20 Best Waterfalls In New Jersey

Many of you may not know about waterfalls in New Jersey, but they are one of the best waterfalls in the world.

New Jersey might be renowned for its Atlantic City promenade, Jersey Shore, and excess of coffee shops, however a significant number of its best credits lie covered up in the midst of verdant woods. We’re talking about the Waterfalls In New Jersey.


These terrific fortunes come in all shapes and sizes, and they fluctuate in influence from streaming to loud. Some lie by the side of occupied expressways, while others are hidden by thick forests. Regardless of where they live, waterfalls in New Jersey are helpful to the point that guests gallivant for a significant distance on climbs just to get an impression.

While these waterfalls in New Jersey are worth a visit whenever of year (frozen cascades are astounding), the best and ideal opportunity to encounter the full sorcery of the falls is throughout the spring.

Just after the snow has softened, and spring showers have refueled their beds, waterfalls in New Jersey change from somewhat prattling creeks to thundering falls that blow your mind.

With so many to look over, it tends to be hard to choose which tumbles to visit. All things considered, many hiking trails and New Jersey parks highlight cascades.


Best Waterfalls In New Jersey


1. Paterson Great Falls

waterfalls in new jersey

It’s difficult to miss Paterson Great Falls, they are simply the best waterfalls in New Jersey. As far as sheer volume, they are second just to Niagara Falls on the east side of the Mississippi.

The giant volume of water hurrying over the edge from the Passaic River is sufficient to draw your consideration. The way that these gigantic, 260-foot-wide and 77-foot-high falls are in the core of a metropolitan climate makes them much harder to miss.

This Passaic cascade is awesome to the point that the town of Paterson was set up around it — the primary arranged modern city in the US — and you can express gratitude toward Alexander Hamilton for its turn of events. He made it to assist with giving positions in an assortment of ventures — from materials to railways.

Today, this one of the best waterfalls in New Jersey lie under an extension in a profoundly metropolitan setting. Because of the National Park Service, they’ve been as of late re-established as the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park (a.k.a. Incredible Falls Park).

These qualities itself tell why we’ve listed Paterson Great Falls as number one on our list of best waterfalls in New Jersey. Right ?


2. Buttermilk Falls

waterfalls in new jersey

The water of Buttermilk Falls streams delicately down its rough flight of stairs as smooth as, indeed, spread. The most ideal approach to see the falls very close is to follow the Buttermilk Falls Trail, a 1.4-mile, decently testing way that takes you up to its highest point. Considering this is perhaps the tallest cascade in the state, anticipate somewhat of a trip.

Fortunately for the individuals who aren’t hiking fans, the falls sit close to the start of the path. The individuals who turn around right on time, however, will miss the radiant, amazing valley sees offered as a prize for forging ahead the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.


3. Hemlock Falls

waterfalls in new jersey

Hemlock Falls is another one of the best waterfalls in New Jersey.

South Mountain Reservation is home to Hemlock falls, a 25-foot-high cascade situated in Essex County. A rambling 2,110-sections of land with 50 miles of trails to investigate, the recreation center contains large numbers of nature’s best components — slopes, backwoods, waterways, and obviously, the Hemlock Falls.

The falls are an exciting sight in each season, their supernatural façade featuring the lavish encompassing as they take on another shape and shading. While climbing along the Hemlock Falls Trail may not top a voyager’s rundown of activities in New Jersey during January, seeing the frozen falls merits all of chill.


4. Tinton Falls


Tinton Falls is another name in the best waterfalls in New Jersey. The best spot to see the peaceful Tinton Falls is from a wooden stage situated at 741 Tinton Avenue in the town of a similar name.

The falls, which are situated in Monmouth County, are the tallest on the state’s beach front plain. While the cascades aren’t enormous, they’re quieting and exquisite, an ideal rest to assist with disposing of any concerns, to some degree for some time.

Thinking back to the 1600s, when the region was known as New Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls was recorded to be 30 feet tall. Today, on account of disintegration and a destructed dam, the size has tightened, yet it actually holds its highest level for stature.


5. Tillman Falls

waterfalls in new jersey

Tillman Falls is another name in the best waterfalls in New Jersey.

Profound inside the Tillman Ravine, in the core of Sussex County, lies a spellbinding cascade asking to be found. A lot more modest than its transcending neighbor, Buttermilk Falls, Tillman is similarly as noteworthy. In the same way as other of the falls on this rundown, Tillman, as well, requires a waterfall hike to arrive at its excellent pinnacle.

The least demanding approach to arrive at this exquisite course, situated in the Stokes State Forest, is by finishing a way the Tillman Ravine.

A simple walk, the gorge’s path lead guests on a serene stroll through verdant backwoods. The individuals who continue to come the Appalachian Trail will ultimately wind up at Buttermilk Falls.

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6. Worthington State Forest Waterfall / Laurel Falls

Worthington State Forest Waterfall / Laurel Falls

More than 26 miles of trails welcome cascade climbers to Worthington State Forest. Seven miles of these are essential for the Appalachian Trail.

The individuals who follow the path close to Dunnfield Creek Natural Area will track down its modest cascade, here and there called Laurel Falls, tranquilly surging towards the Delaware River.

Only walk a mile from the stopping region off Route 80 (west of leave 4), and you’ll track down this dazzling wonder that comprises of three falls running from Sunfish Pond, probably the best lake in New Jersey.

Energetic climbers can discover a test in the climb to Mount Tammany’s pinnacle (1,527 feet above ocean level). It’s a long, now and again precarious move up, however the all encompassing vista of the Delaware Water Gap will cause you to fail to remember the challenging aspects of the excursion.


8. Hacklebarney State Park Waterfall

Hacklebarney State Park Waterfall

Perhaps the best spot to feel Mother Nature’s touch, Hacklebarney State Park offers cascades in every single diverse shape and sizes — from little streams to the spouting falls at Trout Brook.

The appropriately named Waterfall Trail (purple) drives guests to the primary falls. It’s just a 0.1-mile walk driving from either the 0.7-mile Main Trail (white) or the 1.8-mile Riverside Trail (red).

The best survey spot is a “grand post” placed marginally downstream of the falls. Either print a duplicate of the recreation center’s path maps prior to setting out or snap a picture of one at the parking area to be certain you don’t lose yourself.


9. Tumble Falls


The water streaming over Tumble Falls does precisely that — it tumbles, particularly after a rainstorm.

In fact a progression of little cascades, this interesting regular miracle comes up short on the force of other, bigger falls on this rundown, however its excellence is as yet amazing enough to trigger a more drawn out than normal breathe in and a system “oooh” by guests.

The best part about these falls, which stream into a feeder of the Delaware River, is their closeness to the street. They are situated close to the crossing point of Tumble Falls Road and NJ Route 29, so you will not have to leave on a huge climb to see these wonders.


10. Boonton Falls

Boonton Falls

The perpetual thunder of Boonton Falls can be heard right from Main road in Morris County’s lovable town of Boonton. Considering the falls are just a short stroll from town, their hurrying water shouldn’t be loud to stand out enough to be noticed.

Situated in Grace Lord Park, Boonton Falls are made significantly more pleasant by the heartfelt gazebo put in the most peaceful spot, close to their peak. Talk about an ideal spot for a wedding proposition (wink, wink).

Those searching for the best photograph operation should climb a bit farther back, a couple hundred feet away along the stream’s edge. The stones can be elusive, here, however, so tread carefully.

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11. Watchung Reservation Waterfall

Watchung Reservation Waterfall

Watchung Reservation offers climbers more than 2,000 sections of land of momentous forest to investigate. Its 10-mile-long Sierra Trail takes them past the roaring surge of water containing the booking’s great cascade.

Situated in Union County, close to the town of Mountainside, Watchung Reservation brags 13 miles climbing trails that follow the valley and edge of the Lower Watchung Mountains.

It’s additionally home to the Trailside Nature and Science Center, Watchung Stables, and a notable path that passes numerous remnants.

Insider’s tip: Grab a guide at the Trailside Center and take it with you during your climb; the path aren’t very much stamped.


12. Ramapo Falls

Ramapo Falls

Explorers expecting a brief look at shimmering Ramapo Falls need to make a beeline for the Ramapo Valley Reservation in Mahwah. Follow the white path (situated inverse the parking garage) to the yellow path, and you should see the falls, yet in addition an amazing perspective on Oakland.

Children and canines will adore this cascade climb, however wear appropriate shoes as the height can get testing now and again. In case you’re expecting to see the water spout over the edge, plan your visit for late-winter. Before the finish of summer, the falls have eased back to a stream.

Insider’s tip: pack a cookout to appreciate while neglecting the sparkling Lake Todd


13. Dunnfield Creek Falls

Dunnfield Creek Falls

Dunnfield Creek Falls is little, however climbing around the Dunnfield Creek Natural Area, some portion of Worthington State Forest, is a treat.

The brook is an assigned wild trout stream. Maybe you’ll get a brief look at one of the local creek trout as you get over streams among the hemlock trees. The path closes at a characteristic chilly lake called Sunfish lake.


The falling falls at Dunnfield Creek are really unwinding, particularly when you pair their melodic lapping with the peeping of timberland birds. Somewhere down in Worthington State Forest, south of Van Campens Glen Falls, these delights surge from a gorge into an invigorating swimming pool.

All 3.5 miles of the Dunnfield Creek Trail are tremendous, twisting across the spring (and various little water falls) various occasions during each climb. The actual brook is an assigned wild trout stream.

Similarly as with a considerable lot of the falls on this rundown, these fluctuate in heavenliness via season. The stature of their beauty can be found during late-winter. These reasons make this falls one of the best waterfalls in New Jersey.


14. Van Campens Glen Falls

Van Campens Glen Falls

This peaceful cascade in Hardwick is bigger than it shows up in this photograph. Van Campens Glen is certainly worth the climb, particularly after it downpours.

Van Campens Glen Trail is a 3.4 kilometer modestly dealt out and back trail situated close to Hardwick Township, New Jersey that includes a cascade and is useful for all ability levels. The path is principally utilized for climbing and nature trips.

Goodness, what a marvel! The falls at Van Campens Glen can lift the spirits of even the weariest of pilgrims.

They get from the Van Campens Brook’s excursion through a gorge on the Delaware Water Gap. Here, you’ll discover not one, but rather numerous excellent falls kneading the stones along the forested wonderland.

Notwithstanding its prominence, early morning guests can frequently wind up partaking in a bit of isolation, just as obscure path.

Be careful, as a significant part of the path runs close to the water’s edge, making for a dangerous surface, particularly when it’s shrouded in ice. Fall is the best an ideal opportunity to visit, offering an amazing vivid foliage show.


15. Greenbrook Falls

Greenbrook Falls
Waterfalls In New Jersey

The oak trees of Greenbrook Sanctuary give safe house to assorted greenery — from mushrooms to wildflowers to owls to bullfrogs.

In the 165-section of land asylum is Greenbrook Falls. The 250-foot falls tumble down rough landscape, and the stream in the long run depletes into the Hudson River.

A monster when combined with different falls on this rundown, the 250-foot Greenbrook Falls are a stunning sight.

They are set inside Greenbrook Sanctuary, a radiant nirvana set in 165 sections of land of the rich Palisades Interstate Park, which extends from Tenafly to Alpine.

The falls are made by one of three streams that spill significantly down the bluff face to their last resting spot, the Hudson River.

To access Greenbrook Falls, guests require a participation, which is accessible to everybody through the Palisades Nature Association. The expense might appear to be a bit steep in case you’re just intending to visit once yet think of it as a gift that will be utilized towards upkeep of the safe-haven.

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16. Silver Spray Falls

Silver Spray Falls
Waterfalls In New Jersey

The more profound you climb into the center of the hemlock-and oak-loaded Hidden Falls Trail in Walpack municipality, the nearer you’ll get to this superb scene. Local people call this spot “Covered up Falls,” likely regarding the trouble many have in tracking down its plain path.

About a large portion of a mile along Mountain Road, you’ll discover the trailhead, however recall, it’s not very much checked, so you’ll need to truly focus. It’s just around five miles from Buttermilk Falls, so the individuals who are cascade climbing can without much of a stretch hit two falls in a single day at this district.

Insider’s tip: Be certain to cross the stream to see the falls. In the event that you begin heading uphill, you’re probable on some unacceptable way.


17. Apshawa Preserve Falls

Encircled by oak and sugar maple trees is the Apshawa Preserve Falls.  Waterfalls in New Jersey provides one of the finest views. The low, tumbling cascade is situated in the 576 sections of land of the Apshawa Preserve, which is sliced through by the Apshawa Brook.

Apshawa Preserve Falls
Waterfalls In New Jersey

Around five miles of trail is bursted through the save. Getting to the falls is around a three-mile climb over certain roots and shakes.

Apshawa Preserve is a 594-acre untouched park with a 43-acre Butler Reservoir and miles of meandering hiking trails suitable for both beginners and experts. Apshawa has a diverse range of habitats and scenic vistas that draw nature lovers, birdwatchers, and photographers. Hiking trails can be found using Google Maps and on-site information kiosks. The NJ Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works to preserve and expand the park’s trail network, owns 68 acres of this park. Apshawa Preserve has been recognised by organisations such as the NY-NJ Trail Conference for providing one of the most scenic hikes in New Jersey.

18. Chikahoki Falls


waterfalls in new jersey
Waterfalls In New Jersey


The last on the list of best waterfalls in New Jersey is Chikahoki Falls.

Chikahoki Falls, located deep in the heart of a dense forest, offers hikers a twofold reward for their efforts. These falls make up for their lack of height with their beauty. This is a beautiful area for a picnic or to sit and listen to the dramatic lullaby being performed on the enormous rocks (sorry, we had to).


Chikaoki Falls can be found by hiking through the Norvin Green State Forest. The walk to the falls is easy to navigate and suitable for families. There are also other hikes in the neighbourhood, such as one to Wyanokie High Point, which offers views of the New York City skyline.


Locals call them “Chick Falls,” and they’re located west of the Wanaque Reservoir in the Norvin Green Forest. Those who complete all of the hiking loops will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the falls from the summit of the Wyanokie High Point.


So this was our list of the best waterfalls in New Jersey, hope you enjoyed reading.



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