The Lana Falls are located near Salisbury, Vermont, and are among the highest on the list. These falls are around 100 feet tall and flow through a spectacular granite cliff.


These boulders also make a shallow swimming pool, making it ideal for both youngsters and adults.


The climb to the waterfall is also quick and easy, making this an excellent day trip for families with children. The best part about this waterfall, in my opinion, is that dogs are allowed, which is why it is so popular with families.


However, because it is a popular tourist destination, you will very certainly run into people on the route or at the falls.


The Falls of Lana are unique in that they are divided into three independent portions or cascades. This means that there are three distinct regions, each of which can be visited to appreciate their natural beauty.


It’s not difficult to scramble over the boulders to each part, and you’ll be rewarded with a pleasant swim in the pool’s chilly water.

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  • Thundering Brook Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


The Thundering Brook Falls gets its name from the fact that the cascade is powerful and tall, and it produces a lot of noise. The falls are divided into two pieces, which is what makes them so unique.


The first section of the falls is around 80 feet tall, and the total height of the falls is over 125 feet. This is a wonderful spot for a picnic after a family hike, and I definitely recommend going in the spring.


The Thundering Brook Falls are located in Killington, Vermont, on the picture-perfect Appalachian Trail. They’re especially lovely in the springtime, when the snow has melted and the rivers are rushing.


In the summer, one of the best things to do in Killington is visit the falls. The ski resort makes it a snow lover’s dream in the winter, but the falls beckon in the summer.


The lookout point, which is in the form of a raised viewing platform, is the nicest feature of these falls. It provides a great view of both sections of the falls, ensuring that you have the best photos to take home.


There is plenty of space to spread out a picnic blanket and eat lunch after trekking and shooting photos.


  • Warren Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Warren Falls, located on picturesque Route 100, is another of the waterfalls on this list. The falls itself are just approximately 20 feet tall, yet they are one of the best sites for families to visit.


Because the swimming conditions are superb, this is the case. The waters are extremely deep and clear, allowing both youngsters and adults to enjoy cliff jumping safely.


Of course, given what I’ve just said, you can imagine how popular these falls are. You’re unlikely to get the entire house to yourself and will almost certainly have to share, but it’s well worth it.


The water’s emerald green contrasts well with the grey boulders, and it’s the ideal spot for a picnic.


If the park is too busy for a picnic, there are a number of pathways that lead to more secluded areas. It won’t take long for you to find a less-busy location where you can sit and eat your lunch.


To avoid the majority of the people, I recommend arriving in the early spring.


  • Bolton Potholes

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


There are numerous falls in Vermont, many of which are suitable for swimming, but Bolton Potholes stands out. This ageless natural treasure simply begs you to plunge into the pool’s chilly depths.


The Bolton Potholes are three different falls named after the town of Bolton where they are located. Each of the cascades empties into its own pool, giving it a one-of-a-kind feel.


The Bolton Craters’ cascades zig-zag down stony cliff walls, with deep, clear potholes. Swimming and leaping off the cliffs are therefore completely safe and encouraged!


There’s enough room for everyone because there are three distinct pools. The two top pools are intended for adults, while the shallower, bottom pool is appropriate for children.


The climb to the Potholes is also quick and straightforward, making it an excellent activity for families with kids. All you’ll need are some hiking boots and a swimsuit to get started!


These falls are popular, yet there is ample room for everyone because there are three pools.


  • Middlebury Falls

Waterfalls In Vermont
Waterfalls In Vermont


Because they’re in town, the Middlebury Falls are a touch different from the other falls on this list. They’re framed by some of the most beautiful antique structures, as well as a magnificent stone bridge.


These waterfalls are breathtaking and make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time. It is one of the most notable features of Middlebury, Vermont, in Addison County.


Although this is an urban waterfall, it is nonetheless beautiful, which is why I included it on the list. Of course, you won’t have to hike and won’t see much of the natural world when you visit these falls.


You can, however, include a visit to Middlebury and the falls in your plan. Middlebury is a charming, tiny town with a plethora of cafés, galleries, and stores.


There are a few different ways to see Middlebury Falls, but I recommend taking a short stroll. You can loop through Riverfront Park after crossing a pedestrian bridge with a beautiful view.


This way, you’ll be able to see the falls from all sides and completely appreciate their magnificence.


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