20 Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu is a beach town in Los Angeles County, California. It’s known for its celebrity homes and surf culture. But did you know it has many things to offer? The top things to do in Malibu are surfing, shopping, hiking, biking, and food tasting!


With so much to do in this small town, you can enjoy all of these activities without having to leave the range. If you’re looking for something new to try while visiting Malibu, be sure to check out what’s on this list.


 20 Best Things To Do In Malibu


Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu has also been the go-to location for surfers since the 1960s. It’s home to some of the best surfing spots in California, many of them created by actor and surfer Peter “PT” Townend.


If you’re looking to surf, Malibu has a world-class spot for all levels of experience. Waves here are usually fast, hollow, and powerful. But if you’re not experienced at surfing, never fear! There are many places where beginners can take lessons.


Tide Pools is one of the best spots in Malibu for beginners to learn how to surf. Tide Pools is a popular beginner spot because it’s safe and easy to enter the water.



  • Shop for clothes you’ll love

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu is home to many clothing stores with lots of clothes for all types of people.


There are many great retailers that are worth checking out during your visit. One of the most popular stores in town is Tilly’s, which sells items for anyone looking to have a good time, including clothes, accessories, and shoes. They have something for everyone! And if you’re looking to find beach-ready styles at an affordable price, check out Urban Outfitters or Zumiez. There are tons of options for the stylish fashionista in your family.


If you’re looking for some less expensive finds but still want to bring back something cool from Malibu, check out Forever 21. They have clothing priced up to $10 that can be found in their brick-and-mortar store or on their website. Other popular stores include American Eagle Outfitters, H&M, and Sephora.


You deserve to treat yourself at least once during your trip to Malibu!


  • Hike up to the Lookout Point

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


One of the most popular activities in Malibu is hiking. There are a variety of trails, from easy to difficult, and many lead up to scenic lookouts.


To get an unbeatable view of the coastline and enjoy some fresh air, head on up to the Lookout Point. The trail begins at Zuma Beach and is about a mile long. Along your hike, you’ll come across views of private beach homes and Malibu’s dramatic cliffs. Be sure to stop by the lookout point for some great pictures!


You can also stop by Inspiration Point for a scenic view of town that features surfers, bikers, and hikers alike. This easy 1-mile hike is perfect for those looking for something more challenging or those who want to check out all Malibu has to offer!


  • Bike To The Top Of Rocky Peak

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Rocky Peak is a popular hiking destination, less than two miles from the Malibu Pier. To get to the top, you’ll need to bike up and then hike about a mile. The views from the top are breathtaking and well worth the ride!


If you’re looking for a more intense workout with an amazing payoff, consider biking up Rocky Peak. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take your bike off-road and head down Boney Mountain Road for some beautiful views of rolling hills and beaches.


  • Eat Your Way Around Town

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu is home to many delicious restaurants. If you’re looking for a great meal, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.


You won’t want to miss The Malibu Farm, which offers fresh ingredients and creative dishes. You can also try the organic eats at Rago’s or the indulgent treats at Sugarfish. Or, if you’re in the mood for Mexican food, head to Malibu Pasta Mexicana.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try something new by visiting one of these restaurants. No matter what your taste buds are craving, there’s a perfect place in Malibu waiting for you!


  • Visit The Getty Villa

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The Getty Villa is an educational facility and museum dedicated to ancient Greece, Rome, and other classical civilizations, located east of Malibu’s city borders.


The Getty Villa is nothing short of magnificent, with paintings dating back 7,000 years. It is, in fact, a replica of an ancient Roman country house that hosts performances, family events, lectures, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, and a variety of classical history materials.


Explore the villa’s wonderful exhibitions or attend an event if you have the opportunity. If you’ve worked up an appetite, stop by the café, kiosk, or tea room for some classic fare.


  • El Matador State Beach

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


El Matador Beach is located within the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach and is one of the must-see attractions in Malibu.


El Matador Beach is a beautiful seaside area ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing, with the added pleasure of cave exploration during low tide.


Prepare your cameras for El Matador’s distinctive rock formations and stunning arches. Remember to wait until low tide to visit the cave after swimming!

15 Best Beaches In Malibu For A Beach Day

  • Zuma Beach

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Zuma Beach is a 2-mile-long stretch of sand that runs alongside a large body of water. There are no residential buildings on its coastlines, unlike other beaches in the city.


Zuma Beach, one of Los Angeles County’s largest and most popular beaches, is frequently cited as one of Malibu’s top attractions. Its wide taupe sands and calm summer waves attract beachgoers who come to swim, scuba dive, surf, and fish.


The group will cherish all of the fun things to do in Malibu, California that Zuma Beach has in store for them. Kiteboarding, bodyboarding, bodysurfing, beach volleyball, and windsurfing are among the many beach activities available.


  • Escondido Falls

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The Escondido Falls are the highest in the Santa Monica Mountains, falling down a 150-foot multi-tiered cliff.


Escondido Falls is best visited in the early months of the year because it is weather dependent. To be rewarded with such a vista, an excursion across 4.2 miles of oak woods, riparian woodland, and coastal sage scrub is required.


Going on an outdoor adventure to Escondido Falls is one of the best things to do in Malibu. Hike the Winding Way and replenish your soul in the natural setting!


  • Malibu Bluffs Park

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu Bluffs Park is a six-acre community park with views of the Pacific Ocean.


The Malibu Bluffs Park, which is half wilderness and part park, provides families with multifunctional sports fields, a playground, pathways, picnic tables, a whale viewing station, and community activities in the centre of 83 acres of natural nature.


Malibu Bluffs Park is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature’s wealth and majesty. Hike the trails, listen to the distant waves, get a bite to eat in the wilderness, and instil in your children a passion of outdoor leisure.


  • Malibu Country Mart

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The Malibu Country Mart was established in 1975, nestled between the gorgeous mountains and the shimmering sea.


The Malibu Country Mart, located in the Civic Center of downtown Malibu, has a generic name that conceals its lavish countryside setting, premium boutiques, and al fresco dining experiences.


Shop ’til you drop and dine ’til you’re full while immersed in Malibu’s peaceful, laid-back atmosphere. If you’re bringing the kids, there’s a tiny playground set aside specifically for them.


  • Point Dume State Beach

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The huge, rough coastal environment of Point Dume State Beach is one of the most magnificent sights in Malibu.


Point Dume State Beach, with nearly a mile of shoreline and 34 acres of sand, is a hidden gem with views of the entire Santa Monica Bay and Catalina Island in the distance.


Despite its rocky terrain, Point Dume State Beach offers excellent swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and fishing opportunities. From December through April, whale watching is also popular.


  • Santa Monica Mountains

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Malibu has a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches and hiking trails.


The Santa Monica Mountains are a coastal mountain range that provides spectacular views over the city, as well as scenic hiking routes and lovely waterfalls.


The scenery of the environment is breathtaking, with sunlight beaming down the mountains and breathtaking views all around.


Take a trek to the top for the most breathtaking views over the city as far as the eye can see.


  • Adamson House

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The Adamson House, regarded as one of the top locations to visit in California, is a breathtaking architectural gem that overlooks the Malibu Lagoon State Beach.


It has an eccentric and unique but undeniably beautiful interior that was most likely designed with promotional intent. It is often referred to as the Taj Mahal of Tile.


The estate was built on 13,000 acres of beautiful property in 1929 by May Knight Rindge and Frederick Hastings Rindge, encompassing the city and terrain with Spanish residents.


The Rindges were business owners who ran a dairy farm before launching Malibu Potteries in 1926.


The pottery company created a vast selection of ceramic tiles with various motifs, all of which were elaborate and magnificent, and were inspired by other civilizations and muses.


The Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles City Hall, and even the Mayan Theater would all get some of these tiles.


  • Leo Carrillo State Park

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


It’s named for conservationist and actor Leo Carrillo, so you might recognise it. Carrillo is arguably most remembered for his role as Pancho in the film Cisco Kid.


He served on the California Beach and Parks Commission for an amazing 18 years, and was instrumental in the municipal purchase of San Simeon’s Heart Property.


This state park, which bears his name, is essentially a 1.5-mile stretch of coastline. Beachcombing, swimming, windsurfing, and surfing are just a few of the activities that are popular here.


Coastal caves, tide pools, backcountry routes, campgrounds, and even interpretive exhibits can all be found when exploring the length.


Leo Carrillo State Park is an excellent spot to bring your leashed dogs because it is a dog-friendly beach. A visit here to soak in the sun is one of the best things to do in Malibu, thanks to its relatively private position and tranquillity.


  • Malibu Pier

Best Beaches In Malibu
Malibu pier pacific ocean sunset on the Southern California coast.


You can’t go wrong with Malibu Pier, which is located close to the famed Surfrider Beach, if you’re a keen angler looking for the greatest holiday places.


It’s a fishing pier that stretches for 780 feet and is a must-see for any angler. It’s bright and cheery, and it’s a terrific place to sit or stand and watch the surfers do their thing.


This lovely area is full with well-spaced brackets where anglers can hang their reels or rods. Even if you aren’t interested in fishing, the pier is a lovely location to stroll and relax, especially if you arrive to watch the sunset.


Restaurants also allow you to dine by the beautiful California water.


  • Malibu Divers

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


Going to the sunshine state of California without diving at least once in its gorgeous blue waters is nearly crazy.


Malibu Divers can assist you with this!


This firm is the go-to for all kinds of diving classes, with programmes for people of all ability levels. So, if you’re searching for a place to buy your equipment and instruction, this is a great place to start!


In addition to offering equipment for the enjoyable activity of diving, the company also offers a variety of guided dive trips throughout the state’s islands and reefs.


Charters for father places can also be arranged, and most excursions include hotel, transportation, and food.


Rescue divers, free divers, and even youngsters can get training, so it’s a fun way to learn everything you need to know about the sport!


  • Solstice Canyon

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


The historical significance of Solstice Canyon, which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains, cannot be overstated.


A two-mile journey of moderate difficulty can get you right up to the best places, or a six-mile hike if you want more of a challenge.


Solstice Canyon is surrounded by tall, flowing waterfalls and is home to a stone dwelling “shell” that dates from 1865.


It was erected by a man named Matthew Keller and is said to be the oldest stone building still surviving in this California community.


It survived many wildfires before being consumed by the 2007 Corral Fire. Its bare-bones walls are one of Malibu’s most interesting sights.


Though the Solstice Canyon waterfalls can get crowded, they are incredibly magnificent and calming, and most visitors believe them to be well worth the trip.


  • Malibu Coastal Adventures

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


One of the most enjoyable things in this California city is a trip with Malibu Coastal Adventures.


The company specialises in customising aquatic activities for its customers, offering one-of-a-kind options for things to do in Malibu that are tailored to each party.


Bring your cameras, and prepare to have the time of your lives!


Malibu Coastal Adventures’ mission is to provide thrilling days that include activities such as fishing trips, surfing lessons, boat trips, scuba diving, paddleboarding instruction, coast cruises, and even whale viewing.


With U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain Dave Ogle and his licenced team in charge, you can rest assured that your safety will always be a top priority, and you’ll enjoy all of these unique experiences.


  • Malibu Seafood

Best Things To Do In Malibu.
Best Things To Do In Malibu.


What’s the purpose of visiting California if you don’t taste some of the local seafood?


If that’s what you want to do, Malibu Seafood is one of the best spots to go for this type of cuisine.


It has been open since 1972 and is owned by a variety of commercial fishermen.


It serves delectable and fresh seafood and fish, and it’s so popular that there’s usually a line!


This seafood restaurant, which is distinguished by a large, distinctive signboard along a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway, offers an ocean view as well as delectable cuisine.

The most popular dishes include fish and chips, clam chowder, ceviche, and fish tacos, as well as ice cream sandwiches.


The restaurant also functions as a fish market, with homemade coleslaw, fillets, and shellfish available for purchase, as well as a variety of cookbooks, spices, culinary utensils, and rubs.


Whatever brings you here, it’s worth taking a break on the three-tiered terrace outside, which overlooks the waves!




Malibu is the perfect spot for the active traveler. Whether you’re a surfer, a hiker, a cyclist, a shopper or a foodie, you’ll find an adventure to suit your tastes.


The city is also a popular film location and has been featured in everything from “Cheers” to “The Terminator.”


Exciting new developments are also coming to Malibu – including a surfing museum and a new Wyndham Hotel. So start planning your next vacation now!


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