Best Florida Beaches For Families (2021)

best beaches in florida for families

Best Florida Beaches For Families – Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” for a reason. The promise of plenty of sun and fun by the sea pulls countless people from across the continent and beyond to America’s favourite playground.   The same astute marketers could have simply chosen another, as appropriate moniker: “Beach State.” … Read more

Best Beaches In Key West Florida (2021)

best beaches in key west

Best Beaches In Key West Florida – Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, located on an island in the Florida Keys. The island city is well-known among tourists for its gorgeous natural and man-made beaches. The island of Key West is four miles long and one mile wide. Duval Street is … Read more

20+ Best Beaches In Florida

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Best Beaches In Florida – The smooth sand, mild weather, and vacation-mode vibe that pervades the coastal cities, make Florida’s beaches one of its top attractions.   It’s no surprise that Florida offers some of the best beaches in the world, with 1,197 miles of untouched beauty and a pristine coastline. The Sunshine State offers … Read more

12 Best South Lake Tahoe Beaches

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12 Best South Lake Tahoe Beaches — With nearly 70 miles of shoreline looping around its beautiful, ultra-blue waters, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States. Although the majority of the Tahoe shoreline is made up of jagged granite rocks and cliffs, the lake also offers a number of public beaches that are ideal for swimming, picnics, BBQs, or simply relaxing in the Sierra sun.


Some beaches charge parking fees, and the majority of them do not accept dogs. As a result, this Top 10 list should assist you in locating the greatest beaches for your summer activities.


Lake Tahoe is rich of natural treasures, from breathtaking snow-capped mountains to crystal-clear freshwater rivers. An assortment of beaches tucked away along the lake’s shoreline, concealed between dense pine woods and rugged hillsides, are among the attractions.


The Sierra Nevadas’ high peaks serve as a beautiful background for Lake Tahoe’s beaches. Most of the beaches feature beautiful picnic places in covered pine woods and provide stunning alpine vistas.


The main draws of Lake Tahoe beaches throughout the summer are sunbathing and water activities. Other activities include hiking and biking along routes that overlook the lake’s gorgeous shoreline, as well as camping in the lake’s campgrounds.


The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is ideal for water sports enthusiasts. There are 29 launching locations for kayaking and paddleboarding along the 72-mile circuit. Many of the nicest beaches on Lake Tahoe are within walking distance of these launching spots.



     Best South Lake Tahoe Beaches


1. Lester Beach : South Lake Tahoe Beaches

south lake tahoe beaches

The D.L. Bliss State Park on the West Shore is where Lester Beach is located. This lovely beach features a lagoon-style swimming area, running water facilities, and plenty of sand and sunshine.


Drive down Highway 89 to D.L. Bliss and through the park and campground to get to the beach. The beach has limited parking near the ocean at the bottom of the hill. It is permissible to launch kayaks, paddleboards, and small craft here.


Early in the day, the beach might become congested, so visitors should keep that in mind (before noon). By 11 a.m., the parking area is usually completely full, and people are no longer permitted to enter.


The beach is in a peaceful setting with breathtaking views. It’s a two-mile walk from the parking lot to get here.


Visitors should be aware that the shore edges a section of Lake Tahoe known as the “Rubicon Wall,” which has unusually deep waters and no permitted swimming area. Water sports like as paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing are popular here.


Lester Beach has a variety of amenities, including public restrooms, showers, and picnic tables. In the region, there are additional camping and fishing opportunities.


2. Sand Harbor Beach : South Lake Tahoe Beaches

south lake tahoe beaches

The 55-acre Sand Harbor is located on the east (Nevada) side of the lake. This area features everything you’d expect from one of the nicest beaches on the lake, including a visitor centre, picnic tables, trees and large stretches of sunny sand, swimming places (of course), and even a beach and cove dedicated to SCUBA divers.


A boat launch and tow truck parking are also available in the park. Each summer, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival takes place in Sand Harbor.


Sand Harbor State Park’s Main Beach, a half-mile stretch of sandy shoreline, attracts large crowds of sunbathers on hot days. Swimming, paddleboarding, water skiing, boating, and volleyball are just a few of the outdoor activities available to visitors.


The views of the lake’s eastern shoreline are breathtaking from this vantage point.


3. Kings Beach : South Lake Tahoe Beaches

south lake tahoe beaches

During the summer, visitors flock to Kings Beach in droves. There are enough recreational activities to appeal to everyone, making it a popular resort for families and groups of friends.


Swimming, fishing, boating, paddleboarding, and windsurfing are all available at Kings Beach State Recreation Area. A half-court basketball court and a children’s playground are also available.


The beach, with its large sandy beachfront and lots of space to lay out on beach towels or beneath a parasol, is the leisure area’s feature. Kings Beach is an excellent area to sunbathe in the summer because of the consistently warm weather and the south-facing beach.


Many snack shops and casual restaurants that serve to-go meals are located nearby. A shaded forest of Jeffrey pine trees shelters a picnic area. On a first-come, first-served basis, tables are available.


The community of Kings Beach has a lively vacation atmosphere. Summer visitors are catered to by a variety of stores, restaurants, sidewalk sellers, and motels.


4. Vikingsholm Beach : South Lake Tahoe Beaches

south lake tahoe beaches

This beach is technically part of Emerald Bay State Park, although it’s just in front of the Vikingsholm Castle at the bottom of the Vikingsholm Trail, which can be reached by Highway 89. Park in the Vikingsholm car park and walk one mile down to the water. The castle, Emerald Bay, Fannette Island, and its tea house can all be seen from this little beach.


Vikingsholm Beach, located on Lake Tahoe’s spectacular Emerald Bay, overlooks a stunning vacation residence built in 1929. Vikingsholm Castle is a magnificent example of Scandinavian construction, and guided visits are available during the summer (Memorial Day weekend through September).


The beach at Vikingsholm is well-suited to boats and swimming. Ramps make it simple to launch boats from the beach. Kayaks and paddleboards are available for rent, which adds to the convenience. A section of the beach (south of the pier) is dedicated solely to swimming.


Restrooms and picnic tables are available for use at Vikingsholm Beach. Vikingsholm Shore has a parking area off Highway 89, which is a one-mile trek from the beach. During peak season, the parking lot fills up quickly.


A steep route leads from the parking lot to Vikingsholm Beach. Visitors should keep in mind that getting to the beach is a difficult downhill trip, as well as getting back to the parking lot is a strenuous uphill journey. (The trail gains around 500 feet in elevation.) This beach is not advised for persons who have mobility concerns.


5. Kiva Beach : South Lake Tahoe Beaches

south lake tahoe beaches

Check out Kiva Beach, which is dog friendly, if you want to bring your best buddy to Lake Tahoe (near Baldwin Beach). Dogs are allowed to swim off-leash here, but must be leashed on the beach.


Another advantage of Kiva is that parking is completely free. There are no bathrooms (just portable toilets), however that means this beach is usually less crowded than others.


This little, scenic beach is located on National Forest Service land within the Tallac Historic Site. The sand and pebble shoreline spans for about 200 yards and is bordered by a grove of pine trees.


Protected fauna can be found in a nearby marsh zone. A coastal route leads to the Tallac Historic Site, with beautiful lake views along the way.


There is a free parking space at Kiva Beach, as well as a pleasant picnic spot with tables facing the lake. The public restrooms are temporary toilets, so there aren’t many options.


From Memorial Day weekend to the end of October, the beach is open.

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15 Best Lake Huron Beaches To Visit

lake huron beaches

15 Best Lake Huron Beaches— You might be wondering which Great Lake offers the greatest beaches while planning a day trip or vacation in Michigan.

lake huron beaches

To be honest, every Great Lake that passes through our state provides magnificent Michigan beaches and a lot of enjoyment. However, on the Sunrise Side, Lake Huron stretches from the Mackinac Bridge in the north to the St. Clair River’s mouth in the south.


Wide, sandy beaches and bright blue seas are synonymous with Lake Huron. In the freshwater surf, it’s ideal for swimming, splashing, and playing.

We’re confident that Lake Huron’s magnificent coast is a true natural Michigan gem, and we think you’ll agree once you’ve seen it for yourself.

lake huron beaches

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting Lake Huron Beaches.

One of the most amazing things about the United States of America is that it has practically every type of scenery imaginable.

From huge, arid deserts to snow-capped mountain ranges and everything in between, America has it all, as well as a diverse spectrum of geological features and natural wonders.

The country also boasts an incredibly extensive coastline with numerous gorgeous beaches to explore. However, coastal states aren’t the only ones with world-class beaches; several of the best beaches in the United States can be found inland, far from the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.


The consequence is a plethora of soft-sand beaches with turquoise waters, but we can’t possible include them all here.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 greatest Lake Huron beaches that you should check out.


15 Best Lake Huron Beaches


1. Providence Bay Beach

lake huron beaches

The beach at Providence Bay, located on the south shore of Manitoulin and overlooking Lake Huron, is said to be the nicest in Northern Ontario.


The bay was named Bebekodawangog by the early residents of the area, which means “where the beach curves around the sea.” After being shipwrecked offshore, survivors eventually made it to the beach and named the bay ‘Providence.’


Manitoulin Island is a tranquil and slow-paced destination with a plethora of gorgeous lakes, rivers, and hidden sandy beaches.


The excellent sandy beach at Providence Bay on the island’s south side is the largest. The shallow, crystal-clear water is ideal for families, and there’s a beachfront playground to keep the kids entertained.


On the wonderful boardwalk, don’t forget to take a stroll or see the sunset. Paddlers can explore the bay or travel up the Mindemoya River, which leads to the same-named lake.


Take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk or go salmon fishing in Lake Huron’s waters. Families will appreciate the children’s playground as well as the adult workout equipment, and everyone will appreciate the relaxed island environment.


The following are some of the beach amenities:

  • The Harbour Centre has a restaurant, a science centre, a history room, and restrooms (Seasonal)
  • The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible.
  • Mobi Mats (accessibility mats) are available in the playground and at the beach.
  • Please note that the mats cannot be submerged in water.
  • Adult workout equipment at Annie McNichol Playground
  • Changing Rooms/Washrooms in Public (seasonal)
  • Parking and the Picnic Area


2. Hilton Beach : Best Lake Huron Beaches

lake huron beaches

Hilton Beach is a small village of 200 people on St. Joseph Island in Northern Ontario, Canada.


Every summer, thousands of boaters and cottagers visit the Village, which has one of the largest and best-served marinas on the North Shore.


For nearly a century, Hilton Beach has been an important port of call and a famous tourist attraction on the northeast shore of St. Joseph Island, in the heart of the Great Lakes.


The Hilton Beach Marina is one of the largest in the North Channel, as well as one of the most beautiful in the Great Lakes. Every summer, this beach welcomes hundreds of boats from all over the world. It offers exceptional service in all areas of recreational boating.


There are three restaurants in the area that provide a variety of dining options. Accommodations, a grocery store, a library, a post office, and a variety of gift stores and other services are all available at Hilton Beach.


3. Killbear Provincial Park : Best Lake Huron Beaches

lake huron beaches

A beautiful park named Killbear Provincial Park lies close to the town of Nobel, in the Parry Sound of Ontario.


Killbear mixes sandy sea shores ordinary of the Great Lakes with the Canadian Shield’s stone edges and pines.


Georgian Bay is known for its polished granite coasts rather than its gently sand beaches, but this beautiful park near Parry Sound provides a rare opportunity to experience both.


Killbear Park tourists enjoy some of the best swimming in Georgian Bay, with a 2-kilometer main beach and a half-dozen smaller beaches backed by rocky headlands and windswept pines. Under the woods, camp with a beach view and get to the ocean as the sun rises.


In addition, there are a slew of little offshore islands that make for exciting paddling excursions.

lake huron beaches

The park’s extensive and diverse types of shoreline are ecologically significant. Different wetland, meadow, and coastline vegetation types emerge when water levels in the Great Lakes fluctuate over decades.


Natural shoreline ecosystems can be harmed by high levels of human activity; now, only limited portions of natural beach remain intact in this park.


Camping, swimming, boating, cycling, and fishing are all available at the park. The park’s proximity to southern Ontario makes it quite popular, especially during peak season, and despite its huge number of campsites, reservations are typically required.


The campgrounds are organised into campsites, each of which is centred on a particular amenity, such as a beach.


4. Starlite Beach : Best Lake Huron Beaches

lake huron beaches

On Lake Huron, near State Avenue, is Starlite Beach. This park features three huge children’s play structures, two children’s play spaces, public toilets, a pavilion, picnic area, beach, off-street parking, and a splash park, which was added in 2018!


A fantastic, huge, open beach with a large playground, barbecue pits, picnic tables, and restrooms. The beach overlooks Lake Huron, providing stunning views. Several restaurants and stores are within a few minutes’ walk.


Biking, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming are some of the activities that you can do on this beach.


5. Mich-e-Ke-Wis Park : Best Lake Huron Beaches

lake huron beaches

With its swimming beach, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, children’s play area, bike park, picnic area, open grass for kites or frisbee, and a large pavillion, Mich-E-Ke-Wis Park is a great spot to spend the day.


Biking, canoeing, freighter watching, kayaking, parking, picnicking, scenic viewing, and swimming are some of the best things to do here.


Despite its proximity to Starlite Beach, Mich-E-Ke-Wis Park offers a completely distinct experience. That’s why it’s one of our favourite beaches on Lake Huron. Sunbathing and swimming are popular activities on the sandy beach, and stand-up paddleboarding and canoeing are popular in the lake.


Volleyball courts, ball fields, playground equipment, horseshoe pits, and a BMX bike park are among the amenities available.

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