Best Things To Do In Rochester NY

Things To Do In Rochester NY

Rochester is one of upstate New York’s most pleasant cities, with a variety of intriguing attractions. High Falls, plunging 95 feet over a cliff ledge in the heart of downtown, is one of the most stunning features. The city also has a considerable number of well-preserved ancient buildings, excellent museums, and delicious restaurants.


The downtown area is easy to navigate, and many of the major tourist attractions are close together. A weekend escape can be made by combining a stay here with a day trip to nearby Pittsford and the Erie Canal. If you visit in the winter, you can even get in some skiing at Bristol Mountain, which is just a short drive away.


The city expanded as a result of the industry, but it is today better renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, which hosts a plethora of exhibitions, performances, and festivals throughout the year.


There are almost 12,000 acres of parkland here, as well as exciting attractions like amusement and water parks, if you want to get outside.


Rochester is close to a number of stunning natural phenomena, including Lake Ontario and the Genesee River, which runs through the city, and there are even cross-country skiing routes in the winter.


Things To Do In Rochester NY


Eastman Museum & Mansion

Rochester was home to George Eastman, the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company and the man who made photography accessible to the general public. His magnificent Colonial Revival estate is now a museum and gallery where visitors may learn about the history of photography, visit galleries, eat, and explore the stunning home and gardens.


Shutterbugs will enjoy a range of galleries dedicated to the history of photography. Even non-photographers will enjoy hearing staff members describe fascinating stories about Eastman and his film and camera development and marketing. Various types of photographs and cameras from different eras are on display. Ansel Adams gave cameras and other objects, including his first camera, which he received as a child.


Walking inside the estate, you can get a sense of how Eastman lived, with certain rooms still adorned in the style of the time. Other rooms have been transformed into special displays, such as one where you can enter into a camera obscura box and observe the inner workings of a camera.


Eastman’s pipe organ and a little ancient elevator hidden behind a door that you can still operate are two other unique items. There are movie theatres with special showings on the main level, as well as a café with handcrafted sandwiches, coffee, and other refreshments.


• Highland Park

Highland Park is well-known in Rochester for its arboretum and beautiful landscaping, which spans 150 acres of undulating hills and stunning gullies.


The park’s flora is remarkable, with characteristic lilacs, Japanese Maples, and a wide range of other native and foreign plants.


The Vietnam Memorial, the John Dunbar Memorial Pavilion, and Warner Castle, to name a few, are all held annually, and in addition to all the lovely foliage, you’ll find a plethora of culturally and historically significant monuments here.


• Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong, which focuses on the history of play, is a hybrid of a typical history museum and an interactive children’s museum that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. Sesame Street, the Berenstain Bears, and the eGameRevolution are among the exhibits. The National Toy Hall of Fame and the World Video Game Hall of Fame are both located within the museum.


The Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden is the state’s largest of its kind. As you go down the walkway of this year-round indoor display, you’ll encounter butterflies, turtles, a panther chameleon, and birds.


The museum also has a coral reef aquarium, as well as the Elaine Wilson Carousel and Strong Express Train. A nominal price is charged for rides. Allow plenty of time for your visit because this museum is vast, with approximately 285,000 square feet of exhibit area.


• Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery was opened in 1913, and it now houses an astonishing 12,000 artefacts, ranging from modern art objects to international pieces from all over the world.


The art gallery, which is situated on 14 acres of property, was established to provide the local people with the opportunity to view art from the region as well as from other parts of the world.


The gallery is still dedicated to displaying some of the best art in the country, and it hosts a variety of activities such as musical concerts, as well as changing exhibitions and galleries.


The exhibit includes everything from 17th-century paintings to ancient Borneo drums to ancient Egyptian mummies. The collection is divided into two levels.


The huge pipe organ in the main room on the second storey is not to be missed. Traveling exhibits arrive and go on a regular basis, so check the museum’s calendar before planning your visit.


• High Falls

Because of Rochester’s unusual location on the Genesee River, one of the area’s most attractive natural attractions is right in the heart of the city. At High Falls, the rushing river crashes 95 feet off the precipice, creating a whirlwind of foam and mist.


From High Falls Terrace Park, where you can look across to the falls from a high vantage point, you can get the best view of the falls. Restaurants on this side of the gorge are only a short walk from the park and make for a pleasant lunch stop.


Cross the river to the High Falls Lookout near the Gorsline Building for a close-up view of the water flowing over the edge of the falls. This perspective is bordered by historic buildings from the nineteenth century.


• RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium

The RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium is the place to go if you want to learn more about the night sky, especially because of their spectacular shows that take you on a journey of the solar system.


The star shows here are famous in the area, and they employ a projector to show you the exact location of the stars and planets. There are also lively exhibitions like as laser performances, where you can see lasers dance to music, and interactive exhibits that allow you to explore space on your own.


The planetarium’s telescopes are available for public use, and instructional films are shown on a regular basis.


• Rochester Public Market

On market days, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the Rochester Public Market is a swarm of activity. Since 1905, this year-round market has been a Rochester staple. In stalls set in outdoor sheds and one large inside hall, over 300 vendors serve a variety of fresh foods.


The Rochester Public Market is a great location to go for the freshest local and international products, as well as speciality meats, fish, and cheeses. There are cafes, food kiosks, and even a florist on-site, in addition to fresh food.


The market hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including musical concerts, food truck competitions, flower markets, and massive flea markets. The majority of these activities take place throughout the summer.


• Erie Canal in Pittsford

Pittsford is a little historic village located just outside of Rochester that is ideal for a day excursion. Along with a historic downtown, you’ll find small shops and restaurants lining the lovely Erie Canal.


The community, which was founded in 1776, has done an excellent job of preserving its historic attractions. In the summer, this is a nice place to park the car and walk around, stopping in at small shops or having lunch while watching the boats go by.


If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, try a kayak ride at the Lock 32 Whitewater Waterpark. The water park, which is housed in a disused canal spillway, offers fast water up to class V every weekend during the summer.


• Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo is the place to go if you want to see some exotic animals while in Rochester. African elephants and rhinos, snowy polar bears, and gorgeous Borneo orangutans, as well as over 90 other species from throughout the world, can all be found here.

The zoo, which first opened its doors in 1893, spans over 15 acres of land and is considered a historical asset in the area. The zoo is now regarded as a trendsetter in its profession, since it works relentlessly to give the animals with larger and more natural enclosures that closely resemble their natural habitat.


• Susan B. Anthony Square Park

Susan B. Anthony and one of her sisters shared this renovated heritage home. This is the site of Ms. Anthony’s historic arrest in 1872, when she attempted to vote. Daily tours are provided. The house has three stories, so you’ll have to ascend the stairs. The tours last about an hour and are led by docents. Another of her sisters owned the house next door.


Down the block is Susan B. Anthony Square Park, which features towering trees and a bronze sculpture of Ms. Anthony and Frederick Douglass titled “Let’s Have Tea” by local artist Pepsy Kettavong.


• Artisan Works

If you’re in Rochester, don’t miss out on Artisan Works, a non-profit art gallery committed to displaying the creativity of local artists.


What sets Artisan Works apart from other art galleries is the manner that artists in residence work there on a daily basis, so you can watch art being created right in front of your eyes and get up close to the creative process when you visit.


You can even take a guided tour of Artisan Works, where a pleasant docent will tell you about the project’s aim and history, and there are also classes open to the public if you want to try your hand at creating your own masterpiece.


If you prefer to go it alone, there are self-guided tours available.


• Dine around Rochester

In Rochester, whether you’re looking for casual or upscale eating, you won’t have to look far to find some fantastic and unique options. The Cub Room, whose exposed brick, wooden ceilings, and black-and-white images transport you to the 1930s and 1940s, is a great place to go for excellent dining and history.


The Revelry, which has both indoor and outdoor seating in the summer, has a diverse cuisine to satisfy all preferences. It also offers a delectable brunch. The Highland Park Diner, meanwhile, serves a wide range of excellent, informal fare from breakfast to dinner. This classic-looking diner has become something of a local institution.


• Cobbs Hill Park

This 109-acre park in Rochester is recognised for its gorgeous landscape and peaceful hiking routes, so if you enjoy walking, this is a terrific place to see some of New York’s natural beauty.


You will be able to enjoy the lilacs that bloom here as well as the oak trees that are over 100 years old while you explore the pathways.


In addition to walking routes, there is a reservoir here that is ideal for fishing, and if you visit during the winter months, you can even go cross-country skiing.


• Charlotte – Genesee Lighthouse

The Charlotte – Genesee Lighthouse is famous for still being operational, and it located on Lake Ontario, where it continues to keep ships safe.


The lighthouse, which stands 40 feet tall and was erected in 1822, was meticulously restored to its former grandeur in 2014.


This lighthouse is available to the public, and if you’re feeling energetic, you may join a tour and climb the 42 steps to the top, where there’s a run ladder.


You’ll need to ascend another 11 stairs to reach the lighthouse’s pinnacle, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Lake Ontario.


During the tour, you’ll learn about the lighthouse’s history, and there’s a museum in the lighthouse keeper’s house, which is located at the base of the real tower.


• Rochester Museum & Science Center

The Rochester Museum & Science Center is dedicated to instilling a love of science in visitors through interactive displays that allow them to get up close and personal with the action.


This museum’s main elements include a climbing wall and a space simulator, as well as opportunities to build your own robot, learn to use a catapult, and play with lasers.


There are over 200 hands-on games to enjoy, as well as the opportunity to walk through rotating galleries dedicated to various scientific themes.


There are also interactive shows here, as well as 3D films like Science on a Sphere, which takes you on a journey through the galaxy.


• Frontier Field

Frontier Field in Rochester’s downtown area is the place to go if you want to see a game while you’re in town.


The stadium, which has a capacity of over 10,000 spectators, was built in 1996 to host professional baseball games.


The Rochester Raging Rhinos, Rochester Rattlers, and Rochester Red Wings all use the field as a practise facility.


In addition to being a terrific site to see a sporting event like baseball, soccer, or even lacrosse, it also hosts musical performances throughout the year.


• Ontario Beach Park

Ontario Beach Park Rochester New York 20201018 04 1

Things To Do In Rochester NY

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of park and beach, head to Ontario Beach Park, which features 39 acres of pristine sands ideal for exploring in the summer or winter.


When the weather is nice, you can go swimming or sunbathing, or you can try your hand at fishing or boating.


There are also a variety of sporting facilities here, including volleyball courts, basketball courts, and even softball grounds, as well as picnic spaces and quiet rambling pathways strewn throughout Ontario Bach Park.


• Seabreeze Amusement Park

Things To Do In Rochester NY


Seabreeze Amusement Park, which first opened in 1879, is one of the oldest amusement parks in the New York area. There are nearly 70 different attractions to select from, ranging from more calm period rides to recent installations like the Screamin’ Eagle or water-based log flumes, providing entertainment for the entire family.


Within Seabreeze Amusement Park is a water park with a wave pool and a children’s play zone, as well as views of Lake Ontario.


So this was our list of the Best Things To Do In Rochester NY, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Best Things To Do In Scranton PA

Nay Aug Park

Scranton is a small city with a lot of history. It was once the epicentre of Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal mining industry, attracting immigrants from all over Europe.


Scranton, PA now provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about history through its many museums and historic homes. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require reservations in advance. Currently, some restaurants only offer pickup.


Scranton may be known as a former coal town or the setting for the television show “The Office,” but if that’s all you know about this wonderful city, you’re missing out. Scranton, Pennsylvania has a lot to offer. There’s a lot to see and do in Scranton and the rest of Lackawanna County, from museums that celebrate the city’s industrial and transportation past to beautiful natural sites.


Things To Do In Scranton PA


• Steamtown National Historic Site

Thigs To Do In Scranton PA

Copyright: Kenny Gantz

Steamtown National Historic Site is one of the best places in Pennsylvania to visit if you enjoy trains. This museum, which is housed on the site of a train yard previously owned by the Delaware, Lackawant any, and Western Railroad, exhibits the history of rail transportation in the United States, with a focus on steam engines.


Hundreds of unique train cars, including the only Big Boy steam engine east of the Mississippi, are on display at this free museum. Seasonal train rides are also available for an extra fee.


• Everhart Museum

Things To Do In Scranton PA

Source : The Aquinas

The oldest and one of the best museums in northeastern Pennsylvania. The Everhart Museum is located within Nay Aug Park and provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about world cultures, natural beauty, and fantastic art without leaving the city.


The museum houses the largest collection of paintings by local artist John Willard Raught, as well as dinosaur fossils and a collection of 2,500 taxidermied birds.


The Everhart Museum is named after Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart, a prominent Scranton physician. In 1907, Dr. Everhart gave the city what is now known as the Everhart Museum.


The museum now houses exhibits on art, science, and natural history. Special hands-on education events for K-12 students, as well as summer camps and adult education classes, are available at the museum.


The museum hosts the annual Farm to Table meal in September, which features locally grown, fresh ingredients. The Everhart Museum is open daily except Wednesdays, from February to December, and is closed for maintenance in January.


• Choke Creek Falls

Things To Do In Scranton PA

Source : Flickr

Choke Creek Falls is located in Lackawanna County’s southernmost corner. This beautiful waterfall, located in Pinchot State Forest along the recently rerouted Pinchot Trail, is little-known outside of the local area but should be on every outdoor lover’s list.


• Electric City Trolley Museum

Scranton became known as “The Electric City” in the late 1880s as a result of its passenger trolley line, the first in Pennsylvania. Today, the Electric City Trolley Museum seeks to preserve the city’s rail line’s history.


Model trolleys and railways, headlights, railway lights, mine train equipment, a restored trolley car, and an interactive trolley exhibit for children are among the exhibits. The museum also has a working trolley car that runs along a route that begins at the museum and ends at several historical sites. Except for major holidays, the museum is open seven days a week.


• Houdini Museum

While Scranton may appear to be an unusual location for a museum dedicated to magician and escape artist Harry Houdini, this is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Lackawanna County.


Dorthy Dietrich and Dick Brookz, world-renowned magicians, run the Houdini Museum. Dietrich was dubbed the “First Lady of Magic” and is the only female magician to have ever performed several daring feats of magic.


Visitors to the museum can see a fantastic magic show as well as many artefacts from Houdini’s illustrious career.


• Nay Aug Falls

Nay Aug Falls, located in Scranton’s Nay Aug Park, is one of Pennsylvania’s best urban waterfalls. Visitors can reach several different overlooks for this beautiful waterfall via short paths that wind through this wooded park.


Nay Aug Falls, which drops over 20 feet through an impressive gorge, is a great hike to do while in Scranton.

Best Waterfalls You Can Visit

• Catlin House

Catlin House, a Tudor-style mansion built in 1912, was originally the home of George H. Catlin, an early Scranton businessman. The house has 16 rooms that have been meticulously preserved and furnished with period-appropriate décor and antiques.


The home features beautiful wood panelling, a wooden staircase, and stained glass windows, to name a few features. On certain days, guided tours of the Catlin House are available. The Lackawant to Historical Society’s headquarters are also housed in the mansion, which includes a research library and a lecture hall.


• Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

The Lackawant to Coal Mine Tour takes you deep inside a real coal mine. This tour, which is one of the best things to do in Scranton, PA, allows guests to see inside a former coal mine and learn about life and working conditions for coal miners in northeastern Pennsylvania.


For decades, coal mining has been a vital aspect of Pennsylvania’s economy. Visitors visiting Lackawanna County can see what it’s like to work underground by taking a tour of the Lackawant to County Coal Mine, where they descend 300 feet beneath by elevator and stroll past three coal veins.


The history of coal mining, as well as the equipment and mining processes utilised over the years, are all explained by tour guides. The coal mine tour is available daily, excluding major holidays, from April 1st to November 30th. The tour will last about one hour. It is suggested that you wear walking shoes and a jacket.


• Old Forge Pizza Crawl

The self-proclaimed “Pizza Capital of the World,” Old Forge, PA, is the ideal location for a pizza crawl. Visitors won’t have trouble obtaining a slice or a complete pie (respectively called a “cut” and a “tray” in Old Forge) thanks to the town’s more than a dozen pizza businesses, each providing the local style known as Old Forge Pizza.


• Rattlesnake Falls

Rattlesnake Falls is another of Lackawanna County’s hidden waterfalls. Visitors can reach this waterfall, which is located in Pinchot State Woodland near Nesbitt Reservoir, following a 15-minute stroll through this magnificent forest.


Rattlesnake Falls contains two waterfalls, the largest of which is a 15-foot drop into a narrow abyss.


• Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail offers miles of lovely wooded beauty. The trail is 70 miles long and is divided into sections of varying lengths. It runs through both rural and urban areas. There are numerous sites of interest along the trail and in the towns it passes through.


The trail is paved for the most part, making it ideal for walking, running, or cycling. Throughout the year, many area groups host special activities such as runs and walks, group bicycle rides, races, and trail clean-up days. The Heritage Trail connects to the Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail at its northern end.


• Anthracite Heritage Museum

The Anthracite Heritage Museum tells the storey of northern Pennsylvania’s anthracite coal fields.


Many immigrants arrived to Pennsylvania in the 1800s hoping to start a new life in the anthracite coal mining business. The Anthracite Heritage Museum is dedicated to telling the stories of these immigrants, their families, their labour, and their customs.


A reproduction of a typical coal miner’s home, a replica bar, and several images of employees and their families are among the museum’s exhibits. A adjacent display with four big iron furnaces is also available. The iron produced by the Lackawant to Iron and Steel Company was smelted in these gigantic stone constructions. The museum is open from Wednesday through Sunday, except for significant holidays.


Visitors to this fascinating museum can learn about the area’s history as well as what life was like for mine workers. There is also the opportunity to learn about the region’s culture and how the coal mines influenced immigration and daily life in the Scranton area.


• Montage Mountain

Montage Mountain is the place to be in northern Pennsylvania for outdoor family activities. Montage Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing throughout the winter.


Ski lessons are available for both youngsters and adults. The park has zipline rides and a large water park with slides, a floating canal, a massive wave pool, and poolside cabanas in the summer. Guests can stop by the concession stand for a quick bite to eat or remain for a longer dinner at the Slocum Hollow Bar & Restaurant. Park hours change depending on the season and are available on the park’s website.


• Nay Aug Park : Things To Do In Scranton PA

Within the city of Scranton, Nay Aug Park is a haven for nature lovers. Navy Aug is the city’s largest park, with nicely groomed walking routes and picnic spots, as well as two children’s playgrounds. The routes pass by rocky gorges, streams, and waterfalls, among other things.


Guests can cool down in the park’s two Olympic-sized pools and huge water slides during the summer. Children will like the park’s huge treehouse, which features 150-foot-long walkways.


• Archbald Pothole State Park

Archbald Pothole State Park is one of Pennsylvania’s smallest state parks, yet it is home to one of the state’s most fascinating natural wonders. While it may appear to be nothing more than a gigantic hole in the ground, this is the world’s largest glacial pothole.


• PNC Field : Things To Do In Scranton PA

The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, a AAA affiliate of the New York Yankees, play at PNC Field in downtown Scranton. Visitors to this fantastic ballpark have the opportunity to see some of the best baseball prospects before they make their way to the Major Leagues.


Visitors can see the stars of tomorrow and some great baseball at a fantastic price because the Rail Riders are just one step below the New York Yankees.


• Lake Scranton Walking Path

lake scranton fall walk

Source Things To Do In Scranton PA

Lake Scranton is a 16,000-acre reservoir that provides water to Scranton. The 3.5-mile Lake Scranton Walking Path surrounds the lake. The path is totally paved, making for a pleasant stroll or run with stunning views of the lake and East Mountain close. The trail does not accept pets, bicycles, or motor vehicles.


So this was our list of the Best Things To Do In Scranton PA, hope you guys enjoyed reading.

Best Things To Do In Round Rock, TX

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Round Rock, Texas, located just outside of Austin, has made quite a name for itself in recent years. It has been voted one of the most livable cities in the United States, as well as one of the fastest expanding.


It was the only Texas town to make Money magazine’s list of the top ten greatest American small towns to live in in 2008, albeit the term “small” is soon becoming obsolete.


Round Rock is the place to go when you want a big city atmosphere with a laid-back attitude, with attractions like AAA baseball, beautiful parks and trails, a terrific water park, and delicious restaurants. Certain attractions may be closed temporarily or require reservations in advance. Currently, some eateries only provide pickup.


When you’re in Round Rock, take it easy and immerse yourself in the laid-back country lifestyle.


From wide, well-maintained parks to fascinating downtown attractions, this Texas city is brimming with gorgeous places to explore.


It’s the ideal venue to keep you occupied without exhausting you.


Things To Do In Round Rock TX


• Round Rock Express

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Image Source : Round The Rock

Attend a Round Rock Express game if you’re in town during baseball season! Under the ownership of Nolan Ryan, his son Reid, and Don Sanders, the Express have been batting balls for almost two decades.


The Express, a Houston Astros affiliate, play at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. The squad has won the division title six times, and each season has been more thrilling than the one before it.


Trips to watch The Express are ideal for going out and having some fun, with ticket options for individuals and groups, special seating sections, and more.


Baseball fans will undoubtedly love games at the Round Rock Express’s home park. After all, it’s a chance to witness a minor league baseball team in action.


• Old Settlers Park

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Image Source : Traverse City

A relaxing stroll through lush, spacious grounds with a crystal blue lake and towering trees is a great addition to Round Rock’s free activities. After a day of visiting around town, this park is ideal for a tranquil refuge.


Cricket, disc golf, fishing, football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, hiking, and more are just some of the activities available in Old Settlers Park.


There are also several rental spaces available for outdoor parties and events, as well as public festivals held throughout the year. In Old Settlers Park’s seven playground sections, even kids will have a great time!


The park is also known as Texas’ Sports Capital, hosting tournaments in a variety of sports and attracting teams and spectators from all over the country to experience everything Round Rock has to offer.


• Round Rock Premium Outlets

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Image Source :

Round Rock Premium Outlets is a 430,000-square-foot shopping centre with more than 125 stores.


Finding the finest bargains on your favourite brands is a great way to spend a day in Round Rock, and you can do it from this outlet mall.


Adidas, American Eagle, Disney Outlet, and other brands will be available for purchase. There are also a few high-end labels like Coach and Kate Spade.


During your shopping day, recharge your energy levels at one of the many food shops and eateries. When it’s raining, freezing, or you’re just plain tired, eating tasty snacks is surely a favourite indoor activity.


• Dell Diamond

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

Things To Do In Round Rock TX

The Round Rock Express aren’t the only ones who call Dell Diamond home. The Austin Elite rugby team, concerts, special events, and more are all held there.


From every seat in the house, including the Intel Club, the pool and spa party area, the Premium Seats behind home plate, and the four Topps tables, the stadium offers fantastic views.


Families are urged to bring their young sports fans to The Fun Zone near centre field, where they can play, rock climb, and jump their way out of the game.


Corporate organisations are welcome to visit the stadium and use the United Heritage Center on the first base line for meetings.


• Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center

Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center

Image Source :

The 150,000-square-foot Rock’n River Family Aquatic Center is located within Old Settlers Park.


The activities at this waterpark, which include a winding lazy river, insane water slides, and shallow pool playgrounds, make it one of the top choices for fun attractions in Round Rock.


It’s no secret that Texas is hot, and Rock’N River Water Park in Round Rock is the perfect spot to cool down. Backaroo Pond is a great place for the little ones to play, while adventurers face The Lookout waterslides or the wet and wild Splashville.


Special birthday party packages include a little something extra for the birthday child, such as return passes for a future visit!


It’s the place to go if you want to unwind and spend time with your entire family.


Are you willing to take on the challenge? Climb the park’s granite wall and leap from the 12-foot platform into the pool’s refreshing waters.


• Play for All Park


Image Source : Twitter @roundrock

With the building and recent extension of Play for All Park, Round Rock residents demonstrated their commitment to inclusion and accessibility for all children.


The park, which spans 51,000 square feet, features eight “pods” where children of various abilities can engage in therapeutic activities, study, and play.


The park is open every day from 6 a.m. to midnight, and service animals on leashes are welcome. More than 60 annual donations finance the upkeep and extension of Play for All Park’s pods and play spaces, which serve more than 7,000 local children with disabilities.


• Bats in Round Rock

Bats in Round Rock

Image Source :

Bats in Round Rock is a tourist attraction that exhibits Mexican free-tailed bats.


Seeing bats fly out to capture insects is quickly becoming a major attraction and is undoubtedly one of Red Rock’s most unusual sights.


After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a swarm of bats fluttering around.


Go here a bit before dusk, parking someplace near the McNeil Overpass Bridge. The bats are about to emerge from beneath the bridge, and it’s the best time to watch them.


• Memorial Park


Image Source : City of Boise

Memorial Park, a 14.11-acre primary community park notable for its vast grounds and creek, is located in the heart of the city.


Breathing in the fresh air while strolling around this park is one of the basic, inexpensive activities to do near you if you’re wanting to unwind. There are chairs under oak trees for you to relax on, as well as ducks to feed on the creek.


Look for the various historic items in the park, including a commemorative WWII torpedo, to add a little history to your vacation.


• Chisholm Trail Crossing Park

Chisholm Trail Crossing Park

Image Source : Twitter @roundrock

Chisholm Trail Crossing Park is a 1.51-acre park with a one-mile walking trail.


If you’re looking for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city, this lovely park near downtown is the place to be. It includes a boardwalk that runs through a canopy of trees and a tiny waterfall, making it one of the most gorgeous places to visit this weekend.


Explore the park’s short walking trail to find all of the statues and explanatory inscriptions along the way.


• The Salt Lick BBQ

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When it’s time to eat in Round Rock, The Salt Lick BBQ is a sure bet for finger-lickin’ excellence.


The family-owned restaurant has been providing slow-cooked barbecue since 1967, but the recipes and traditions date back to Bettie Howard’s journey from Mississippi to Texas in 1867, when she seared and slow cooked meat on the waggon path.


Scott Roberts, her great grandson, still uses her methods today. On weekends, diners may enjoy live music, use of the banquet space, an outstanding full bar, and the vicinity of Dell Diamond, which is right next door.


• Round Rock Public Library


Image Source : Community Impact

The Round Rock Public Library is a community library located in the middle of downtown Round Rock.


The numerous book options are excellent reasons for you and your young readers to stop by this library during your vacation. If you and your children are bookworms, reading to pass the time is always a good idea.


If you need a break from your thrilling activities around town, go to the library and browse the shelves. To unwind, pick a book and relax in a corner.


• Hoody’s Sub Shop

Hoody’s Sub Shop

Image Source :

Richard “Hoody” Hood, originally from Delaware, travelled to Texas for college and has stayed for the long haul. Hoody’s Sub Shop established in 1989 as a down-home, fresh solution for people looking for something other than quick cuisine.


Hoody makes his sandwiches with fresh, flavorful meats from Boars Head and only the best fixins. He claims that his success is due as much to how he treats his employees and guests as it is to the food.


Some of his workers have worked for him for decades. While the Philly cheesesteak is a local classic, Hoody’s also has a wide variety of hot and cold subs to tempt your taste buds.


• Kawaii’s

kawaii ice menu

Image Source : With Shayda

Kawaii’s is a local shaved ice store known for its delicate, fluffy servings.


Eating flavoured shaved ice is a terrific way to cool off, and locals in Round Rock adore suggesting this shop for their wide variety of flavours.


You may eat it at any time of day, and having shaved ice here at night is one of the most popular things to do in Red Rock.


To truly appreciate why this shaved ice store is so famous, try some of the local favourites like Maui-Wowie and Jamaican Me Crazy.


• Fuego Latino Gastropub

fuego latino georgetown

Fuego Latino Gastropub is the place to go if you want to spice up your lunch, supper, or Sunday brunch. Since he was 18 years old, owner and executive chef Jorge Alcocer has been learning, cooking, and creating culinary wonders.


Today, he’s combining his knowledge and passion for authentic Latin cuisine to offer diners his unique twist on seared delicacies, traditional dishes like arroz con pollo, and innovative ideas.


Signature cocktails, local draught and can beers, Latin and domestic beers, and wine are all available at Fuego Latino Gastropub. It’s a must-visit location.


Only Mondays are closed at Fuego, and reservations are recommended.


• The Round Rock at Brushy Creek Crossing

The round rock in Brushy Creek in Round Rock TX e1440561808616

THE ROUND ROCK AT BRUSHY CREEK CROSSING is a tourist landmark that showcases the city’s name’s history.


Because of its historical significance, the middle of this stream is one of the best spots to visit in Round Rock. The city gets its name from a massive, slightly circular rock smack in the middle of the lake.


To see this iconic rock, go the Chisholm Trail to the centre of Brushy Creek.


• Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

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Image Source : Visit Irving Texas

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World is a cool wilderness-themed sporting and outdoor goods store.


There are numerous excellent outdoor recreation sites in Round Rock, and if you forgot your gear, you could always purchase it from this business. Their innovative indoor designs will blow your mind, in addition to being well-stocked.


Bring your camera since you’ll want to photograph the numerous beautiful areas inside the store. There’s even a natural-looking aquarium there. They also include a bowling alley and an archery range where you can shoot arrows.


• Home Run Dugout

tyler swing min

Image Source :

In Dell Diamond, there is a sports-themed entertainment area called Home Run Dugout.


When a classic game of baseball is combined with cutting-edge technology, what do you get? The new, digital batting bays at this arena allow you to hit balls and simulate being in a real-life stadium.


• Centennial Plaza

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Image Source : Flickr

The downtown plaza Centennial Plaza is located near the Baca Center and the McConnico Building.


This plaza is the spot to go if you’re merely searching for a place to relax and enjoy throughout your sightseeing tour.


You can relax on the lawn, take a stroll around the grounds, or watch the bats emerge from the observation platform. You might even catch a special light show or concert while you’re here if you’re lucky.


Take a leisurely stroll around the square. Because of its clean and stunning vistas, it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Round Rock for couples.


• Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park


The Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park is a park near downtown that holds the town’s historic water tower.


Photographing the town’s water power is one of the best things to do in Round Rock, TX, because it’s an iconic landmark that will look fantastic in your holiday photos.


When you’re in town during the Christmas season, go to the park after dark to view the tower lit up with Christmas lights.


So this was our list of some of the best things to do in Round Rock TX, hope you got one of your favorite choice.

Best Things To Do In Las Cruces New Mexico

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a laid-back Southwestern town with a strong economy, beautiful architecture, a growing art scene, and outstanding annual festivals. With amazing hiking and riding paths, old mining ghost towns, ancient Indian rock art, desert plants and animals, wonderful local products, various eateries and marketplaces, and limitless blue sky, the area offers fantastic outdoor activities.

The finest things to do in Las Cruces are listed below. Certain attractions may be closed temporarily or require reservations in advance. Currently, some eateries only provide pickup. It’s possible that the hours and availability have changed.
It’s unclear whether this was supposed to relate to physical crosses, but due to its strategic location at a crossroads between two motorways, the city is now more commonly referred to as ‘The Crossroads.’

The city is recognised for being the temporary home of legends like Billy the Kid and Mexican leader Pancho Villa, and the surrounding area was once known as a refuge for miners.

Las Cruces is now well-known for its delectable and diverse New Mexican cuisine, as well as its lovely blend of southwestern hospitality, history, and culture.


Things To Do In Las Cruces New Mexico


1. Old Mesilla

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Mesilla, in southern New Mexico, is a picturesque historical town. Mesilla, founded in 1848, played a significant part in the Mesilla Valley’s historic, economic, cultural, and political life. Messila’s current people are a colourful blend of American Indian, Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-American cultures, descended from Mesilla’s early settlers. Mesilla is one of the most frequented towns in the region because of its colourful architecture, art, and customs that preserve the town’s cultural uniqueness.

The National Register of Historic Places lists the plaza, the structures facing the plaza, the acequias, and entire blocks of classic colourful residential adobe buildings beyond the square. The plaza, which was formerly the town’s social, spiritual, and economic hub, is now a popular gathering spot for tourists and locals, with various festivals and celebrations held on its weathered cobblestones. The 1906 Basilica of San Albino may be seen from Mesilla Plaza’s south end, where an earlier adobe chapel erected in 1857 had stood. Today’s restaurants, stores, and B&Bs are many of the colourful adobe houses.

Old Mesilla now boasts beautiful shops selling regional handicrafts, and if you want to eat some traditional Mexican cuisine, you’ve come to the correct area.

Old Mesilla is also claimed to be haunted by spirits of miners and historical characters who once lived and died in the area, so if you’re feeling courageous, take a walking tour of the downtown plaza area, which is said to be haunted.


2. Fort Selden State Monument

istockphoto 507262432 170667a

Image Copyright : iStock

The United States Army built Fort Seldon in 1865 as a fortification to defend the local inhabitants who had settled in the Mesilla Valley area.

Much of the fort has since been decommissioned, but the adobe style brick defences may still be explored, and there is also a fascinating and informative visitor centre with a permanent exhibition that tells everything about life on the border.

If you visit on a weekend, there are frequently live demonstrations that will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time.


• Dripping Springs Natural Area

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

Las Cruces is a picturesque, cultural, and historical site. That is why so many of its attractions have been designated as national and state treasures. One national park (White Sands), one national monument (Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks), a state monument (Fort Selden), and two state parks are all within easy driving distance of the city (Mesilla Valley Bosque and Leasburg Dam).


Fortunately, tourists to Las Cruces can reach the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, which was established in 2014 to protect half a million acres of breathtaking mountain landscape. There are a variety of trails with varying degrees of difficulty, one of which is found in the Dripping Springs Natural Area.


You can hike a three-mile out-and-back easy to moderate gravel track through this habitat of grasslands, desert scrub, pinyon pine, juniper, and oak. There’s a decent possibility you’ll see species like rock squirrels and mule deer, as well as the Gambel’s quail with its charming topknot, along the way. (Notice who plays “scout” in any covey of quail — the bird that stands guard for the rest of the flock and sends warning signs.)


Red-tailed hawks and golden eagles soar above you in this lovely alpine location. You’ll wish you could soar on their wings to get a closer look at the monument’s rugged heights, such as Baylor Peak (elevation 7,700 feet).


This walk has waterfalls and a spring, which you’ll discover at the visitor centre. There will also be fallen beams and rubble from old historic structures. These remnants, unlike other ruins in the American Southwest, are not the cave houses of the region’s first occupants. One ruin is the ruins of a late-nineteenth-century alpine camp. The other is the sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, or what’s left of it.


Take your time strolling around and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on one of the many benches along the path. Although you won’t be smelling the roses in the spring, the prickly pear cactus and alpine flowers will be in full bloom.


• The Roadrunner

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

The roadrunner, New Mexico’s state bird, is an excellent guardian for Las Cruces. It’s obviously more fun to see the genuine thing, but if “Paisano” (the Mexican moniker) doesn’t come your way, check out the wacky imitation at a picturesque rest spot, which is 40 feet long and 20 feet tall.


The goal, according to Olin Calk, the local artist who finished the sculpture in 1993, was to make a statement about public art constructed from repurposed materials. Calk used elements from the city’s recycling facility and thrift stores to create this creative Las Cruces emblem. Locals know they’re almost home when they see The Roadrunner.


To appreciate the artistry’s details, you must get up close. The “skin” is made of sheet metal, and the beak is fashioned from a hammered metal trash can. A Volkswagen headlight is surrounded by a small bike tyre as the eye. The head with crest is a mosaic of rhinestone-encrusted shoes, belts, and windshield wiper blades. Paintbrushes, golf clubs, crutches, toys… how many can you recognise?


The valley view across to the Organ Mountains holds the Roadrunner’s attention at all times. “Catch” it off Interstate 10 at mile marker 134, west of Las Cruces.


• Chile Pepper Institute

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

Human nature is enthralled by the biggest and best of anything, and there’s always a need to know what the limits of endurance are. When it comes to chiles, some people prefer it scorching hot, and you might be one of them. Head to New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute if you’ve ever been tempted to try one of the world’s hottest chillies.


Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper) was discovered here, with a Scoville heat rating of around one million. Even though it’s scorching, it’s not the world’s hottest pepper; that honour belongs to the Carolina Reaper, which has a heat rating of over two million.


To put this in context, a mild jalapeno has fewer than 10,000 units, whereas a moderate habanero has less than 300,000.


What’s the big deal about chile? You may read about the science behind capsaicin, the chemical that makes chile peppers fiery, at this international association for chile pepper research and teaching.


If you want to heat up your kitchen, there’s a teaching garden and a gift shop with Sancto Scorpio hot sauce, Hatch chile sauce, and Holy Jolokia BBQ sauce. The institute develops 150 types of chilli peppers, including the super-hot Bhut Jolokia, which you can buy seeds to cultivate yourself.


Fabian Garcia, New Mexico’s grandfather of Mexican cuisine, laboured for nearly 40 years cultivating the cultivar that gives New Mexican chiles a consistent shape and spice level. Garcia was not only responsible for the chile industry, but he also introduced pecan trees to New Mexico, which resulted in a second economic boom.


• Desert Scenery

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

Hiking in the springtime when the cactus plants are blossoming is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Trails here run alongside the Rio Grande and lead to peaks and canyons. Allow yourself time to acclimate when adventuring at higher elevations ranging from 4,000 to 9,000 feet, and bring additional drinking water, snacks, a hat, and sunscreen. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and birdwatching are all great ways to unwind. Overnight in a beautiful Organ Mountains campground at the base of cliffs.


Head for the paths on Tortugas mountain with the giant letter “A” closer to Las Cruces, three miles east of NM State University.


La Llorona Park (called after the Hispanic tale of the “weeping woman”) is a city park with a six-mile paved trail. While walking or biking along the Rio Grande, look for herons, egrets, and ducks. The 1.5-mile interpretive loop walk in Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park is paved and wheelchair accessible, making it even easier.


Explore 18 miles of trails on rolling, flat, and open terrain at Aden Hills Recreation Area if you enjoy ATVing and motorcycling.


• Farmers & Crafts Market

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

The Farmers and Crafts Market takes place twice a week: On Saturdays, it takes up seven city blocks; on Wednesdays, the action moves to La Plaza de Las Cruces, which is not the same as Old Mesilla Plaza. At the markets, hundreds of vendors and craftspeople sell everything from organic vegetables to specialty food items (such as pecan oil), jewellery, and ceramics.


Taste unique confections such as the Las Cruces version of peanut brittle (chile pecan) and candied nuts – flavoured with chile, of course! Meet the craftsmen who make the local arts and crafts while you learn about them. The whole experience is a rich meal, given the ethnic richness of the Las Cruces area.


• Picacho Mountain Festival

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright : planetware

Picacho Mountain Festival, which takes place over a weekend in September, dedicates the Sunday segment to Cowboy Country Day. A fun run or walk, music, vendors, Jeep trips, guided tours to the summit, and a chile relleno cookoff are all planned for this day.


The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum hosts Cowboy Days, a two-day festival held in March.


The Las Cruces Country Music Festival is a three-day festival featuring a fun Sunday lineup that includes a “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” country breakfast, a western wear fashion display, and live music. At these festivals, you may kick up your heels with the whole family.


• Play Golf At Championship Course

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright : Groupon

Nothing beats a round of golf on a beautiful sunny day. Las Cruces is a hole-in-one for you if this is the case. Las Cruces offers a fantastic golfing experience for all skill levels in the shadow of the magnificent Organ Mountains, with 350 days of sunlight in a city where golfers fill scorecards every season of the year.


Sonoma Ranch Golf Course is a championship-style course. The popular Red Hawk Golf Club is six miles away, and it has been ranked as one of the top five public golf courses in New Mexico by Golfweek since 2018. Another championship course at New Mexico State University is ranked in the top 25 of all college courses in the United States by GolfPass.


• Monuments to Main Street Festival

Things To Do In Las Cruces NM

Image Copyright :

The Monuments to Main Street Festival is a month-long celebration of the history, culture, nature, film, and food of Las Cruces and the surrounding area that takes place every September. If you have a month to spare, make it count by attending this festival. It has taken care of all the planning for you and goes much beyond the typical touring tourist’s agenda.


Here’s a taste of what’s on offer: A full moon walk in White Sands National Park, a balloon and music festival in White Sands, a slot canyon tour, an aeroplane ride, jeep tours, a float trip down the Rio Grande, and a hike up Picacho Peak are all on the itinerary.


• Lake Valley Ghost Town

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Image Copyright : Chuck Jines

Lake Valley Historic Town Site is a ghost town in the midst of nowhere. Lake Valley transformed into a bustling hamlet of 4,000 people in 1878, nearly overnight. When the silver ran gone, the village was abandoned almost as quickly. Rather from being relegated to the dustbin of history, ancient structures are now maintained and explained.


The historic schoolhouse houses a museum and a chapel where you can pray not to run out of gas or water. Take sunscreen and a hat with you since “dry heat” is still scorching when there’s no shade. Check to see if the location is available to the public on the day you plan to visit.


• New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

2021 02 23 Farm%20and%20Ranch Pithouse

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Museums in Las Cruces bring a lot of history and culture, with one in particular standing out for those who enjoy being active participants and observers. On 47 acres, the interactive New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum will teach you about the area’s 3,000-year history of farming and ranching. View real-life demonstrations of cow milking, blacksmithing, water dowsing, and quilting.


This city-run museum is a family-friendly destination featuring activities for all members of the family. Plants and real desert animals are on display. Attend a turtle, snake, or lizard feeding on a regular basis. This museum, as well as the city’s other three – the Museum of Art, Branigan Cultural Center, and Railroad Museum – are all free to visit.


You can see fossils, a newborn mammoth skeleton, and the country’s greatest collection of petrified wood at the Zuhl Museum, which is half natural history museum and part art gallery. Is that petrified wood? It’s not as frightening as it appears! Be prepared to be wowed!


• Railroad Museum

las cruces railroad museum

Image Copyright : TripAdvisor

The Railroad Museum is located in the Santa Fe Depot, which is a historically significant portion of Las Cruces, and is ideal for train enthusiasts.


The Railroad Museum in Las Cruces features a variety of permanent exhibitions that chronicle the storey of the growth of railroads in and around Las Cruces, as well as historical artefacts.


There are also model railways on display, as well as model tracks and train line charts.


The site’s crowning attraction is an actual caboose, which, while no longer in use, still captures the essence of train travel in Las Cruces.


• White Sands National Monument

white sands desert 1

Image Copyright :

Visitors will come across the world’s largest gypsum dune field 45 miles east of Las Cruces.


The monument has been described as a landscape from another world by visitors, and the dunes provide insight into the native plant and wildlife that manages to flourish in these arid and difficult conditions.


The natural white sand dunes here are unspoiled, and there are picnic sites as well as opportunities to surf or toboggan down the dunes.


The monument covers 275 square miles, and there are guided excursions available, such as the Sunset Stroll Nature Walk, that are led by local guides who will inform tourists about all of the surrounding attractions.


• Museum of Nature and Science

nmmnhs lrg

Image Copyright :

Although the Museum of Nature and Science is not one of Las Cruces’ larger museums, it nonetheless has a number of displays that illustrate the narrative of the local flora and wildlife.


To that purpose, there is a small zoo with approximately 40 distinct living creatures from the region, with a focus on desert animals. The Museum of Nature and Scientific also features rotating exhibitions from various science and nature institutes across the country, making it an interesting site to visit if you’re interested in the dry landscapes surrounding Las Cruces.


• Fountain Theater : Things To Do In Las Cruces

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Image Copyright : Flickr

The Fountain Theater, built in 1905 in the distinctive adobe style, is notable for being New Mexico’s oldest movie theatre and a fine example of period architecture.


The theatre is not just a historic New Mexico landmark, but it is also still in good functioning shape, screening films on a regular basis for patrons to enjoy, including classic films that film enthusiasts will like. If you enjoy Western movies, this is a must-see.


• Branigan Cultural Center : Things To Do In Las Cruces

1463170540 DSC 0048

Image Copyright :

If you want to learn more about the Las Cruces area, especially when it comes to the arts, the Branigan Cultural Center provides a little bit of everything.


The Branigan Cultural Center houses the Museum of Fine Art and Couture as well as the Las Cruces Historical Museum, as well as local art such as sculptures, pictures, regional textiles, and historical mementos.


If you happen to be in the vicinity, this eccentric collection is well worth a look.


So this was our list of some of the Best Things To Do In Las Cruces NM, I hope you found it a bit useful for you.

Best Things To Do In Fort Smith Arkansas

Fort Smith, Arkansas’ second largest city after Little Rock, has a population of nearly 90,000 people. The city, which sits on the banks of the Arkansas River, has a history that dates back to the frontier era, when a number of Native American tribes lived in the area.


Arkansas, known for its natural beauty, was once a French territory known as New France, and was part of what would later become the state of Louisiana. For amateur historians interested in learning more about the Civil War, the city is especially exciting.


Whether you’re searching for a fast road trip or a pleasant weekend break, this lovely city could be the answer. There are numerous parks and beautifully decorated spots to meander through during the day or explore at night. For history buffs and art collectors, this city is a must-see. There’s so much to see and do in this area: learn about the local history, traditions, and culture, and admire the architectural marvels.


Best Things To Do In Fort Smith Arkansas


• Downtown Splash Pad

Downtown Splash Pad

Image Source: Hotwire

Because Fort Smith has so many historical buildings, it may not be a big hit with kids, so if you want to reward them with a day in the sun, take them to the Downtown Splash Pad.


The park, which is free and located in the city’s West End, has ten splash fountains with a variety of kid-friendly elements.


It’s a terrific spot to cool off in the summer, when Arkansas’ weather can be oppressively hot and humid. You’ll admire the brilliant LED lights that spotlight the swirling water if you arrive after the sun has set.


• Fort Smith Trolley Museum

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source:

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum, located on South 4th Street downtown, is within walking distance of the convention center, making it a convenient spot to visit if you have a few spare hours.


Even if the museum isn’t open, you’ll be able to go around and admire the ancient trolleys on display.


They’re amazing peeks into past ways of public transit. Recent visitors have mentioned that there are several friendly cats who reside on site and are cared for by employees who are especially fond of children.


• Rivervalley Artisan Market

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source: Time Out

Starting your Fort Smith excursion with a visit to the Rivervalley Artisan Market, which is free and open to the public, is a great way to meet some locals, see some fantastic locally made products, and have a nice time.


There are paintings, pottery, and jewelry among the arts and crafts on offer, as well as health and body goods and prepared cuisine.


It’s a terrific way to support the community because nearly everything is created locally by city people.


The market is open on the first, third, and last Saturdays of each month, although hours vary depending on the season, so check online before going.


• Fort Smith National Cemetery

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Image Source:

If you’re a history buff or just want to pay your respects to those buried here, the Fort Smith National Cemetery, located near the intersection of Garland Avenue and South 6th Street, is worth a visit.


The grounds are well-kept, and fresh wreaths and flowers are frequently placed on the graves, making it an especially moving location.


The cemetery is open to the public and is full with historic headstones, many of which date back to the Civil War era.


Many of the headstones are unnamed and are most likely those of soldiers slain in the bloody battle between nations.


• The Clayton House

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source: KCBX

The Clayton House on North 6th Street is one of the destinations you absolutely shouldn’t miss if you’re in town, whether you want to go on your own or join a guided tour.


Plan on spending about an hour to visit the historical exhibits and items on show; the ticket is reasonable, so it’s a good opportunity to gain a historical perspective of the area without going broke.


The Victorian-style residence was erected in the 1880s and was the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication at the time.


The little settlement was on the fringe of mostly uncharted Indian Territory at the time.


• Fort Smith National Historic Site

Fort Smith National Historic Site

Image Source:

Fort Smith, Arkansas, lay on the edge of the American frontier a century and a half ago, in a no-man’s-land between the civilized and uncivilized parts of the country.


The Fort Smith National Historic Site, located on Parker Avenue, is dedicated to preserving the area’s rich history and traditions.


The cost of admission is modest. Consider watching the orientation video before showing yourself around.


The site features a jail, gallows, and relics from an old courthouse where one of the area’s harshest judges once sat.


There’s also a nice strolling trail that leads down to the river.


• The Park at West End

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source:

Downtown Fort Smith is quaint and pleasant, and it’s a lovely area to stroll about in the afternoon or early evening.


The Park at West End is one of the area’s most popular attractions, complete with a Ferris wheel from the 1935 World’s Fair in San Diego.


There are historical displays such as train cars and an ancient bus, in addition to amusement rides.


There is no admission price, but each ride must be paid for separately, making it a fun and cost-effective way to spend the day.


The park is also recognized for its delectable cuisine.


• Fort Smith Museum of History

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source: NWT

The Fort Smith Museum of History, located on Rogers Avenue, has two floors of relics, antiques, and exhibitions from the city’s history.


An old piece of telephone exchange equipment from a time when telephones were rare luxuries, as well as vintage portraits, weaponry, and even an old fire engine, are on show.


One of the most popular displays in the museum is dedicated to the local men and women who served their country during WWII.


It’s a low-cost approach to get to know the city. Even the little ones will find plenty to keep them occupied and interested.


• Saint Scholastica Monastery

things to do in fort smith arkansas

Image Source: Ogallala Commons

The Franciscan nuns who oversee the Saint Scholastica Monastery may have the lovely structures open for visitors if you go at the correct time, but this isn’t always the case because it’s an active cloister.


Nonetheless, the tranquil surroundings are well worth a visit, and the building’s design is equally impressive.


The neighbourhood is well-kept and filled with birds, squirrels, and other local wildlife that are entertaining to children.


Inside, there’s a pond with a grotto, statues, and a gift store, but you’ll only be able to see everything if you’re there when it’s open.


• Elevate Trampoline Park

Elevate Trampoline Park

Image Source:

Kids adore trampolines, and Elevate Trampoline Park is the best location to take them if they’re in need of some fitness and excitement.


It features trampolines for people of all ages, and it’s a terrific spot to have birthday parties.


Though it appears to be all fun, jumping on trampolines is similar to getting a cardiovascular exercise, so you’ll be burning calories in addition to having a good time.


Before you go, check their website for hours of operation and cost.


• Fort Smith Farmer’s Market

sell my product hero

Image Source:

Farmer’s markets are, without a doubt, the ideal venues to meet intriguing and enthusiastic residents, learn about the area’s geography, and view a wide variety of unique and locally manufactured products that you won’t find anywhere else.


The Fort Smith Farmer’s Market is famous for its locally grown food, but it also sells honey, jams, sweets, and biscuits.


Of course, there’s plenty of steaming coffee and local arts and crafts, such as paintings, jewellery, and clothing.


The market is rapidly expanding as more sellers join the ranks; it’s a fantastic opportunity to support local businesses.


• Chaffee Barbershop Museum

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Image Source:

The Chaffee Barbershop Museum is a must-see sight in the area, dedicated to the brave men and women who have died cutting the hair of Fort Smith citizens throughout the years.


Okay, so that opening was a little dramatic, but the Chaffee Barbershop Museum is a fun and eccentric Fort Smith institution that demands at least a quick look.


It’s famed for being where Elvis Presley got his hair trimmed, and it also has a significant military background.


If you attend when the museum is open, you might even get to meet the institution’s enthusiastic curator.


• Fort Smith Regional Art Museum


Image Source: ArtGeek

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum is a great site to visit if you want to see a wide variety of professionally displayed art.


The museum’s mission is to promote community appreciation and education. They accomplish this through providing a variety of activities, cultural events, and a world-class collection of art.


The museum was founded in the 1950s and has been showcasing the work of local and regional artists ever since.


If you’re an art fan coming through town, this is a must-see. Check their website to see what other events they have planned for you while you’re in town.


• Massard Prairie Battlefield Park

Image Source:

The Massard Prairie Battlefield Park provides visitors with a fascinating glimpse into the region’s Civil War history.


It’s manned by enthusiastic and knowledgable docents, and it might just pique your curiosity enough for you to stop by the gift shop and pick up a book or two.


The battlefield itself is a historic landmark and the ultimate resting place for many of the soldiers who fought here, despite its location amid a sea of advancing neighbourhoods.


There is minimal parking, however depending on where you are staying, you may be able to walk to the site.


• Rolando’s Restaurant

fsm exterior 400x400

Image Source: Rolando’s Restaurant Twitter

The restaurant, which is named after the late Dominican musician Rolando “El Canario” Alarcon, will take your taste buds on a gourmet adventure like no other.


It’s in the heart of the city’s charming historic district. The restaurant is housed in a historic brick structure that goes back to the 1850s and has previously housed antique stores, pubs, and other enterprises.


Shrimp quesadillas, handmade tamales, Platos De Aventura, which includes enchiladas, quesadillas, tamales, taquitos, black beans and rice, and guacamole, and their homemade chilli are just a few of their diverse cuisine options.


• Fort Smith Coffee Co. : Things To Do In Fort Smith Arkansas

IMG 3388


Come in for a cup of tea or a latte. This elegant, family-owned coffee shop is a great location to stop for a cup of coffee, tea, or a baked good. Your journey will be made if you sip a cup of hot chocolate while observing the gorgeous city.


• Doe’s Eat Place : Things To Do In Fort Smith Arkansas

index 1

Image Source : Doe’s Eat Place FB Page

Doe’s Eat Place serves mouthwatering fresh-cut steaks, broiled & fried seafood, and delta hot tamales. These aren’t ordinary “doughnuts”; they’re fried doughnut-like rolls stuffed with a spicy, flavorful beef stuffing!


They’re served on an iron griddle with honey mustard sauce on the side, or you can add a slice of cheese to form a sandwich.


So this was our list of some of the best things to do in Fort Smith Arkansas, hope you found it a little useful.