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Kootenai Falls

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15 Best Waterfalls In Ohio

waterfalls in ohio

Waterfalls in Ohio are a sight to watch for the visitors. Many of you may not know that Ohio is home to one of the most beautiful and magnificent waterfalls in the world.

Apart from amazing Ohio waterfalls, this beautiful state has many other great places to visit, including designated wildlife areas, state nature preserves, and Ohio State Parks.



  The Best Time To Visit Waterfalls In Ohio


The best time to visit waterfalls in Ohio is definitely Spring, as it is a nice time to capture the cascading flow of waterfalls.

Winter is also a nice time to visit these superbly amazing waterfalls in Ohio because in winter these beautiful waterfalls display stunning view when the frigid Ohio weather turns them into stunning displays of ice formations.

You can find some of the best areas for hiking to the waterfalls in Southern Ohio and Hocking Hills region.

There are many waterfalls that you can find near the northeast, closer to Cleveland and near the Pennsylvania border. But you will not be able to find a good number of waterfalls near Toledo in northeast Ohio.

It does not matter where you set out to explore Ohio’s waterfalls, you will be so much impressed with the beauty of waterfalls in Ohio that will make you think that such hidden beauty is tucked away in the natural landscape of this midwestern state.


   15 Best Waterfalls in Ohio

1. Paine Falls

waterfalls in ohio

So, number first on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Paine Falls.

Located in Paine Falls Park near the city of Painesville, in the northeast Ohio, this two-tiered unique waterfall is a treat to watch for the eyes.

There’s not much walking involved in Paine Falls, it’s very much accessible. You can easily see it because of having conveniences like restrooms that allows you to visit this Ohio waterfall even in afternoon.

You can have a very good family vacation here in Paine Falls. A pair of benches available there will help you to sit for a while and listen to the relaxing echoing sound through the air.

ADDRESS : 5570 Paine Road, Painesville, OH


2. Cedar Falls

waterfalls in ohio


Number second on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Cedar Falls.

Located within Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio, the magnificent Cedar Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ohio State. In entire Hocking Hills Region, the 50-feet Cedar Falls is the largest in terms of water volume.

The trail that leads to falls is about half a mile long, and it takes the trail, leading to the falls, approximately 30 minutes to hike. With majestic forest views this trail is fun to hike on.

Best Time To Visit Cedar Falls

The best time of the year to visit Cedar Falls is spring, because in spring the falls is in its full flow. In summer, the falls is not rushing or sometimes it completely dries up if there’s no rainfall.

The Cedar Falls’ grounds are surrounded by large, lush hemlocks which were mistakenly taken as cedar trees by the early settlers.

The falls are landscaped by towering, moss-covered cliffs and the path contains some jagged rocks.

The hike is fairly easy, but use caution, because it’s nature, and you must be careful about that.

And yes you can also bring the kids as well as your four-footed friends – they will love it!


ADDRESS: Hocking Hills State Park, 19852 State Route 664 S, Logan, Ohio.


3. Amphitheater Falls.

waterfalls in ohio

Number third on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Amphitheater Falls.

The one guarantee that accompanies a spot like John Bryan State Park and the secured untamed life space of Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve is the submersion into Mother Nature’s immaculate showcase of water.

The Gorge Trail in the state park prompts the shocking Amphitheater Waterfall, which is as delightful frozen in the colder time of year and flowing water in the late spring.

The path entrance is situated close to Yellow Springs in western Ohio.

As you proceed with the Gorge Trail into the state nature safeguard, you can see the surging waters in the lofty and tight limestone gorge. There are a few posts over the chasm where you can stand and pay attention to the water’s power.

Plan some additional opportunity to hike the path and get lunch at the Clifton Mill situated in the little town of Clifton, which you can access from the edge preliminary running along the highest point of the Clifton Gorge.


4. Big Lyons Falls

waterfalls in ohio

Number 4th on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Big Lyons Falls.

On the off chance that you head for Mohican State Park, you can partake in a two-mile hike which takes in two cascades – Big Lyons and Little Lyons.

The hike is a circle, and despite the fact that it is hard to get a decent photo of Clear Fork Gorge and the 80-foot Big Lyons Falls, you can stroll behind it in a recessed cavern.

The crevasse is 300-feet down and more than 1,000 feet wide, so the picture you will see is generally great, regardless of whether a photo doesn’t do it equity.

The volume of water is restricted other than after weighty downpours, however you will partake in the setting.


5. Horseshoe Falls

waterfalls in ohio

Number 5th on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Horseshoe Falls.

An outing to see Horseshoe Falls will have the advantage of a pleasant hike in Caesar Creek State Park.

The recreation center is situated in southwestern Ohio close to the town of Wilmington.

The Horseshoe Falls cascade is situated on a 1.8-mile circle inside the recreation center, which is genuinely simple to explore on a level, unpaved way. You can discover the trailhead in the Wellman Area within Caesar Creek park.

While Horseshoe falls in not a major cascade, it is quite possibly the most lovely in the state, partially as a result of its encompassing scene and natural life that you are probably going to see while you are here.

The cascade drops into the river underneath and is a peaceful spot to sit and partake in a cookout.

Before you head back to the parking garage make sure to go for a stroll across the 109-foot-long Caesar Creek Swinging Bridge that traverses the stream.


6. Hayden Run Falls

waterfalls in ohio

Number 6th on our list of waterfalls in Ohio is Hayden Run Falls.


While the greater part of Ohio’s top cascades are situated in forested regions and parks, Hayden Run Falls is in metropolitan advancement in Central Ohio.

The cascade is situated close to a bustling street close to the Columbus suburb of Dublin.

The minuscule two sections of land that encompass Hayden Run Falls is a decent spot for an excursion, a post-lunch walk, or simply some an ideal opportunity for isolation. There are outdoor tables in the recreation center.

The actual cascade has a 35-foot drop and is particularly energizing to see after a hefty precipitation.

During different seasons, the cascade is a lot more modest, however its confined area actually makes it ideal to appreciate.

You can see the tumbles from the footpath or neglect above, or you can stroll down to the lower part of the falls. The landscape to get to the cascade is genuinely simple to explore.

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