Lexington is broadly viewed as the Horse Capital of the World. As the second-biggest city in Kentucky, Lexington offers the absolute best equine objections on the planet.

However, the fun doesn’t begin and end with simply horse-themed attractions. A blend of recorded, imaginative, and regular areas make for an intriguing occasion with parts to browse.


To assist you with excursion in those choices, we’ve accumulated a movement guide for the city.

  Things To Do In Lexington KY


1. Mary Todd Lincoln House


things to do in lexington ky

The Mary Todd Lincoln house is arranged squarely in the focal point of West Main Street in midtown Lexington.

Produced using charming Georgian block, it was worked from 1803 to 1806 and utilized as a bar and motel.

It wasn’t until 1932 that Mary Todd’s dad bought the structure for his family’s utilization.resently, the Mary Todd Lincoln House is a recorded site, safeguarded to remember this jewel of American history.


It is the primary recorded area that was reestablished for a first woman and comes total with antiquities that really lower you ever.

Its rooms hold a lot of its unique photos and decorations of its period and its outside flaunts a dazzling arrangement of nurseries ideal for walking around.

Mary Todd Lincoln was America’s sixteenth First Lady, the spouse of the late President Abraham Lincoln.

This home where she grew up was visited by her habitually throughout the long term.


It flaunts 14 rooms and you can set out on a one-hour visit through them while learning of the life and seasons of this powerful figure.

It’s implied that the Mary Todd Lincoln House is perhaps the best recognize that Lexington has to bring to the table, and in case you’re searching for spots to go in the city, ensure you don’t miss it.

Visiting Mary Todd Lincoln House is simply one of best things to in Lexington KY.


2. Keeneland

things to do in lexington ky

Given the way that Kentucky is known for its ponies, it’s little astonishment that one of the vacation spots that you can discover in midtown Lexington is identified with this rich creature.

Keeneland is an expert dashing course for ponies that is freely open consistently.

Keeneland was established in 1936 and is however renowned as it seems to be notable.

In the event that you take a visit, you’ll will visit the indoor office region, look at the racecourse, and even get an investigate the business complex.

Normally, going to race day is quite possibly the best things to do in Lexington KY.

In any case, while races are one of the fundamental reasons you’d need to go on an outing to Keeneland, its numerous different occasions and its famous worth mean there’s something you can appreciate here regardless of when you visit.


Among the numerous things that pepper the Keeneland schedule are immense pure blood barters – the absolute biggest in the United States! – and occasions devoted to respecting dashing society and history.

You can look at the Keeneland Kids Club in the event that you have kids matured 12 and underneath, visit the shop to purchase horse-themed presents, peruse pure breed authentic files, or essentially stroll through the faultless grounds!


3. Kentucky Horse Park

things to do in lexington ky

Kentucky Horse Park is among the best 10 focal points that you can go to in Lexington, particularly in case you’re an aficionado of every conceivable thing equine.

It’s a completely functional pony ranch that is likewise intended to bring issues to light for equine history and culture.

It’s not only one basic park, either – it’s loaded with various bits that give fun and shifted encounters!

The pony park is home to the Smithsonian International Museum of the Horse, which tells the stories of pony raising and its set of experiences the manner in which ponies have been utilized in the public arena, and how pony breeds have advanced throughout the long term.

things to do in lexington ky

It houses extraordinary relics like the Calumet Trophy Collection and records stunning racehorses across time in the Hall of Champions.

On the grounds, there is additionally the grave of perhaps the most notable pure bloods – Mon o’ War, with an enormous and rather lavish sculpture over it.

The remainder of the recreation center has showings of old-fashioned callings like wagoners, smithies, and bridle producers.

Pony shows are likewise held in the recreation center, with a wide range of breeds going from normal workhorses and more uncommon assortments, and you can even take a ride on a carriage pulled by a pony!


4. Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

things to do in lexington ky

Raven Run Nature Sanctuary sits calmly on a southern edge of the city of Lexington, spreading over 734 sections of land of rich vegetation.

A blend of forest, ranger service, and transfers wind through the great spot, with 10 miles of climbing trails that make for a phenomenal touring experience.

The safe-haven is intended to safeguard the wild green of the Kentucky River Palisades, giving a superb open space to wander while displaying the significance and verifiable worth of the patches of land it possesses.

You may discover a few remainders abandoned from pilgrims of the nineteenth century or coincidentally find the bird dazzle where you can notice and find out about the idea of the Bluegrass wild.

things to do in lexington ky

Different things you can do in the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary incorporate the Joe Pulliam Memorial Garden, which is a stop for ruler butterflies in their relocation.

You can likewise enlist your kids in extraordinary projects or participate in week after week yoga meetings or coordinated runs in case you’re intrigued!

Make certain to fly into the guest’s middle at the Raven Run Nature Sanctuary when you initially show up.

You’ll study the safe-haven, the in excess of 600 types of plants and creatures that possess it, and the historical backdrop of the actual foundation.

It’s tranquil, instructive, and among the best activities in Lexington!


5. Aviation Museum of Kentucky

things to do in lexington ky

Going on an outing to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky and scrutinizing its many shows is a surefire should do in Lexington.

With 20,000 square feet of room devoted to the awesome history of flight, the historical center is one of America’s most brilliant spots to visit for aeronautics lovers.

The gallery has a wide range of airplane displays, from any semblance of Vietnam War-well known Bell Cobra copters to the unquestionably cool F-4 Phantoms.

Visiting Aviation Museum of Kentucky is one of the best things to do in Lexington KY.

A mix of various airplane gives you an incredible look into a blend of exemplary, old, and current flight.

The show field is however complete as it could be costly, with presentations of both imitation and true assortment.

Military, regular citizen, and business airplane are shown, and you can study them and the historical backdrop of aeronautics in the gallery library.

things to do in lexington ky

There is likewise the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame that rundowns a wide range of incredible nonentities of the state in this industry.

It’s not simply long-lasting displays at the Aviation Museum, all things considered.

Voyaging presentations bring photo assortments, antiques, models, and that’s just the beginning!

Lasting through the year, you can likewise make a beeline for the reclamation and mechanics shop on exhibition hall grounds that show guests the maintenance and upkeep of old airplane.

In case you’re here in the mid year with kids from the ages of 10 and 18, you can even enlist them in a camp!

6. Kentucky Theater

things to do in lexington ky

The Kentucky Theater, situated in the midtown space of Lexington, has been around for very nearly a century!

It’s been a staple of city-wide amusement, dating right back to “talkies” and exhibiting notable exhibitions like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The venue is presently utilized as an advanced film.

However it’s not close to as sumptuous as the economy changes in the spot encompassing it in case you’re searching for things to see, why not fly into the old performance center to get a blockbuster or non mainstream movie this end of the week?


7. Hunt-Morgan House

things to do in lexington ky

The Hunt-Morgan House was initially worked for John Wesley Hunt, who was the absolute first mogul to live to the Alleghenies Mountain Range’s west.

The apartment was built in the year 1814 and called Hopemont from the start.


It’s an incredible method to experience old Lexington and it’s among the best cool activities in the city.

In any case, where, then, at that point, did the house’s name come from?

Indeed, it starts from one of the numerous striking individuals who remained in the home.


For this situation, it was Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan, the principal state occupant to win a Nobel Prize.

The Hunt-Morgan House doesn’t especially highlight this renowned man’s life and times alone, however it has been protected by a nearby trust and reestablished so it tends to be available to general society.

Inside this home, you’ll see three stories consummately curated to include period goods and stylistic layout.

Some real ancient rarities having a place with the home’s earlier inhabitants are in plain view and a Civil War gallery lives nearby – potentially because of the way that a Confederate general once lived here, as well.

You can likewise have a good time appreciating the cantilever flight of stairs, the pictures, and porcelain, or meandering through the walled patio and nursery.


8. Waveland State Historic Site

things to do in lexington ky

The Waveland State Historic Site is a pleasant safeguard of old Lexington and the ranch period of the United States.

Dividers of red block and Doric segments might be old, however they’re very much safeguarded and give you a smart thought of how fantastic this piece of Lexington used to be.


Most structures here date back to the nineteenth century when landowners carried on with rich lives.

The before the war chateau is the greatest illustration of this, with an amazingly rich principle building shrunk by three less luxurious storehouses – one lived in by slaves.

Green grounds, with more slave quarters, an ice house, and a smokehouse, additionally still remain here at this point.


The Waveland State Historic Site offers every day visits that will enlighten you concerning the existences of the families that lived here and the slaves as their beck and call.

Period goods, embellishments, and antiques make for inquisitive things to see in transit through the principle manor and the structures close to it.

Uncommon occasions like Derby Day Breakfasts, ball games, costumed shows, and Tea Tuesdays add to the exceptional fascination of the site.

To the extent Lexington attractions go, it’s particularly worth the outing for verifiable importance!


9. University of Kentucky

things to do in lexington ky

The University of Kentucky started its life as the Agricultural and Mechanical College, opened by John Bowman in 1865.

Its present name was just acquired in 1916.

However, how might a college be one of Lexington’s best positions?

Indeed, it’s home to the University of Kentucky Art Museum, which has a super durable assortment that consistently changes displays, highlighting many types of craftsmanship including photos, models, prints, compositions, and some more.

Indeed, the workmanship gallery is thought to house the best assortment of craftsmanship in Lexington.

The blend of rebellious, exemplary, and contemporary works here makes it intriguing to examine.


Studios and visiting shows are additionally held now and again, and long-lasting assortment section is totally free.

Another intriguing spots on the college grounds are the Buell Armory, the Rupp Arena, and a book shop.

The Rupp Arena is particularly fascinating since it is the home of the state ball group, the Kentucky Wildcats!


10. Arboretum

things to do in lexington ky

The Arboretum is notable as one of the must-see spots in Lexington lasting through the year.

Claimed by the University of Kentucky, this space traverses 100 sections of land and first opened its entryways in 1991.

Themed gardens give a protection space to fauna and a fun instructive chance for you.

 A wide range of exercises are held consistently, turning with the seasons, the majority of which are ideal for the entire family to appreciate!

Look at the Arboretum’s site to see its occasion schedule.

11. McConnell Springs

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

McConnell Springs is a wonderful surge of wild and thick plant life that brightens the edges of Lexington along the north.

It is named after William McConnell, a frontiersman who utilized this region for his and his compadres’ camp in 1775.

The gathering showed up here toward the start of the American Revolution and named the start of this settlement after a Massachusetts town, likewise called Lexington.

This is the thing that prompted the establishing of the city we know now!

As far as stuff to do, McConnell Springs flaunts verifiable importance that gives a demeanor of significance to this quiet area.

Remainders of a dam, ranch structures, stone fences, and surprisingly a creamery can likewise be found dissipated all through the area.

Debris trees, streams, two miles of climbing trails, and springs all make McConnell Springs a magnificent spot to make a beeline for when you need to take in certain sights for sore eyes.


12.Third Street Stuff & Coffee

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

Beautiful, eccentric and fun Third Street Stuff and Coffee is something of a dilapidated mixed bag of hippy workmanship and psychedelia around 1969.

Loaded to the edge with works of art and paintings, it’s a local area centered drinkery with a distinction.

Society can settle down on the screwy tables and between the spray painting clad dividers to taste the house brews, all cooked from reasonable exchange, hand-picked beans.


Infrequently, the inside offers approach to specially appointed stand-up and unrecorded music shows, while the staff appear to have a never-ending favor reserve.

There are Guatemalan, Peruvian and Ethiopian mixes to appreciate on the menu, alongside hot cocoas and some inquisitive frosted mochas with natural product!

13.Lexington Visitors Center

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

Situated in the center of downtown Lexington, the Lexington Visitors Center is an extensive and far reaching asset for visitors of the city. Set up with Visitor Information Specialists who are learned about the set of experiences and attractions inside Lexington, the middle likewise has a wide segment of writing and materials. City guides, fascination guides, and an assortment of food, drink, and housing materials are generally present.


Also, the middle offers instructive recordings on the encompassing region, known as the Bluegrass Region, which show on five unique screens all through the structure. There is additionally a day to day existence estimated blue pony on location, other memorabilia that present astounding photograph openings, and interpretive instructive assets.


14. Jacobson Parkon KY

Couple Session at Jacobson Park Lexington Kentucky Ashley Noel Kentucky Wedding Photographer — Kentucky Wedding Photographer Linkes Photography
Things To Do In Lexington KY

This metropolitan park includes a far reaching scope of attractions and components ideal for city attendees hoping to encounter a rich and welcoming green space. On location, Jacobson Park includes an enormous lake that has occasional pedal-boat rentals and gives fishing openings. Various wearing undertakings are upheld here, and the recreation center has open fields, ball courts, and volleyball nets.


A fenced in canine park permits pet proprietors to draw in with their off-rope mates while isolated from other park attendees. At long last, open fields, covered sanctuaries, and a rambling jungle gym give plentiful freedom to families and youngsters to participate for no particular reason exercises inside the recreation center grounds.

15. Coles 735 Main

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

Coles 735 Main is a historic Lexington establishment open for dinner. Renowned for its highly artistic and fine dining fare, the food at Coles is created and designed by executive chef, Cole Arimes. Chef Arimes is known for his imaginative and inventive perspective, as well as his ability to recreate American dishes with global infusion and inspired updates.


The atmosphere at Coles matches the characteristics of the food; the restaurant is refined and sophisticated, providing an elegant and artistic backdrop for guests. Diners are able to sit at the restaurant’s inviting indoor bar, in the classic dining room, or on the charming outdoor patio. The high-end ambience of Coles is elegant but welcoming, providing an intimate and comfortable ambiance.


16. Pies and Pints

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

This brew and pizza joint offers visitors an excellent choice of eating alternatives for lunch and supper in midtown Lexington. While mixed greens and sandwiches additionally decorate the menu, Pies and Pints is chiefly committed to creating top notch pizzas using privately developed and new fixings. The pizza covering is handcrafted nearby, and the garnish mixes are interesting and innovative. Furthermore, a hand-chose variety of specialty lager is accessible, explicitly picked as backups for the pies.


While Pies and Pints is a nearby chain, it keeps an agreeable and extraordinary feel, with easygoing however captivating stylistic layout that makes a mechanical energy. Block facades, renovated wood tables, metal bistro seats, and twinkly lighting consolidate to make a space that feels finished however not formal, upscale but rather agreeable.


17. Institute 193

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

Institute 193 is a creative contemporary workmanship display in Lexington, endeavoring to make up for the social shortfall in the United States outside of significant metropolitan regions and encourage a pattern of exhibiting state of the art craftsmanship in moderate sized American urban areas.

The display is available to the public Wednesdays through Saturdays during the morning and evening hours, displaying remarkable presentations by arising and mid-vocation craftsmen, with an emphasis on specialists and tasks that feature the American South’s dynamic social scene.

Notwithstanding customary displays, which are exhibited at regular intervals, the exhibition likewise presents live melodic exhibitions, craftsmanship addresses, film screenings, and other public exceptional occasions.


19. Triangle Grill

things to do in lexington ky

Situated inside Lexington’s Hilton Hotel, this restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper, however shuts down for a brief period in the mid evening. Triangle Grill offers a standard American menu whose exemplary dishes are implanted with impacts according to a cutting edge point of view.


The restaurant is decorated in brilliant, dangerous shadings, and energetic work of art enhances the dividers. While the café may be considered upscale, it figures out how to keep a calm climate. The goods and style give a tasteful feeling, and the mind-set is relaxed and inviting.

20. Tolly-Ho Restaurant

things to do in lexington ky
Things To Do In Lexington KY

This 24-hour foundation is great for a relaxed dinner any time. Highlighting a truly American coffee shop menu with dashes of Southern impacts, the café is a specific top pick among youngsters. Radiant blue dividers, counter assistance, and an energetic energy make this eatery particularly mainstream.


A little on location gift shop offers Tolly-Ho emblem and gifts alongside little treats and bites. The relaxed inside highlights essential goods and University adornments, and the eatery has self-serve and self-clear assistance.


So guys this was our list of 20 best things to do in Lexington KY, hope you enjoyed reading!!


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