Bora Bora Surfing And Other Activities


Bora Bora Surfing Who said Heaven couldn’t exist on this planet? Bora Bora is a small island in the South Pacific, located just north of Tahiti. The green waters and sandy beaches of this island appear to contain all of the world’s beauty, making it a lovely location to visit.   Bora Bora is a … Read more

Kayak vs Canoe : Which One Is The Best

Kayak vs Canoe

Kayak vs Canoe While a canoe and a kayak may appear to be identical, they differ in a number of ways that make them best suited to various settings and uses. In other words, if a canoe is an all-purpose minivan or SUV, a kayak is a slick two-seater sports car. Take it for what … Read more

Are There Sharks In The Great Lakes?

Sharks In The Great Lakes

One question I’m always asked is that ” Are there sharks in the Great Lakes? ” This question continues coming up, and it has piqued our interest… So, once and for all, we’ll see if a shark can get to the Great Lakes and even survive in freshwater.   If you’ve never heard of the … Read more

15 Dog Friendly Beaches In Florida

Dog Friendly Beaches In Florida

15 Dog Friendly Beaches In Florida – Nobody wants to miss out on a vacation with their best friend. It’s even more difficult to leave behind a friend who is an adorable fluff ball with paws. Fortunately, Florida has a plethora of dog-friendly beaches to enjoy with your four-legged friends.   Whether you’re looking for … Read more

15 Best Parks In Seattle

Best Parks In Seattle

15 Best Parks In Seattle – The city parks of Seattle are a perfect blend of urban and natural design. Early designers planned for green space to be within a half-mile of every residence in Seattle. That objective may be genuine, given the abundance of pocket parks and bike routes. However, some parks stand out … Read more