Best Things To Do In Rio Rancho NM

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Things To Do In Rio Rancho NM

Rio Rancho has it all, whether you’re travelling with the family and require a kid-friendly excursion or just want to unwind at the spa. Rio Rancho is the ideal place for a day trip from Albuquerque or Santa Fe, or for a longer excursion, because it allows you to get up up and personal with the Land of Enchantment.


Rio Rancho is the place to go this year, with so many colourful festivals, arts and museums, and thrilling outdoor activities! We’ve produced a list of the finest locations to visit in New Mexico to immerse yourself in the fiery culture.


You’ll be astonished to learn that Rio Rancho has so many gorgeous spots to visit. Warm days, cold evenings, unforgettable sunsets, and night lights in the New Mexico desert will make your journey a dream come true.


Rio Rancho has something for everyone, from exciting activities to romantic nightlife.


Things To Do In Rio Rancho NM


• A Park Above

things to do in rio rancho

Image Source: Consensus Planning

A Park Above, named “Best City Park” by Albuquerque The Magazine, attracts thousands of people each year with a variety of entertaining activities for all ages. A Park Above is genuinely extraordinary, with features that are appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about whether or not your youngster will be able to keep up!


Your youngster will enjoy an afternoon at A Park Above, which has handicapped-accessible restrooms, musical instruments, a basketball court, water splash area, labyrinth, special equipment, wheelchair swings, and hills, tunnels, and slides. Check the park’s website for special activities, such as movies, plays, and educational programmes, before you go.


• Pure Radiance Skin

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Pure Radiance Skin Care Spa is a great place to unwind during your Rio Rancho trip. When you visit Pure Radiance Skin, which offers everything from beauty treatments to deep massage therapy, you’ll get the vacation you deserve. You can select how long you want to relax at the spa and what kind of treatment you want, with sessions ranging from 20 minutes to two hours.


Pure Radiance Skin Care Spa can have you feeling like a new person in no time, whether you desire a face massage, a full-body massage, or permanent cosmetics.


• J&R Vintage Autos

things to do in rio rancho

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Gab and Evonna Joiner have been displaying their life’s work at J&R Vintage Autos since 1995. J&R Old Autos is a must-see for anyone who enjoys vehicles, vintage artefacts, or simply museums.


Gab and Evonna’s collection of restored antique automobiles has grown to about 70 cars on display, from when it was merely a location to keep them. There’s something for everyone in the massive collection, which includes anything from a 1912 Buick to a 1969 Mercury Cougar.


Along with the exhibition automobiles, there will be auto-related items on display, as well as some cars for sale. While Gab and Evonna’s museum is already amazing, you may see Gab working on a “new” antique car in his restoration shop during your visit.


Before you leave, make sure to visit the bookstore, which features motor-related literature, die-cast toys, and porcelain signs that depict the evolution of automobiles and racetracks.


• Painted Soul Pottery

things to do in rio rancho

Image Source: Yelp

Painted Soul Pottery is a great place to get in touch with your creative side. Painted Soul Pottery is a welcoming environment where anybody may learn, participate, and express themselves via a variety of creative styles.


Begin by selecting a piece from the extensive ceramics collection. With figurines, money banks, bowls, mugs, plates, platters, and more, the options for creating a lasting and practical work of art are nearly unlimited.


The possibilities, however, do not end there. With over 120 paints and glazes to choose from, Painted Soul Pottery allows you to personalise your work of art with a one-of-a-kind design. Painted Soul Pottery will glaze and fire your item when you’ve finished painting it, and it will be available in around 10 days.


You won’t have to worry about the kids at Painted Soul Pottery because the paint is non-toxic, and after the fire process, all of your art will be food safe. If you won’t be able to fire your work while in Rio Rancho, a range of acrylic paints and stains are available, allowing you to take your ceramic pieces home the same day.


• Paseo del Bosque Trail

Paseo del Bosque Trail

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Explore the Land of Enchantment on the Paseo del Bosque Trail during your vacation. The trail’s namesake, the Bosque underbrush that lines Rio Rancho’s wilderness, can be found out in the wild. Enjoy the fresh breeze coming off the Rio Grande while keeping an eye out for native birds and creatures.


The Paseo del Bosque Trail is ideal for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and more. It allows you to explore New Mexico at your own pace. The best thing is that you are welcome to bring your dog!


• Coronado Historic Site

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Image Source Albuquerque Journal

Visit the historic spot where Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, his soldiers, and allies first set foot in the Rio Grande Valley.


Coronado and his troops relied on the native inhabitants of this tribe and 11 others to survive during their search for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold, formerly known as the Kuaua Pueblo.


Of course, instead of finding the wealth, he “discovered” a dozen towns populated by Indian farmers. Coronado and his soldiers would have starved to death if it hadn’t been for the Tiwa people’s support (willing or reluctant).


The native people abandoned the site owing to conflict with Coronado and subsequent settlers, and descendants of the Kuaua people today dwell in the Tiwa-speaking settlements of Taos, Picuris, Sandia, and Isleta.


The remains of the Kuaua Pueblo, a square kiva in the community’s south plaza that housed numerous layers of mural paintings, may still be seen today.


The painted kiva was reconstructed with one of the murals replicated for guests’ delight, and 14 samples of original art are on exhibit in the Visitor’s Center.


You can also enjoy ramada-covered picnic tables, breathtaking Rio Grande and Sandia Mountain views, and, of course, the history and beauty of Northern New Mexico during your visit to the Coronado Historic Site.


• Water Paddling Adventures 61e8d846322bf

Image Source: iStock

This best place for outdoor adventure in Rio Grande River provides an experience for the audience. Coronado provides rafting, floating, and pedalling for any level of calm water, from the course of the courses or bosque courses. Bring your water shoes, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you. This adventure lasts between 2 and 5 hours.


• Rio Rancho Aquatic Center


Image Source: Cobb County Government

If you need to cool off during the summer, this Aquatic Center is ideal. This centre offers tourists internal and water fitness and zoom, aqua therapy, lap swimming, and open swimming.


• Tinkertown Museum : Things To Do In Rio Rancho

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Image Source: Visit Albuquerque

Tinkertown Museum is featured at Culture and Animation. In the 1960s, the museum started with wooden statistics made of juice ward. Tinkart Down Museum is now a 22-room museum. Tourists will see an unfinished Western town full of hand-engraved wooden statistics, glass bottles, waggon wheels, and other ecological memorials.


• Willow Creek Trail : Things To Do In Rio Rancho

Willow Creek Canyon

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Willow Creek Trail is a road that runs through 3.1 acres of beautiful New Mexico land. Because the road connects to multiple paths, hikers can walk alongside the small, easy path. Willow Creek has a handicap-accessible parking lot and a trail.


• 505 Pinball : Things To Do In Rio Rancho

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Image Source Albuquerque Journal

In 2013, 505 Pinball opened its doors. Guests can enjoy an arcade full of pinball machines and other retro arcade games at this fantastic location. The entry fees are lower here, but guests will be able to play all of the games.


So this was our list of some of the best things to do in Rio Rancho NM, I hope you guys found some of your choice.

Best Things To Do In Billings Montana

Things To Do In billings Moantana

Best Things To Do In Billings Montana

Billings, Montana’s largest city, is located on the banks of the Yellowstone River in south-central Montana and has a population of over 100,000 people. Billings, however, is renowned as Montana’s Trailhead and is surrounded by Big Sky landscapes and public places that appeal to hiking, mountain biking, and easy access to nature. The Rimrocks, a group of spectacular sandstone cliffs that surround the city, provide a stunning background.


Billings is a popular destination in the region not just because of the rough and wild environment, but also because of the plethora of things to do. Billings’ attractions do a good job of capturing the western culture and wide-open landscapes of the American West.


Popular downtown visitor attractions include Western Art museums and historic theatres, in addition to several sidewalk patios and local stores. Downtown is also the site of major community events like as parades, art walks, and a weekly “Alive After 5” concert series that runs throughout the summer.


In Billings, history still reverberates through the streets, especially at the nationally accredited Western Heritage Center and the artifact-filled Yellowstone County Museum.


The Moss Mansion, built in 1903 and located on the southwest edge of downtown, is one of the best-preserved examples of early building in Billings. The surrounding caves at Pictograph Caves State Park are covered with artwork dating back over 2,000 years, providing a considerably richer historical perspective.


Things To Do In Billings Montana


• Moss Mansion

Things To Do In billings Montana

Image Source: Alamy

The Moss Mansion was built for industrialist Preston Boyd Moss and his family in 1903 and is currently on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s now a symbol of Billings’ early history and progress, with the interior and many of the home’s original furnishings and decorations beautifully preserved.


Throughout the year, self-guided and docent-led tours of the mansion are available. Tours are only accessible by appointment during the winter. The museum also offers many events throughout the year, such as the SpringFest artists fair and Haunted Moss in the fall. A complete schedule of events can be seen on the official website.


• The Rimrocks

Things To Do In billings Montana

Image Source: Planetware

The Rimrocks are a geological feature that distinguishes Billings. This long sandstone cliff wall that stretches along the northern edge of town is a popular place for sightseeing, sunset viewing, and in-city relaxation.


These picturesque “rimrocks,” deposited by an ancient inland sea and gently carved by the Yellowstone River over millions of years, provide a dramatic backdrop. There are numerous trailheads and parking spots to explore these remarkable city emblems.


Zimmerman Park, on the northwest edge of town, is a favourite after-work hangout, providing an easy route to get a view of the Rimrocks. Zimmerman Park is a popular spot for mountain biking and trail running, in addition to casual observation. Climbers are drawn to the area by the bolted climbing routes.


More Rimrock trails can be found further east in Swords Park and Phipps Park. On clear days, tourists may see the whole Yellowstone Valley, including the Beartooth Mountains, from atop these northern Rimrocks.


The newly extended trail system at the Four Dances Special Recreation Management Area on the east side of Billings provides more cliffside views of the Yellowstone River. Four Dances provides interpretive information about the area and is arguably the best place in Billings to catch a blazing sunset. It is primarily operated by the Bureau of Land Management and is only open to foot traffic.


At all Rimrock locations, visitors should be aware that rattlesnakes share the space with trail users.


• ZooMontana


Image Source: The Billings Gazette

ZooMontana is a one-of-a-kind facility that is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. ZooMontana isn’t your standard zoo, as it only has natural habitats and creatures that are acclimated to the area. Grizzly bears, grey wolves, and great horned owls are among the animals that live there.


Many of the animals at ZooMontana were deemed unfit for the wild and were given a second chance at life at this zoo. When it comes to animal care, the facility’s philosophy emphasises quality over quantity. Natural barriers such as ravines and cliffs, rather than cages and artificial walls, contribute to ZooMontana’s animal environment feel.


ZooMontana is a popular destination for family trips due to its affordable admission fee. Families especially enjoy ZooMontana’s unique programmes and activities, such as hosted birthday parties and holiday celebrations such as Boo at the Zoo in October.


• Pictograph Cave State Park

Pictograph Cave State Park

Image Source: Rock A Little Travel

A picturesque five-mile journey southeast of Billings leads to this interesting state park. It’s one of Montana’s best state parks, with 23 acres and three caves full with archaeological wonders. Pictograph, Middle, and Ghost Caves in the park have yielded over 30,000 objects, including a large collection of over 100 cave paintings (some over 2,000 years old).


The park’s three caves are connected by a less-than-a-mile interpretive route, and while much of the remaining cave art is accessible with the naked eye, visitors are recommended to bring binoculars to get a closer view of the pictographs. At the cave’s entrance, there are plaques and other educational resources to assist visitors better grasp what they’re viewing. There are also restrooms and a picnic area at this location.


• Yellowstone Art Museum

1530037065 art

Image Source: FrightFind

The Yellowstone Art Museum (YAM) in Billings’ downtown section focuses on artwork from the northern Rocky Mountain and Northern Plains regions. YAM includes periodically rotating shows selected by local artists, with a permanent collection of over 7,300 works.


YAM offers a variety of methods for visitors to entertain themselves, including a self-guided tour of the site. The museum also offers a variety of educational programmes for children and adults, including activities for children and adult education workshops. The museum hosts live music and extended nighttime hours every First Friday of the month. Yoga at the Yam, an annual Art Auction, and YAM Free Days are all held at the museum throughout the year.


YAM urges visitors to check out the open-to-the-public Visible Vault, which houses everything that isn’t on exhibit, in addition to the colourful and eye-catching corridors of the main museum.


• DanWalt Gardens

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One of Billings’ best-kept secrets is DanWalt Gardens. It’s located on the city’s southeast edge and offers magnificent gardens open to the public. Between April and October, the gardens proudly display a collection of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees, as well as attractive statues and hardscaping, with something new always in bloom.


DanWalt Gardens is a great spot for a peaceful moment during the day. With reservable space, it’s also popular for larger gatherings and photoshoots. Anyone with a camera is welcome to visit the gardens, but professional photographers with equipment must plan shoots ahead of time.


• Riverfront Park

riverfront park

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Riverfront Park, located on the banks of the Yellowstone River, offers a calm reprieve from the rush and bustle of the adjacent city. Riverfront Park is a popular spot for family get-togethers and fast lunch breaks in nature, with reservable picnic shelters, hiking paths, and plenty of parking.


Lake Josephine is the focal point of the park, with horseshoe pits and sand volleyball courts bordering the shoreline. Because of its close proximity to the river, the park is also a popular site for boating and fishing.


Two Moon Park, operated by Yellowstone County Parks and located further upstream on the Yellowstone River, is another popular public space.


Dehler Park is another famous sports-themed public place near downtown. It has a multi-use stadium that is heavily used during baseball season in the summer.


• Western Heritage Center


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The Yellowstone River Valley and Northern High Plains stories and history are carefully preserved at the Western Heritage Center. This nationally accredited museum has a collection of about 35,000 objects. Guided tours are offered, although guests are encouraged to explore the exhibits on their own.


The current museum is housed in the former Billings Library, which was built in 1901. It has a variety of exhibits that change on a regular basis, ranging from indigenous cultural relics to animal and biology studies. A High Noon Lecture Series and historic walking tours are among the museum’s many community initiatives.


The Western Heritage Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, with fewer hours available during the winter months. Members receive free admission, while others pay $5.


• Lake Elmo State Park


Image Source:

This state park is focused around the shoreline of Lake Elmo and spans approximately 120 acres on the north side of Billings, within city boundaries. Hiking the 1.2-mile route around the lake and fishing from Roger’s Pier, which juts out into the water, are both popular activities at this state park.


The lake is surrounded by playground equipment, a swimming beach, and picnic tables. A 200-acre off-leash dog park on the west banks is popular with pet owners. Boating is another popular activity at the park, which allows only non-motorized boats.


• Downtown Billings

Things To Do In billings Montana

Things To Do In Billings Montana

The downtown core of Billings continues to expand as a cultural heart of the Greater Yellowstone region, with sidewalk patio dinners and distinctive local retail choices. The Yellowstone Art Museum and the Western Heritage Center, as well as performing venues like the historic and freshly rebuilt Alberta Bair Theater, are all located downtown.


There are other additional locations across downtown that host live music and comedy acts, as well as book readings. In the summer, a live music soundtrack is supplied by the weekly Alive After 5 street fair celebration.


Several more city-wide trademark events are held in downtown Billings. Downtown, which hosts a lively St. Patrick’s Day Parade, also celebrates the fall season with an annual HarvestFest, which includes the summer’s Farmers Market finale. Every other month, ArtWalk Downtown takes place on the last Friday.


The historic zone surrounding Montana Avenue is the location to go for the heart of downtown and the biggest evening activities.


• Yellowstone County Museum

Things To Do In billings Montana

Image Source:

The Yellowstone County Museum, located near the Billings Logan International Airport, provides additional insight into the region’s history. This renowned museum features approximately 5,000 square feet of exhibit space and relics, including pioneer waggons, rare guns, and other early Montana items.


The museum’s Ghost Dance exhibit displays clothing, instruments, and relics from the region’s Indigenous civilizations. Rooms dedicated to sidesaddles, Montana prehistory, and Plains Indian art are among the other popular permanent exhibitions. The museum also has a rotating display schedule, so there’s always something fresh to view.


The museum is located directly across the street from Billings Logan International Airport, and guests enter the facility as if they were driving to the airport. Parking is free, and entrance is also free, however donations are gratefully accepted. The Yellowstone County Museum is open Monday through Saturday, with the exception of holidays and January.


• Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area

Things To Do In Billings Montana

Things To Do In Billings Montana

Billings’ proximity to famous Montana vistas is a key draw. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which is about a two-hour drive away, has one of the state’s largest landscapes.


The majestic canyon walls encircling the 70-mile Bighorn Lake, which traverses state lines between Montana and Wyoming, provide a beautiful vista. Boating, hiking, and photography are all popular activities here. Fort Smith, Montana, has visitor resources, including campgrounds, while Lovell, Wyoming, lies further south.


• Yellowstone National Park

Things To Do In Billings Montana

Things To Do In Billings Montana

A four-hour trip from Billings will take you to the world-renowned Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone was designated as the country’s first national park because of its hydrothermal features, which include fumaroles, hot springs, and geysers.


Yellowstone’s top hiking paths are a great spot to start your exploration of the two-million-acre park. During the winter, other popular activities include fly fishing and cross-country skiing.


The Beartooth Highway is a National Scenic Byway that leads from Billings to Yellowstone National Park. The route takes tourists to the park’s northeast entrance. The byway starts at Red Lodge, a small mountain village, and runs for 68 miles to the park.


The Beartooth Highway is available periodically during the summer months, and it’s a journey not to be taken lightly. Along the way, spectacular views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains emerge, especially as cars ascend the 10,947-foot Beartooth Pass. During the winter, the picturesque lane is a popular snowmobile path.


So this was our list of some of the fun and best things to do in Billings Montana, I hope you found some of your interest.

Best Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Hobbs, New Mexico has plenty of fun things to do all year. Every season is a great time to try something new! Explore new museums, visit a casino (if you’re feeling lucky! ), or dine at one of the best restaurants in town! Whether you’ve lived in Hobbs your entire life, moved here recently, or are just passing through, you’ll find something fun for the whole family in our town!


Hobbs may not be as well-known as other American cities, but don’t be fooled. Hobbs is a modest, but lovely, up-and-coming tourist location worth visiting. Some of the interesting things to do and places to visit at this secret getaway will astound you.


 Things To Do In Hobbs NM


• Lea County Center for the Arts

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source

Hobbs is home to the Lea County Center for the Arts, which is located at 122 West Broadway Street in the city’s downtown.


This arts centre not only hosts live music and dance performances, but also art shows and children’s art classes.


The Lea County Center for the Arts, a non-profit organisation, brings together all stakeholders in New Mexico’s art community under one roof.


During your visit to this arts centre, you can purchase amazing art pieces created by local artists from its gift shop.


These items include pieces from the Southern New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail, the region’s only one of its kind.


This extensive Arts Trail promotes arts-based tourism as well as the works of New Mexico’s rural artists.


• Western Heritage Museum and Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source

This Hobbs cultural repository is located at 1 Thunderbird Circle on the campus of New Mexico Junior College.


The museum, which opened in January 2006, is known to visitors as the home of “Hobbspitality” and “Where oil, water, and cowboys DO mix!”


Its 26,000-square-foot structure houses artefacts from the historic Llano Estacado region.


This region, which includes eastern New Mexico and northwestern Texas, is known for having some of North America’s largest tablelands or mesas.


The museum aspires to be a regional leader in the preservation and exhibition of materials documenting Southeast New Mexico and West Texas’ Cowboy and Ranching Heritage.


To that end, the museum annually bestows its Cowboy Hall of Fame awards on Lea County residents who have excelled in rodeo or ranching.


• Hobbs Community Playhouse

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source

The Hobbs Community Playhouse, located at 1700 North Grimes Street, hosts seasonal live performances.


In 2021, this community theatre celebrated its 84th anniversary, propelled by the ongoing dynamism of performers and producers under the auspices of the Community Players of Hobbs.


This tireless organisation, founded in the 1930s, hosts a Youth Performing Arts Workshop for students ages 9 to 18.


This project, as well as other similar endeavours of the Hobbs Community Players, enabled the Hobbs Community Playhouse to stage a variety of live plays each year.


These include comedy, drama, musical performances, and children’s shows, as well as seasonal specials such as a Haunted House during Halloween.


• University of the Southwest


Image Source The Princeton Review

Visit the University of the Southwest at 6610 Lovington Highway to learn more about the varied history of Hobbs’ Southwest region.

The Thelma A. Webber Southwest Heritage Room can be found at this private Christian university.


This museum houses an interesting collection of artefacts and rare books about prehistoric Indians and frontier life in the Southwest.


A glimpse into the past that the pioneers of the Southwest had to contend with could be enthralling for history buffs.


For example, in the early 18th century, the Comanche Indian tribe expanded into the Southwest and held it until their defeat in a fierce battle in the late 19th century.


• Zia Park Casino and Racetrack

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source Zia Park Casino

Bring Lady Luck along on your trip to Hobbs, and see if she’ll join you at the gaming tables of Zia Park Casino, located at 3901 West Millen Drive.


You can play electronic table games, video poker machines, or one of the casino’s 750 slot machines here.


Members of the casino’s free players club can receive offers for a chance to win in one of the casino’s promotional games.


You may also visit the casino’s dual racetrack and bet on live or simulcast racing across the United States.


It’s also simple to transition from gaming to music, dancing, and dining at Zia Park, which has the greatest local DJs and live bands, as well as three high-end restaurants.


• Ocotillo Park Golf Course

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source

Hobbs’ public golf course, Rockwind Community Links, located at 5001 Jack Gomez Boulevard off the Lovington Highway, is a popular destination for golfers.


It has a 27-hole layout that was named one of Golf Digest’s Top 10 New Golf Courses in 2015 and was later named one of GolfWeek’s Best Courses in 2017 and 2020.


If you play here, you can choose between the 18-hole championship course and Rockwind’s Lil’ Rock 9-hole par-three configuration.


In Rockwind, you may also work on your long and short game strokes and swings in a variety of practise venues.


This property also has a five-acre lake, as well as an open green space for special events, a walking track, many outdoor dining places, and picnic areas.


• Green Meadow Lake

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source Albuquerque Journal

Despite being landlocked, Hobbs has some excellent fishing at Meadow Lake, which is located off North Lovington Highway just north of Magnolia Drive.


Where there are patches of pavement near the water, you can conveniently fish straight along the lakeside.


Anglers’ treasures such Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass are kept in the lake’s waters, which cover 11 acres.


The city’s Green Meadow Park is in charge of the lakeshore’s tree-lined stretch, which is perfect for a family outing.


Pavilions, a BBQ grill, picnic tables, a playground, and restrooms are among the park’s amenities.


• Harry McAdams State Park


Image Source BookYourSite

Visiting Hobbs in an RV is perfect since you may camp at the Harry McAdams State Park at 5300 Jack Gomez Boulevard for very low rental rates.


All 15 of the park’s sites have full hookups, and tent camping is permitted. This park is maintained by the city, and campers can enjoy the lush vistas of grass and trees in the region.


Hiking the walk around the surrounding links of the Ocotillo Park Golf Course is also an option for campers.


Local fauna such as jackrabbits and roadrunners can make walks in this area more interesting.


Near this campsite, there are also some fishing chances.


• SSA Hobbs HQ

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source

Soaring in engineless gliders is becoming more popular in the United States, thanks to the Soaring Society of America (SSA), based in Hobbs.


If you go to the SSA facility at 5425 Jack Gomez Boulevard, you’re likely to notice some gliders parked on the expansive grounds.


The SSA has been at the forefront of promoting soaring or gliding as a sport and conducting technology research and development for flight training and safety since 1932.


The SSA also hosts conventions, sponsors and supervises soaring competitions, and checks member badge claims.


If learning to fly is on your bucket list, stop by the SSA HQ during your Hobbs visit and ask about the organization’s learn-to-fly programmes.


• Cattle Baron


Image Source TripAdvisor

Break up the routine of fast-food dining with a delectable dinner at the Cattle Baron in Hobbs, located at 1931 Grimes Street.


Diners usually give this restaurant five stars, citing cleanliness, decent service, and cuisine served quickly and in sufficient quantity.


Cattle Baron’s menu has a lot to offer, starting with its signature steaks and seafood chef masterpieces.


Cattle Baron is a New Mexico-based restaurant business that first opened in Portales, just north of Hobbs, in 1976.


Cattle Baron Restaurants also has locations in Las Cruces, Roswell, and Ruidoso, New Mexico, as well as Lubbock, Midland, and El Paso, Texas.


• Aquatics Space of CORE :

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source Athletic Business

The Hobbs Center of Recreational Excellence (CORE) is located at 4827 North Lovington Highway.


SPLASH, an aquatics recreational place with two 40-foot tall water slides, is one of CORE’s services.


The water amenities at this centre include interactive play activities for children as well as many leisure options for adults, including a huge spa and a lazy river with challenging currents.


CORE also offers instructional sports programmes, such as swimming lessons for children, in addition to its recreational activities.


Adults can also get instruction in a variety of activities like basketball, indoor soccer, flag football, and racquetball at the centre.


• Veterans Memorial Complex :

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

Image Source Farmington NM

Hobbs has a variety of sporting events, with the city trying for attracting major leagues to its Veterans Memorial Complex at 2501 East Sanger Street.


There are 13 sports fields in this facility, including a young football/soccer pitch and 12 baseball/softball grounds.


All of these fields were adopted as the home arenas of the local youth baseball and softball teams, and the city paid $5.2 million to build 12 acres of artificial grass in all of them.


The centre has already hosted significant youth baseball and softball events with up to 70 teams in attendance.


The Veterans Memorial Complex is now an all-weather sports attraction, so expect more of these events in the future.


• Dine at Turner Street’s Restaurant Row :

Things To Do In Hobbs NM

pexels flo dahm 541216

The restaurant row along North Turner Street, beginning at its intersection with North Grimes Street, can accommodate the entire eating experience in Hobbs.


Maria Bonita Mexican Grill, known for its traditional Mexican home cooking, is one of the restaurants in this North Turner neighbourhood that receives excellent reviews.


The Pizza Hut franchise Wing Street, which serves great boneless wings and excellent service, is another star-earner in North Turner.


Rancher Steak House & Buffet, located at 2022 North Turner Street, offers excellent home cuisine and pleasant service.


Buffet Time at 1801 North Turner Street has an amazing Chinese food choices with a festive vibe even on regular days.


Carnivals, located at 1937 North Turner Street, has a Sno-Cone Stand with shaved ice to satisfy your sweet need.


• Lea County Seat Lovington : Things To Do In Hobbs NM

31161305683 05cabb4f4c b

Image Source Flickr

A visit to Hobbs might be enhanced by a side drive to Lovington, the county seat of Lea County.


The Lea County Museum is located at 103 Love Street in Lovington, about 20 miles north of Hobbs.


This museum houses a variety of exhibits and collections related to Lea County and the Southwest region as a whole.


While in Lovington, stop at Chaparral Park, located at 1001 South Commercial Street, for some leisure.


A lake, basketball and volleyball courts, an amphitheatre, a jogging trail, and an RV camp are all available in this park.




Hobbs is better known throughout the United States as a major role in the Southwest’s vast oil industry.


Nonetheless, it has more than enough attractions to solidify its position as a significant vacation destination.


If you want to discover more of New Mexico’s hidden gems, keep Hobbs in mind.


So this was our list of the Best Things To Do In Hobbs NM, hope you liked it.

Best Things To Do In Roswell NM

downtown roswell credit benjamingalland scaled

Roswell is a small town in southeastern New Mexico most known for the 1947 “Roswell Incident,” a rumoured UFO crash that some believe was covered up by the military. The municipality, as well as numerous local businesses, capitalise on the UFO theme by plastering bizarre alien imagery on storefronts and lampposts. However, there is more to learn about the small town’s past.


Roswell, which was founded in 1870, presently features five museums including UFO exhibits, weaponry displays, antiques, and antiquities. There are also a number of outdoor attractions nearby, including state parks and a variety of activities. With this list of the top attractions in Roswell, New Mexico, you can learn more about the greatest locations to visit.


Things To Do In Roswell NM


• International UFO Museum and Research Center

Things To Do In Roswell NM

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Few could have predicted that the International UFO Museum and Research Center, which opened in 1992, would become such a popular tourist destination for UFO enthusiasts around the world.


The museum’s organisation is one of its most powerful features. The museum encourages visitors to question, doubt, investigate, and learn on their own, with no attempt to persuade them otherwise.


The museum’s exhibits and information are not confined to the “Roswell Incident,” with material on reported abductions, crop circles, and the famed Blue Book also available.


Take one of the many Roswell UFO tours given by various companies in the area if you want a unique sightseeing experience. These excursions often visit notorious places like Building 84 at the Roswell Army Air Field, where many think the remnants of the crashing UFO and its passengers once lay.


• Roswell Museum and Art Center

Things To Do In Roswell NM

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The Roswell Museum and Art Center houses a fine collection of sculptures, antiquities, prints, paintings, and photographs that focus on the history and art traditions of the American Southwest.


The museum’s collection includes works by early modernists, the Taos and Santa Fe art colonies, Native American art, WPA art, and Spanish colonial works. It was founded by the New Deal Work Projects Administration (WPA).


The museum also houses fascinating historical collections, such as relics and exhibits about the history of the American West, as well as a large section dedicated to Dr. Robert Goddard’s work on liquid-propelled rockets.


The 120-seat Robert H Goddard Planetarium is located in the Roswell Museum and Art Center’s adjacent wing. The Planetarium hosts celestial displays and multimedia programmes, as well as UFO exhibits and children’s scientific programmes.


• Bottomless Lakes State Park

Things To Do In Roswell NM

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Bottomless Lakes is a state park made up of a collection of nine small and very deep lakes located along the Pecos River about 15 miles southeast of Roswell. The lakes are actually old caves that have collapsed, carved out of limestone by the river and aquifer. Cenotes are the technical name for underground leaks that feed them.


Summers in New Mexico are hot, and the lakes are a great spot to go for a swim and a picnic on a hot day. Fishing, non-motorized boating, SCUBA diving, a 3.3-mile mountain biking route, and significant bird-watching opportunities are among the other activities available in the park. A decent campground with a combination of 42 serviced and unserviced sites is also available at the park.


• Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Things To Do In Roswell NM

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The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art displays the work of participants in the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program, which began in 1967, with more than 200 pieces of art displayed in nine galleries.


The museum’s collection, which includes pictures, drawings, prints, paintings, and sculpture, is wide and eclectic, with over 500 pieces. It’s a fantastic way to understand how contemporary art has changed over the previous 45 years.


In a total of 22,000 square feet of exhibition space, works of art in various mediums are displayed in 12 galleries.


• Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Things To Do In Roswell NM

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One of New Mexico’s most distinctive and rare ecosystems can be found just outside of Roswell. The Pecos River, the Chihuahua desert, and the shortgrass prairie all come together to produce a year-round supply of water that attracts a wide variety of species.


The Bitter Lake area is home to more than 350 different species of birds, which attracts birders from all over the country and the world. The refuge is home to more than 100 species of dragonflies and damselflies, which are referred to as odonates.


Away from Bitter Lake, the geography is intriguing, with sinkholes, sand dunes, plateaus, and marshy sections. There are also 59 animal species, 20 waterfowl species, and 24 distinct fish species to be found throughout the refuge. Keep an eye out for one of the 50 reptile and amphibian species that can be seen sunning themselves on a log or rock.


One of the three walking trails or one of the two longer hiking trails is the best way to see the area. The majority of the paths depart from the main visitor center’s magnificent eight-mile-long Wildlife Drive.


• General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum

General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum

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The General Douglas L. McBride Museum houses exhibits on military history and the history of the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), as well as the NMMI Hall of Fame, which honours the school’s most distinguished graduates.


Examples of weaponry, uniforms, insignia, decorations, and other historic relics, as well as exhibitions that further clarify pertinent issues, are included in the collections. The museum is free to the public and is located in Luna Hall on the NMMI campus.


• Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico

Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico

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This institution is housed in the century-old mansion of Mr. and Mrs. James Phelps White, one of southwestern New Mexico’s most influential families. The home has been fully restored and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s one of Roswell’s best museums, and it provides a fascinating glimpse into life on the southern prairies in the past.


A valuable collection of historical documents, including 11,000 images, is housed in a new building right next door to the museum.


• Spring River Park and Zoo : Things To Do In Roswell NM


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The Spring River Park is a 34-acre park with numerous habitats, a children’s zoo, a miniature railroad, an antique wooden horse carousel, and a trail system with natural species. Visitors can learn about the Pecos River system, local species, and the southern Great Plains ecology, which includes prairie dogs and burrowing owls, on the Capitan Trail.


Lemurs, miniature horses, and pygmy goats are among the creatures at the children’s zoo, which also has a ranch section with miniature horses and Texas Longhorn cattle, as well as South American llamas grazing around the perimeter.


• Roswell Historic District : Things To Do In Roswell NM

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A free walking tour brochure is available from the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico, which takes tourists past some of the city’s most notable historic residences. Hipped Box, Queen Anne, Tudor, Colonial Revival, Italianate, Mission Revival, and Spanish Pueblo Revival are among the architectural styles represented among Roswell’s oldest homes.


The Gothic revival First Presbyterian Church is one of Roswell’s aesthetically notable public structures. The green tiled dome and tile floors, huge entry doors, and elaborate plasterwork distinguish the Neoclassical Chaves County Courthouse on Main Street, which opened in 1911. The New Mexico Military Institute, created in Military Gothic style with crenellated parapets and ornamental brick motifs, is also an attractive site.


• Walker Aviation Museum : Things To Do In Roswell NM

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The Walker Aviation Museum, located in a wing of the Roswell International Airport, is a great place to visit while waiting for a flight or on your way to your hotel.


The museum’s displays focus on Walker Air Force Base’s service as a Cold War-era branch of the Strategic Air Command from 1945 to 1955, when the base was active. The museum, despite its small size, is jam-packed with interesting items and information.


Model military aircraft, a flying jacket, and a variety of WWII-era armaments, including Japanese rifles and bayonets, as well as German and Russian weapons, are among the collections.


Other displays include uniforms, movies, and documents, as well as flying and communications equipment. There are also exhibits about daily life at the Roswell Air Base, including cinema ticket stubs and other memorabilia from the 1940s and 1950s.


• Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV

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A massive mound field of quartz particles is perfect for all-terrain bicycles, mountain carts, and sand railways at the Mescalero Sands North Dune Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), a 600-acre hill. Cottonwood trees that flourish in arid climates can also be seen in the area.


The Cottonwood site provides access to the southern portion of the hills, while the Bowl parking area, which contains the “Bowl,” a huge depression surrounded by hills, provides access to the northern part. Picnic tables, grills, and shelters, as well as the lounge, are available in both the Bowl and Cottonwood parking areas.


Water, on the other hand, is not available. Off-highway vehicle use, motorcycling and picnics, and RV camping in the north, central, and south parking lots are all options in this area.


• Roswell Community Little Theater


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The Rosewell community uses drama to entertain the Little Theater and the broader public, producing, encouraging, and inspiring interest in live theatre. Furthermore, it offers both adolescents and adults a range of possibilities to participate in all parts of theatre.


The Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sherlock Holmes, The Final Adventure, and The Mystery of Irma Vap are among the theater’s productions.


In addition, the Roswell Community Little Theater hosts a variety of educational and youth seminars for the community. Other sorts of theater-based entertainment are organised here, such as Mystery and Dinner Theater.


• Roswell Symphony Orchestra and Pearson Auditorium

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For the residents of Roswell and southeastern New Mexico, the Roswell Symphony Orchestra (RSO) presents an annual concert season. The best orchestral literature as well as music education programmes for children and young adults are among them.


The Rosewell Symphony Orchestra, now in its 55th season, offers a season with a special subscription concert series of five classical concerts given at the gorgeous Pearson Auditorium, as well as a variety of free presentations for elementary students from Rosewell, Dexter, and Hagerman. Labor Day concerts are held at Spring River Park and Zoo.

The Rosewell Symphony Orchestra performs at Pearson Auditorium, which also holds a variety of other events throughout the year. These include theatre performances, concerts, special lecturers, and dance recitations, as well as speakers and presentations at the annual UFO. Every year in July, the festival takes place.


So this was  our list of the Best Things To Do In Roswell NM, hope you guys found it useful.

Best Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CA

Poway, often referred to as “the city in the country,” provides visitors with the best of both worlds, with big-city amenities and wide open green spaces.


The city, which is located in San Diego County, has a population of 50,000 people and is only a half-hour drive from downtown San Diego.


Fishing and hiking are popular activities in Poway, and there are numerous parks, restaurants, and shopping centres, including Poway Plaza Shopping Center, Poway Promenade, and Creekside Plaza.


Poway hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, including the Poway Americana Festival and the Poway Winter Festival.


Things To Do In Poway CA


• Maderas Golf Club

Things To Do In Poway CA

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Maderas Golf Club is widely regarded as one of the best golf courses in the region for a variety of reasons. For starters, this 18-hole, par-72 course is expertly designed to include a variety of hazards and challenges while remaining accessible to golfers of all skill levels.


Second, the course’s setting in the hills outside of Poway features breathtaking scenery. This includes cliffs, creeks, forest areas, waterfalls, lakes, and wide-open spaces teeming with plant life.


There are golf club rentals and lessons available, as well as a driving range and putting green on-site. The Grille is the golf club’s upscale restaurant that serves a wide range of food and beverages.


• Iron Mountain Hiking

Iron Mountain Trailhead Sign

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Iron Mountain is located just outside of Poway and has a popular hiking trail that is ideal for when the weather is pleasant.


This trail is just over five miles long and can be steep and difficult in places. As you make your way to the mountain’s summit, you’ll see oak trees, wildflower fields, and other natural features.


Before heading back down, there’s a bench at the top where you can rest and take in the breathtaking views of the greater San Diego area.


• Museum of Creation and Earth History

Things To Do In Poway CA

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The Museum of Creation and Earth History in nearby Santee is unique in that it offers visitors a fascinating timeline of the earth’s creation that incorporates both scientific and biblical evidence.


As you walk through the exhibits, you’ll be able to see all of the evidence displayed in chronological order. Among the exhibits are a full-size tabernacle, a human anatomy display, and a dinosaur garden.


• Old Poway Park

Things To Do In Poway CA

21LivingCAPoway slide 94CZ mobileMasterAt3x

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Old Poway Park is one of the city’s most popular community parks, with plenty to see and do. If you’re looking for a place to have a picnic or simply relax on a warm, sunny day, this park has plenty of open green space for you to do so.


If you prefer a more active day, the park has a network of hiking trails and a farmers’ market once a week.


The Poway Midland Railroad is a full-size, narrow-gauge railroad and antique cable car that provides a fun ride around the park for park visitors.


• PowPAC Community Theater

Things To Do In Poway CA

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PowPAC Community Theatre is a multi-award winning venue dedicated to providing high-quality entertainment to Poway residents and visitors.


This intimate 71-seat theatre has been hosting a wide variety of theatrical performances, including dramas, musicals, comedies, and children’s favourites, since the early 1980s.


• Potato Chip Rock : Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CA

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You’ve probably seen pictures of potato chip rock. Because it’s a popular location for unique photos, the iconic rock can be found all over the internet and on travellers’ social media accounts.


The rock is located at the summit of Mount Woodson, and getting there requires an eight-mile hike along a difficult but well-maintained trail.


Hikers will reach Potato Chip Rock in Poway, about 30 minutes north of San Diego. There are several ways to get to Potato Chip Rock. This route has the best scenery as well as the most facilities and restrooms.


Other options will be provided by the guide.

If you enter “Mt. Woodson Trailhead” or “Potato Chip Rock Trailhead” into the GPS, it will direct you to one of the other trails.


• Blue Sky Ecological Reserve : Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CA

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A pristine wilderness area to escape for the day is only a short distance into the hills above the city.


Blue Sky Ecological Reserve is a large canyon filled with natural wonders. A network of hiking trails runs through the area, and as you explore it, you’ll see a variety of habitats and plant and animal life.


Some of the natural features you’ll see along the way include oak trees, eucalyptus groves, chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and wildflowers.


One of these lovely trails follows the creek that runs through the canyon. Guided hikes are available on occasion, and knowledgeable guides provide information on the area’s native plants and animals.


• Poway Farmers’ Market : Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CA

The Poway Farmers’ Market offers a pedestrian-friendly shopping experience where you can purchase a variety of high-quality, locally sourced items.


The fresh, local fruits and vegetables taken directly from farms in the region are the most popular. Some of this produce is certified organic.


Other items available from the more than 60 vendors include flowers, tea, coffee, homemade pasta, dips, sweet treats, and homemade baked goods.


You’ll also find a variety of hot, freshly prepared meals, including ethnic dishes, crepes, fish tacos, and other regional favourites. The sound of music from a live band adds a festive ambiance to your outing as you browse the market.


• Poway Historical Society

Things To Do In Poway CA

Image Source The San Diego Union-Tribune

The Poway Heritage Society manages two properties in Old Poway Park that showcase much of the city’s history: the Heritage Museum and the Nelson House.


Many exhibits inside the Heritage Museum depict various aspects of the city’s history, such as agriculture, growth and development, and people and places.


The Nelson House is a replica of a pioneer home. The current structure was built in the early 1900s. An Independent Order of Good Templars Hall and a Blacksmith shop are also on-site.


• Uptown Jungle Fun Park

Things To Do In Poway CA

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The Uptown Jungle Fun Park is a popular attraction in the Poway area. This indoor amusement centre in nearby Santee has a variety of fun attractions for kids of all ages.


Some of the amusements on-site include an obstacle course and a variety of trampolines, climbing walls, slides, and play structures.


Kids have a great time making new friends and getting some exercise, while parents relax in the Adult Lounge, which has free internet access.


• Oasis Camel Dairy

Things To Do In Poway CA

Image Source TripAdvisor

The Oasis Camel Dairy is located on the side of a highway near Ramona, about a half-hour drive from Poway.


The dairy is open to the public, but it’s best to book a tour ahead of time to make the most of your visit. During one of these tours, you’ll learn about how the dairy works, how the products are made, and even get to meet the camels that make it all possible.


Following your tour, you can purchase some of the products made on-site, such as soaps, lotions, and chocolate.


• Wildlife Research Institute : Things To Do In Poway CA

Things To Do In Poway CAThings To Do In Poway CA

Image Source Wildlife Research Institute

The Oasis Camel Dairy is located on the side of a highway near Ramona, about a half-hour drive from Poway.


The dairy is open to the public, but it’s best to book a tour ahead of time to make the most of your visit. During one of these tours, you’ll learn about how the dairy works, how the products are made, and even get to meet the camels that make it all possible.


Following your tour, you can purchase some of the products made on-site, such as soaps, lotions, and chocolate.


• La Jolla Kayak Cave Tour

Things To Do In Poway CA

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Last but not the least in our list the Best Things To Do In Poway CA is La Jolla Kayak Cave Tour.  One of our most popular activities is kayaking through the Ecological Reserve and along the La Jolla Sea Caves.


Before your La Jolla kayaking tour, check in at our storefront and be fitted for a helmet and a personal floatation device (PFD).


After meeting your guide, you will walk together to the boat launch area (1-2 blocks). Our staff will greet you and pair you with a paddle.


Your tour guide will give you a 10- to 15-minute paddle lesson to get you ready for ocean manoeuvring.


So this was our list of the Best Things To Do In Poway CA, hope you guys enjoyed reading.