There is an endlessly intriguing assortment of things to do in Conroe TX, from gorgeous state parks and a 22,000-acre lake to cultural highlights like its downtown architecture.


There are numerous compelling reasons to travel to Texas. First and foremost, it is the centre of cowboy America. Second, because it is so huge, there are numerous small towns, each with its own distinct qualities. There is no such thing as boredom in Texas.


Texas is frequently referred to as a country unto itself. This is partly owing to the fact that it is the second-largest state in the United States. Texas has a wide variety of temperatures and scenery to offer.


It has gorgeous beaches on one side and trees and forests on the other. The west of Texas is a barren wasteland, while the east is engulfed in wetlands.


The summers in Conroe are extremely hot, and the winters are often frigid and short. Conroe also gets a lot of rain throughout the year.


If you’re thinking about visiting Conroe, Texas, I recommend going between April and June or early September to late October. These are the greatest months to visit because there are so many activities to do in Conroe, TX, during the summer.


Conroe is such a unique town with so much to offer that if it isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be.



   Fun Things to Do in Conroe TX


There are enough things to do in Conroe, TX, to keep every type of visitor occupied, whether you prefer to spend hours walking through fascinating museum exhibits or getting outside to get your heart racing.



1. Fly in a B-17 Bomber

things to do in conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


One of WWII’s most significant planes, an actual B-17 flying fortress, is on display at the Montgomery County Airport near Conroe.


You can not only tour this important piece of history, but it is also occasionally open for paid rides for those who want to soar through the skies and experience what the greatest generation experienced.


For the correct price, even the bombardier’s seat is available, and if you can swing it, this is without a doubt one of the most memorable things to do in Conroe TX.


There are just 46 B17 Flying Fortress planes left in the world today. Only ten of them are capable of flying. That means you’ll be exposed to something you’re unlikely to see again. This journey will be a little more expensive than a typical day trip, but it will be well worth it.


It’s a fascinating piece of history that will pique anyone’s interest. A ticket to fly in the bomber plane can also be purchased. There’s nothing quite like flying in a piece of history to make an impression.


It is even feasible to sit in the navigator or bombardier’s seat for the proper price! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is a must-read for anyone who like flying, planes, or history.

2. Visit The 7-Acre Wood In Conroe

things to do in conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


With its petting zoo, miniature golf, and food and beverage booths, this venue near Conroe is ideal for youngsters.


The 7-Acre Wood is arguably the most kid-friendly of all the things to do in Conroe, TX.


Families flock to this location since there is so much to do for everyone. Admission is merely $6.50 and gives you access to everything this site has to offer.


Mini-golf, a petting zoo, a scooter track, a large Lego room, gigantic chess, checkers and connect four, horseshoes, a giant sandbox, a puppet house, swing set, playground, and pony rides are among the child-friendly activities available in the 7-Acre Wood.


There is also a Zipline and a variety of games such as basketball, tetherball, soccer, and football. Barrel train rides and pony rides are only available on Saturdays and Sundays, so plan your visit accordingly.

7 acre wood conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


The petting zoo was a particular hit with the kids, according to my observations. If you have children, they will enjoy meeting and welcoming all of the animals. There are llamas, donkeys, goats, chickens, ponies, deer, a cow, ducks, and even baby goats at the correct time of year. All of the animals are friendly, and children are welcome to interact with them.


Private events can also be held at the 7-Acre Wood. Pony Lovers’ Parties, where children and their friends can get on for pony rides all day, will excite children.


3. Go fishing on Lake Conroe

lake conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


Lake Conroe’s length of almost twenty miles provides some of the best hybrid bass fishing in the state, as well as other fish to keep you occupied on the lake.


With dozens of marinas dotted throughout the lake, you’ll have no trouble finding the best areas to cast a line.


Fishing is a fantastic sport. It is one among the more tranquil activities in Conroe, Texas. Conroe is noted for its moderate climate and excellent fishing conditions all year. The weather is warm during the summer, making it ideal for relaxing days by the lake. In Texas, lakes rarely freeze over during the winter.


Because Lake Conroe is more than 20 miles long, there are lots of places to relax. Lake Conroe has some of the best hybrid bass fishing in the state. There are, however, plenty of different fish species to keep you busy.


There are dozens of marinas on the Lake, so you’re sure to locate the ideal spot to cast your line. Even if the entire family does not fish, Lake Conroe is located in a park, so they will not be bored. There are numerous picnic places and areas where beach volleyball can be played. Throw some steak on the grill, cast your line, and relax with your family.


When the day is done, spend the evening aboard a historic vessel to celebrate your catch. On the lake itself, dinner rides on wonderfully restored ancient boats are available. The Southern Empress paddleboat serves supper, cocktails, and dance. It’s a very elegant gathering. It’s one of the more upscale things to do in Conroe, Texas, and it’s the ideal date night.



4. Have Fun at Big Rivers Waterpark


things to do in conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


This is perfect whether or not you have children with you. Those who do have children, on the other hand, will find that this all-day activity will keep them occupied.


There is enough to do at this waterpark for everyone, regardless of age, to have a nice time. Wave pools, waterslides, river sections, Ziplines, climbing walls, and obstacle courses are among the attractions. This is the perfect spot for thrill seekers and those looking for a fun day out.


The Waterpark is home to the Houston area’s largest lazy river. This pastime is best appreciated during the summer months because there are so many waterslides and water attractions. Because there are so many things to do in the park, you should plan on spending the full day there.


At the waterpark’s Wild Isle, you’ll be playing “the floor is lava,” but with water instead of lava. This floating obstacle course in the middle of a lake is full with challenges. Friends can race each other around the course, slipping, sliding, crawling, and bouncing along the way. Make sure you don’t fall into the water!


Even if you go in the summer and the weather isn’t cooperative, there will be plenty to keep you occupied. A petting zoo, archery, axe throwing, and a maze are among the dry activities available at this waterpark. This means that even if you don’t want to get wet, there will be plenty to do.


5. Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

Heritage Museum of Montgomery County United States

Things To Do In Conroe TX


Although the Montgomery County Heritage Museum is not huge, but it is a fascinating destination to explore. It’s where the Lone Star flag was born, and it’s steeped in Texas history. This is the place to go if you’re seeking for things to do in Conroe TX that will give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what makes Texas so special.


The Lone Star State is proud of its flag, and this museum is where it all began. The museum contains a reproduction of the office where Dr. C. B. Stewart, the first Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas and a local Conroe citizen, developed the famous lone star flag.


There are entire exhibits dedicated to the oil and lumber industries in Texas, as well as historic mansions. Children may be bored with regular museums, but they will not be at this one. Children can try on antique costumes at the Heritage Museum’s old-fashioned general store.


This is an excellent site to teach youngsters about history while also allowing them to participate in it. Tourists adore the gift shop because it sells a variety of handcrafted things to take home as mementos. It’s also a great site to visit on a Saturday morning, and everyone is welcome because entrance is free.

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6. Go To Crighton Theatre To Watch A Show

crighton theatre conroe tx

Things To Do In Conroe TX


Since I was a child, the theatre has been calling my name. I’ve always admired the stage’s spectacular costuming and beautiful scenic designs. A night at the theatre is an unforgettable event that you will remember for a long time. Theatrical and dramatic arts have a special allure. It captures your attention and transports you to another realm.


The Crighton Theatre is a one-of-a-kind venue. It’s a vaudevillian theatre with an Italian-Romanesque design. The theatre was constructed in 1934 and has been extensively renovated. It’s a lovely spot, brimming with life and magic. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys performing on stage, and it’ll keep both young and elderly entertained.


The ancient structure provides the ideal setting for the great plays that are performed throughout the year. Steel Magnolias, School of Rock, and Grease are just a few of the well-known musicals and acts that will be performed. They also feature live music, so make sure to check the schedule before you go!


For the little ones, Crighton Theatrical offers a particular children’s theatre programme. They put on shows that are geared toward children. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your children to the wonders of the stage.


Dinner at one of the local taverns is highly recommended before travelling to Crighton Theatre. It’s a lovely way to end the evening, and you’ll be left wanting more.


7. Visit Rodeo : Things To Do In Conroe TX

rodeo conroe texas
Things To Do In Conroe TX


A day at the rodeo is a must-do on any trip to Texas. It was one of the first items on my list of things to accomplish when I arrived in Texas. I had to go to a fair and a rodeo since these are two things that are connected with Texas.


Conroe, like the rest of Texas, is known for its cowboys. It proudly embraces its cowboy past with a well-known fair and rodeo that anybody can attend. The fair and rodeo are both hosted by the Montgomery Country Fair Association.


The rodeo was a natural visit for me because I’ve always enjoyed horses. There’s nothing like thundering hooves and a crowd’s cheer to get one’s blood pumping.


This association’s Youth Rodeo is ideal for little ones who want to get right in the middle of things. A stick horse race, an inflatable pony race, and “mutton busting” are all part of the event. Ranch Rodeo adds to the thrill. This is a one-of-a-kind event that gives visitors a behind-the-scenes insight at the life of genuine cowboys. It entails team competitions that include real-life cowboy chores.


Make sure to catch the barrel racing events if you’re seeking for a fast-paced thrill trip. Barrel racing is a thrilling, fast-paced sport in which a horse is used to race around an obstacle course. It’s a thrill trip like no other, as the horse must navigate three distinct barrels.


I had a fantastic day seeing the rodeo for myself. This adventure is highly recommended for anyone looking for an authentic Texas experience.


8. Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm

things to do in conroe tx
Things To Do In Conroe TX


Texas’s oldest commercial blueberry farm is Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm. It is situated on 20 acres, and visitors are welcome to pick as many blueberries as they desire.


I had a fantastic morning at the farm, eating delicious blueberries. You have a choice of up to 20 distinct sorts, so you’re certainly spoiled for choice. The kids will have a great time wandering around and picking the nicest blueberries to take home. You can have as much or as little as you like because you are charged per pound. There is no limit to how many berries you can gather.


There are no pesticides or chemicals used on the farm, therefore these berries are safe to eat. I definitely recommend visiting between April and July, as this is when the berries are at their peak. It does, however, depend on the weather, so if you’re unsure, contact beforehand.


They’ve been open seven days a week, from seven a.m. to nine p.m., for a long time. However, it is possible that they will close early or only be open on weekends due to inclement weather. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates!


9. Kayak On The Woodlands Waterway

things to do in conroe tx
Things To Do In Conroe TX


Conroe’s downtown is buzzing with activities, but for a quieter atmosphere, travel just 10 minutes downtown. The Woodlands is a Conroe neighbourhood where a man-made canal winds through the trees. This neighbourhood is densely populated with commercial malls and lush green spaces.


I rented a kayak and set out to explore the canal on my own. The riverwalk is very breathtaking, and I had a lovely time kayaking down it gradually. It is a peaceful and picturesque setting just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It allows you to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.


Although I hired a kayak, you may also get around by renting a luxury swan boat or a stand-up paddleboard. Whatever method you pick, make sure to get on the water at the Woodlands Waterway.


The Woodlands comes to life after dark. I definitely recommend paddling down the creek late in the day. If you follow through, you’ll be nice and rested in time for supper. Dinner can be had at any of the numerous restaurants sprinkled along The Woodlands Waterway. It’s the ideal way to end a warm summer evening.


10. Visit The Lone Star Monument & Flag Park

Lone Star Monument & Flag Park
Things To Do In Conroe TX


The Lone Star Monument & Flag Park is a great place to learn about Texas history in a visual way. The 13 flags flying in the plaza reflect each of the banners flown throughout Texas’s struggle for independence.


Craig Campobella’s bronze sculpture depicting a soldier from the Texas Revolution is in the plaza’s middle. A bust of Dr. Charles B. Stewart is also on exhibit at the Park, which is especially significant because he designed the well-known Lone Star Flag that today represents the state of Texas.


The Lone Star Monument & Flag Park is open from dawn to 11:00 p.m. and is free to the public (yet another reason it’s one of the fun things to do in Conroe TX).

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11. Visit W. Goodrich Jones State Forest

W. Goodrich Jones State Forest
Things To Do In Conroe TX


W. Goodrich Jones State Forest, as one of the largest working urban forests in the country, is an excellent teaching resource and is frequently used by Texas A&M research and college courses.


Because it has been used to test and educate forest management and genetics, it is also a favourite field trip site for elementary schools. With a native plant nursery and wildscape and pollinator displays, it’s also a terrific place to learn how to incorporate nature into your home landscaping.


William Goodrich Jones, the forest’s namesake, was a guy who moved to Texas and noted that there were no trees in the city of Temple, Texas. He resolved to rectify that and began caring for pecan seedlings in a tin can on his hotel room’s window sill. This resulted in tree plantings throughout the city, and eventually a state Arbor Day was established.


The woodland is open to the public during daytime hours all year. If you wish to visit with a large group, you should phone ahead and make a reservation so that a guide can provide you an instructive experience.

12. Visit Sam Houston National Forest

Sam Houston National Forest
Things To Do In Conroe TX


Hiking in the Sam Houston National Forest is one of the more adventurous things to do around Lake Conroe. There are only four National Forests in Texas, so you should make a point of visiting this one while you’re in Conroe! It’s just as much pleasure to explore as one of Texas’ National Parks!


The Lone Star Hiking Trail is the most popular hiking trail in Sam Houston National Forest. The path is divided into three pieces, one of which is the Lake Conroe segment, which is almost 120 miles long. The beauty of this trail is that it can be hiked all year. If you’re hiking in November or December, just remember to dress brightly (deer hunting season).


If you want more time to explore the Texas wilderness, make a reservation at one of the three specialised campgrounds in the Forest. Cagle Recreation Area, which sits close on Lake Conroe, is one of the newer campgrounds.


It’s a terrific site for RVs and boaters because it’s next to a boat ramp and you can boat, fish, and picnic whenever you want. Equestrian, hiking, and biking paths are all close at Cagle Recreation Area.

13. Southern Empress Cruises

Southern Empress Cruises
Things To Do In Conroe TX


The Southern Empress Cruises are one of the most memorable (and Instagram-worthy) Lake Conroe attractions. These cruises will provide you with an evening full with food, laughter, and dancing, whether you’re seeking for a romantic evening with your significant other or just want to have a good time.


The paddle-wheeler Southern Empress was built in a Mississippi shipyard in 1983. The yacht was dismantled, transported to Conroe, and then reassembled and repaired. You’ll be floating through time while creating your own memories!


There are various cruise options available, but all of them provide breathtaking views of Lake Conroe. To reserve your seat, you must purchase tickets, which vary in price based on the sort of cruise you choose.


14. Visit City Parks : Things To Do In Conroe TX

things to do in conroe tx
Things To Do In Conroe TX

There are 26 parks and plazas in Conroe, which are excellent Lake Conroe activities for families with little children. So, whether you’re searching for a picnic space, a playground, an off-leash dog park, or a skate park, Conroe has them all!


Candy Cane Park is Conroe’s most popular park, and no, it isn’t themed around the holidays. Instead, the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, ADA-compliant playgrounds, ideal picnic sites, and recreation and swimming amenities are housed on its 24 acres. If your family wishes to play some sports, there are tennis and basketball facilities available.


Almost every park in the city has a play structure and a covered pavilion or picnic tables, allowing you to spend an entire afternoon there. Because Texas summers are extremely hot, shade is an important aspect of Conroe’s parks, and many of them are situated near natural shade of trees and groves.


So, if you want to spend a quiet, unstructured day with your children or friends, let them choose the park and you bring the picnic basket!


15. Visit VFW Hall : Things To Do In Conroe TX

thing to do in conroe tx
Things To Do In Conroe TX

The American Veterans of Foreign Service (VFW) provides ongoing assistance and a voice for veterans, active military personnel, and their families. Within the city of Conroe, there is a VFW Post for active and retired military personnel. They’re a significant factor for the sense of patriotism you’ll get when you visit Conroe.


On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, a dedicated Bingo Hall holds bingo games. You can keep energized for your big win at the Bingo Hall’s Snack Bar and restaurant, the Urban Grille.


The Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park and Educational Visitors Center is also in Conroe. The former park, which closed in November, is now being extended. The Line, one of the largest Veteran Memorials in the country, is one of the most moving features of this Memorial Park.


People from all throughout the country can nominate a family member or acquaintance who served in the military between 1775 and the current day. This visual reminder, along with the memorial, pays homage to the men and women who have served in the United States military.


So this was our list of things to do in Conroe TX hope you enjoyed reading.


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