15 Best Hikes Near DC

best hikes near dc

While Washington, DC is a fantastic city to visit, there are also many hidden nature sights and interesting trails to visit in the surrounding area.


Fortunately, DC is close to some fantastic parks and hiking paths, many of which are even within the city limits! We had a hard time narrowing down this list because there are so many fantastic hiking opportunities near DC.


To assist you in planning your next outdoor excursion, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best hikes near DC, so you can get started.


If you enjoy nature as much as I do, or simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we’ll show you some fantastic places to go trekking, see gorgeous wildlife, and witness spectacular falls. Near DC, you’ll find the best summer hikes, uncrowded treks, and hikes with waterfalls.


You may take a weekend trip to spend more time exploring, breathing fresh air, and connecting with nature.


Hiking is beneficial for both the body and the soul, so get out there and explore some of the best hikes near DC.


  Best Hikes Near DC


1. Theodore Roosevelt Island

best hikes near dc

Theodore Roosevelt Island is located in the Potomac River in Washington, DC. With a 1.6-mile loop track for walkers of all levels, this small island provides a natural respite from the city.


This accessible trail features boardwalks over marsh regions, clean wooded forest roads, and an opportunity to escape Washington DC while remaining within its city borders.


Theodore Roosevelt Island is easily accessible by public transit because it is located in the heart of the city. A lovely footbridge across the river connects to the island from the main parking area. After arriving on the island, get on the route and enjoy this great, scenic DC trek.


The park was created by landscape architects and environmentalists who did an outstanding job transforming the neglected Masons Island into a serene haven. The forest they made from overgrown fields was supposed to resemble the natural forest that formerly existed there.


There are three paths in the park. Each route passes through a different type of ecosystem and is named after it. So you have the option of choosing between the Woods, the Marsh, or the Upland Trail. The Swamp Trail is the longest at 1.5 miles, although it’s a short walk because it’s partially boardwalk and partly pea gravel.


Because the island is located in the city, you will need to take a bus to get there. It is easily accessible by a bridge that spans the Potomac River on the Virginia side. Parking is available on the island or in a garage near the pedestrian entrance. Dogs must be on a leash. This is the best option for hiking especially if you are looking for the best hikes near DC.


2. Rock Creek Park

best hikes near dc

Rock Creek Park, one of Washington DC’s largest parks, is more of a network of routes through natural and historic attractions than a trail. When you get in the park, you may choose from a range of trails and walks, some easy and some more difficult, for a perfect day of exploring what is, in our opinion, one of the city’s most quiet green places.


Visit Valley Trail in Rock Creek Park for beautiful vistas and woodland paths. Don’t miss the Pierce Mill gristmill, the Rolling Meadow Footbridge, and Miller Cabin, all of which are historic sights inside the park. Try a rock scramble at Pulpit Rock if you’re looking for some high-intensity sports.


The Park features two main trails and several connecting paths, allowing you to design a circle that suits your fitness level and mood. It’s important to remember that signage isn’t always accurate, and it’s possible to get off track.


Keep an eye out for wildlife. Deer, foxes, and a variety of birds live in the park. Some of the roads are closed throughout the weekend to allow park visitors to cycle and inline skate. Your dogs are welcome to accompany you, but they must be kept on a leash. Along the road, there are plenty of parking sites.


Park’s Opening hours: Sunrise to sunset. The Park is closed on public holidays.

Entrance fee: Free of charge

Official Website: Click here to access the official website

3. National Arboretum

best hikes near dc

The National Arboretum is a lesser-known jewel of a park located within DC’s city borders that offers some of the best hiking in the city. The trails in this urban park are lovely and well-kept, ideal for hikers of all abilities or those who simply wish to go for a walk.


On one of the park’s numerous gardens and walks, you may learn about the various trees and plants that grow natively in the DC area. A tourist centre with extra information and events is also available throughout the year.


While the park is best renowned for its ancient Capitol columns, it also has a number of hiking paths that are worth exploring on foot. Starting at the Capitol columns and following the park’s paths into other parts and sections of the grounds will help you avoid the throng.


Our favourite place is the Asian Collections, which has wonderful sprawling trees and shady benches where you can sit and enjoy nature or perhaps try forest bathing.

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25 Fun Things To Do In Ontario CA

things to do in ontario ca

25 Fun Things To Do In Ontario CA–What comes to mind when you think about Southern California? Probably a mix of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other coastal towns brimming with Californians living life to the fullest and soaking up the sun.

Ontario is a delightful city, and there are activities for everybody. In this article, we will be imparting to you every one of the treats it has to bring to the table.


    Things To Do In Ontario CA


  •  Go To Glen Ivy Hot Springs

things to do in ontario ca

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is a short drive away, and it offers a lovely location as well as a top-notch spa experience.

The hot springs have been around for centuries, and the spa’s location was formerly a sacred spot.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is celebrating its 157th anniversary and has recently undergone extensive repairs and extensions.

The new saunas, which are crafted from either Aspen or Canadian Hemlock woods and offer a different sensation (try both! ), are not to be missed.


  •  Visit Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

things to do in ontario ca

The Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden is the largest botanic garden dedicated to California native species and is located approximately 15 minutes outside of town.

It’s a living museum, and you’ll enjoy learning about all of the animals that live there.

Seasonal plant displays, all of the plant collections, and even hands-on activities and classes are available.

You may time your visit to coincide with one of the horticultural or botany seminars, or come for a free bird walk on the first and third Saturdays of each month.


  •  Go To The Scandia Fun Center

things to do in ontariio ca

The Scandia Fun Center is a combination of an amusement park, mini-golf course, and arcade. What is the best option? You won’t have to worry about leaving your money behind!

This amusement park offers limitless licences for children starting at under $20 per person for a whole day of fun, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about!

things to do in ontario ca

The “haunted house,” which is not for the faint of heart, and the roller coasters for adrenaline addicts are two of the most popular attractions. For a more low-key activity, you can hit some balls in the batting cage, ride the go-karts, or travel back in time with the arcade games.


  •  Graber Olive House : Things To Do In Ontario CA

things to do in ontario ca

The Graber Olive House, which has been producing world-class tree-ripened olives since 1894, is a cultural and historical attraction in one, and is unquestionably one of the most popular locations to visit in Ontario, California.


The Graber Olive House, which consists of a handful of historic stores and a cannery, offers tours of its facilities, which are located in a peaceful and beautiful residential neighbourhood. Weekly tours are offered throughout the year, however the greatest time to view the olive grading process is in mid-October, and the best time to see the canning process is in November and December.


  •  Watch an Arena Show : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to do in ontario ca

The Citizens Business Bank Arena hosts a variety of events throughout the year, with something to suit everyone’s preferences.

Attend a concert or purchase tickets to an indoor football arena show (several upcoming performances include Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Skillet, Britt Nicole and more). Preseason basketball games and professional bull riders are also on display.

There’s something for everyone.


  •  Take A Flight : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to do in ontario ca

If you have an avgeek in your family, the Planes of Fame Air Museum is a local favourite for aviation history.

More than 150 aircraft are on display at the museum, with 50 of them still capable of flying today! There are World War II fighter planes on display, as well as a 1903 Wright Flyer.

You might even see an air show if you visit on the appropriate day.

Living History Flying Days are held almost every month of the year, and the Planes of Fame Airshow is held in May.


  •  Ice Skating : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to do in ontario ca

The Ontario Center Ice Arena in California’s Inland Empire is a spectacular family ice sports facility with a single NHL-sized ice rink that can be used for a variety of ice sports and events. This arena is home to a number of hockey teams and leagues. The rink is open to the general public for lessons and recreational skating.


What if you don’t have any equipment? It’s no problem! Figure and hockey skates are available for rent at the centre. A full-service shop is also provided where you may purchase your ice gear.


The local community participates in the center’s numerous programmes, such as introductory skate and hockey lessons. What better way to bring the family together than ice skating? That is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.


  •  K1 Speed Ontario : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to in ontario ca

At K1 Speed Ontario, get behind the wheel of a go-kart unlike any other.

You may enjoy real, true racing as you’ve never seen it before, with options for both rookie and experienced drivers.

This Ontario indoor racing facility provides all you need for a fantastic night out with the family. When you mix indoor go-kart racing with delectable food, you have a winning combination that your children will love.


You’ll be racing on a modern circuit in a state-of-the-art kart for a completely high-performance experience.

Races are only $20, and the track is open until the early hours of the morning on weekends, so you can go at any time!

  •  The Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to do in ontrio ca

Another family-friendly attraction is the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater. Each entrance ticket includes two back-to-back films, and the outdoor theatre has four screens, so eight different films are shown each night!


Going to the Mission Tiki Drive-In is like going back in time and watching movies in the comfort of your own car. Take off your shoes and relax!


Showtimes are available seven days a week and tickets start at $1 for kids and $9 for adults. Bring extra money for the snack bar, where you can acquire desserts, nachos, or buttery popcorn to enhance your movie experience. A night out with the family at the Mission Drive-In is guaranteed to be entertaining no matter the season!


  •  Go Hiking : Things To Do In Ontario CA

fun things to do in ontario ca

The North Etiwanda Preserve is the best site to go hiking in the area.

As you walk the 3.3-mile track, which takes approximately two hours and is quite straightforward, though there is some rough terrain, you will be surrounded by stunning Californian flora and fauna.


If you’re feeling brave, proceed north of the main route to Etiwanda Falls, which are approximately a mile and a half from the trailhead parking area.


The Falls are just outside the preserve’s boundaries, so you’ll have to cross some private property, but this isn’t always a bad thing.


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15 Best Oregon Hot Springs To Visit

oregon hot springs

15 Best Oregon Hot Springs — I immerse my painful, swollen body in the turquoise blue water. As I feel my muscles soften and relax, the steam from the pool coats my skin. I lean against the slick granite stones, peering up at the old-growth forest set against a bright June sky.

oregon hot springs

My most recent excursion to these Oregon hot springs was far from relaxing. Instead, I recall a rowdy group blasting music from their speakers and leaving cases of empty beer cans and fast food wrappers in their wake.


During a morning dip, I’m lucky enough to have the pool to myself. As the steamy air mixes with the cool river breeze, I am reminded of how relaxing and lovely Oregon’s hot springs can be when properly maintained.


In Oregon, there are two types of hot springs: public and private. The public springs are rustic in appearance, usually free (with the exception of parking passes), and mostly maintained by users or volunteers. When visiting public hot springs, stewardship, Leave No Trace practises, and polite use are essential.


Also, be aware that some public hot springs in Oregon do not require clothing. During your visit, you might notice a couple moons.


A variety of hot springs can be found throughout Oregon, strewn about in picturesque surroundings. These thermal attractions help define the attractiveness of the Pacific Northwest, from popular hot sites like Umpqua Hot Springs to more secluded soaking pools like Ritter.


A long list of Oregon hot springs provides lots of options for curious explorers. The optimal soaking location is determined by the type of hot springs experience desired. Hot springs like those at Hart Mountain National Elk Refuge offer more remote settings and colourful night skies, while popular options like Bagby Hot Springs draw larger crowds on weekends.

oregon hot springs

Other facilities are added to the mix by privately owned hot springs. Belknap and Breitenbush, for example, provide lodging and programmed programmes to promote multi-day visitation. Reservations are not required for primitive hot springs like Bigelow Hot Springs (or clothing).


Hot springs are sensitive landscapes all throughout the country. It’s critical to stay on established routes, minimise effect on soaking areas, and pack out all rubbish when visiting. While hot springing in Oregon is a family-friendly activity, expect to meet like-minded people while visiting popular hot springs on weekends and throughout the summer.


The rough, mountainous environment of Oregon is one of the state’s most distinguishing qualities. Those peaks, shaped in part by volcanic activity and intersecting fault lines, have contributed to the formation of one of the West’s most enticing — and elusive — attractions: hot springs.


Visitors and Oregonians alike may relax and rejuvenate in some of the state’s finest mineral-rich water, whether naturally created or piped into opulent private spas. Many claim that these waters have therapeutic effects for aching joints, bodies, and minds dating back to the region’s first Native tribes.


      15 Best Oregon Hot Springs


1. Alvord Hot Springs : Oregon Hot Springs

oregon hot springs

A visit to the Alvord Hot Springs in Oregon’s southeastern region would be incompleted without a relaxing bath. At roughly 170 degrees Fahrenheit, water emerges from the ground and mixes with colder water in two solitary concrete ponds.


You’ll find yourself in the magnificent scenery of Alvord Hot Springs if you cross over to the eastern base of the Steens Mountains. Although the water in these Oregon hot springs is 184 degrees, the hot springs have been designed to keep a temperature of 100-110 degrees. Expansive views, crisp desert air, and a rustic building with a wooden terrace for reclining are all features of the soaking pools.


The pools are located on Alvord Ranch’s private land, however they can be accessible for a modest day-use fee. A modest restroom and change space are located next to the visitors’ office.

oregon hot springs

For a cost, overnight parking and car camping are permitted at Alvord Ranch, or you can pitch your tent in South Steens Campground for a more quiet night’s sleep.


The campground, which is located in the middle of the Steens Mountains, offers 36 sites for $6 per night and has vault bathrooms and drinking water. On a first-come, first-served basis, sites are available.


The Davis family owns and operates the springs, which provide near-infinite views of Steens Mountain at the mouth of the namesake desert. A general shop provides basic essentials to day visitors as well as overnight campers and bunkhouse guests.


2. Umpqua Hot Springs : Oregon Hot Springs

oregon hot springs

The Umpqua Hot Springs are a prominent pair of hot springs that offer a beautiful soak all year. It has three cascading soaking pools, each of which gets hotter as you get higher up from the river. A tub covered by a rustic wooden building is also available at the hot spring.


At this day-use area, clothing is permissible, however parking at the trailhead requires a NW Forest Pass or comparable hangtag. The springs are reached through a short but steep quarter-mile hike from the parking area. At the trailhead, there is a vault toilet, and all users must carry out any rubbish they may acquire.

oregon hot springs

On weekends, expect more people to visit the hot springs. The Toketee Campground, which is only four miles away, is the closest place to pitch a tent for a few days. The hot spring is located near Crater Lake National Park and may be reached via dirt roads with some difficulty. In the winter, travel at a slower pace.


3. Bagby Hot Springs : Oregon Hot Springs

oregon hot springs

Bagby offers developed hot springs in an undeveloped landscape. Thanks to volunteer work and coordination with the US Forest Service, this popular bathing location now has three unique bathhouses with a variety of soaking opportunities. The five private stalls at Bagby, which include hand-carved cedar log tubs with hot water piped straight from the source, are among the most prized.


Six-foot-round community tubs under hand-built awnings are among the other soaking areas at Bagby. Because this is such a popular spot in the evenings and on weekends, visitors are asked to limit their soaking time while others wait for tubs.


To get to Bagby, you’ll need to drive over gravel and forest roads, thus comprehensive directions and a map are recommended. The 1.5-mile route that leads to the hot springs follows the Collawash River’s picturesque banks. The climb is well-graded and offers a delightful stroll through a lush woodland.


Because camping is not permitted near the hot springs, the Bagby Hot Springs Campground, which is adjacent to the trailhead, provides a place to stay the night. A $5 fee for using the hot springs is collected by an attendant at the trailhead or put in a pay box.


4. McCredie Hot Springs : Oregon Hot Springs

oregon hot springs

McCredie Hot Springs, once the site of an early twentieth-century resort, is now a simple roadside hot spring. The springs can be found on both sides of Salt Creek and offer a range of soaking locations. McCredie is an hour’s drive from Eugene and 12 miles from Salt Creek Falls, one of Oregon’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls.


The water temperature near the source of these clothing-optional and day-use only hot springs can reach 130 degrees (use caution when dipping in toes). A variety of soaking locations combine with the surrounding cold-running water to provide pleasant temperatures. It’s entertaining to tour the pools, which include cold-water dives in Salt Creek nearby.


The hot springs are a famous tourist attraction. There are nine parking spots and one RV pullout in the nearby parking area. When visiting, a single parking space is usually accessible. The most typical period for the springs to be full is on weekends.


5. Paulina Hot Springs : Oregon Hot Springs

oregon hot springs

Paulina Hot Springs is a beautiful lakeside soaking location located within the Deschutes National Forest and Newberry National Volcanic Monument (one of the top attractions near Bend).


A two-mile stroll along the shoreline of Paulina Lake leads to this remarkable hot spring. Part of the trail passes through rock outcroppings, affording spectacular views of the countryside. After the picturesque hike, visitors will find little soaking areas built out of the rocky shoreline.


The hot water seeping in from deep beneath is cooled by little waves from Paulina Lake. A view of the landscape, including the towering Paulina Peak, from any of the hand-dug soaking sites on the shore, contributes to the calming character of the hot springs.


The trailhead for Paulina Hot Springs lies at the end of one of Oregon’s top campgrounds, and overnight guests at Little Crater Campground have easy access to the water as well. During the summer, the hot springs are quite popular, although you can get a solo dip on weekdays and early mornings.

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