Best Time To Visit Maldives – We all know that Maldives is famous for it’s beautiful crystal clear water, amazing luxury resorts with water villas. Everybody in the world wants to visit Maldives at least once in a lifetime.


The Maldives, a tropical paradise a little further away than Hawaii, provides soft, white sands, sparkling blue oceans, and a wonderful location to unplug and genuinely unwind while soaking in the sun.


With so many resorts providing island buyouts and travel companies offering more reasonable airfare, you might be able to secure one of those charming ocean-adjacent bungalows in the Maldives. It’s no surprise that the islands have grown in popularity in recent years.

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Here is the best time to visit Maldives, especially if you want to enjoy fantastic weather, fewer crowds, or make the most of your next trip to the island country.



Because the Maldives is warm and sunny for most of the year, it’s difficult to pick a season that’s “better” than others. Although the winter and summer seasons differ slightly, the primary thing to consider when arranging a trip is deciding between the wet and dry seasons, rather than fall, winter, summer, or spring.


    The Best Time To Visit Maldives


  • November to April would be the best time to visit Maldives. During this time the island is pleasant and sunny all year, with a dry and rainy season.


Best Months To Visit Maldives


  • December To March

best time to visit maldives

High season is between December and March and that’s where prices will soar. So if you are looking to travel Maldives in a low budget, it would not be good for you to travel in these months.


  •  May to October

best time to visit maldives

Rainy season is from May to October. This is the worst season to travel Maldives . Because of these rains you will not be able to travel anywhere outside and will be in your hotel room all the day.


The wet season lasts from May to October and is so named because certain islands might receive up to nine inches of rain in a single month.


While afternoon thunderstorms are usually a guarantee, it’s not uncommon to have several days of uninterrupted sunshine. Just be prepared to adjust your plans if the weather interferes.


As a result, the wet season also implies that there are less people around.


  • November to April

best time to visit maldives

November to April is the best time to visit Maldives. There will be no crowds in that time which automatically makes prices go down in Maldives.


The dry season lasts from November to April, with average temperatures in the upper 80s, making it ideal for days spent resting on a beach. This is known as the “dry” season since average rainfall is often at its lowest during this time period, especially from January to March.


Because of the warmer weather, crowding can be a concern, especially if you plan on taking tours of Malé, the Maldivian capital, or participating in water activities.


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    Maldives On A Budget

best time to visit maldives

    Best Time To Visit Maldives


Yes, even a trip to the Maldives is feasible. According to, the cheapest flight is available between May and October, when attendance is smaller. Package discounts are more likely to be available during this period.


Hotels and resorts are also less expensive at this period, especially in more basic accommodations, but even over-the-water villas and bungalows are less expensive (though they are still premium).


If you’re lucky, you might be able to find guest houses and Airbnbs for less if you reserve ahead of time.


  Things To Do In Maldives


  • 1. Go For Diving And Watersports

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  If you’re looking for action and excitement, plan a trip between February and November (the end of the dry season to the rainy season) when the waters are choppier and the waves are stronger, which is ideal for surfing.


  •  If you prefer calmer waters and slower activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, or canoeing, travel between December and January.

best time to visit maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  Scuba diving and snorkelling visibility is optimum between January and April.


  • 2. See Bioluminescent Plankton

Bioluminescent Plankton maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  The Maldives is famous for its gleaming white beaches and rich marine life, and glowing plankton visits practically every island. The plankton is most visible from mid-summer through winter, but it can appear at any time.


  •  While in the Maldives, you can also view bioluminescent plankton. Because they light up the beach in the evening, these naturally illuminating organisms make nightfall on the islands more spectacular.


  •  According to Airpaz, bioluminescence is best observed between June and October, when there is a greater concentration of plankton, particularly on Vaadhoo Island, home of the “glowing beach.”


Other Things To Do In Maldives

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  Every day, spend your time lounging in your own little villa over the ocean, enjoying on the beach, or unwinding in the spa.


  •  If you prefer to blend relaxing with something a little more adventurous, try out one of the many watersports on offer.

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  The Maldives has some of the best surfing possibilities in the world, or you may paddleboard through the calm, shallow waters. In addition, you can board a traditional dhoni boat to see wild dolphins in the sea.

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Worst Time To Visit Maldives

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  Some travellers claim that August is the worst month to visit because it is right in the heart of the rainy season.


  •  However, October is widely regarded as the wettest month, so avoiding either of these dates may be preferable for your trip.


  • While those modest bungalows can be incredibly nice, your island trip would undoubtedly suffer if you never got out of the room.


Things To Know Before Traveling To Maldives


This will be the ultimate Maldives travel guide to get you acquainted with Maldives in the shortest amount of time possible and the things you need to know before traveling to Maldives.


  •  The Island Composure.

things to do in maldives

  • Maldives is not one big island. Instead it’s spread out with 1200 small islands that make up Maldives. However only 200 are inhabited with 80 around for resorts.


  •  The main island of the capital is called Male and it is fairly small too. Total population is around 500,000 over the whole islands.


  •  That’s the only country I know so far where all nationalities are granted a tourist visa on arrival.


Oh! In case you know of other countries that allow all nationalities a tourist visa upon arrival, do comment down below and we’d love to hear that.


  •  There’s no need to have a vaccination but yellow fever vaccination certificate might be applicable if you are from a country which is at risk.


  •  Currency used is the Maldivian rufiyaa but USD is widely accepted. For us, we did not even change any money into Maldivian rufiyaa. We paid in USD and people gave us back in Maldivian rufiyaa.

maldives currency

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  Take note that there are no ATMs on many islands. However you are sure to find ATMs in the Male island and as such make sure you have money from there or from whichever island you are landing at, that is international airports.


  • Official language in Maldives is Dhihevi but English is widely spoken there. Fun fact to say hello in Dhihevi is Assalaamu Alaikum, which is derived from Arabic and many words are derived from Arabic too.


  •  That brings us to our next point. Maldives is a hundred percent Islamic country by state and all citizens are required to be Muslims. There’s no other religions being practiced there.


  •  Subsequently Islamic laws are applied you are strictly forbidden to bring pork and alcohol when entering Maldives. Alcohols are permitted only on tourist resorts.


  • No displays of affection in public and also no bikinis. But there’s something interesting about bikinis which we’ll get back to you soon.


  •  As we mentioned before bikinis are not allowed on Islands except for resort islands.


  •  For local islands it’s banned but with the influx of many tourists, the government has declared a special enclosed area on each Island where tourists can wear their bikinis there.

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  •  That said, nudism and topless sunbathing are a big no-no everywhere.


  • Last, Maldives owns the title for the lowest country on the whole earth with an average of 1.5 meters above sea level.


  •  The airport itself is on an island of its own and there are two islands next to it; Aale and Hulmumale. You have to take ferries to get to these and it takes only around five minutes.

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  • There are also routes linking the islands so no issue on that but since these islands are so close to the airport drone flying is not allowed there. You can do so on the other islands.


  •  The airport will be the place where you can grab your SIM card as well. For SIM cards there are two main companies; Dhiraagu and Ooredoo out of which the former is the most common.


  •  Now back to the list of must knows before going to Maldives the standard socket is the UK style 3 pin although there are some variations where they use type D.


  •  As such, do bring your universal adapter for more flexibility.


  •  There are basically two types of islands; local islands and resort islands.


  •  Local islands are where locals live and definitely these will be much cheaper than the expensive resort islands. Both have the same seas but resorts will naturally have a nicer and luxurious environment.



Your pick where you choose to go for us we went for the local vibe in Omadhoo island to save more money and you might hear this word quite often in Maldives or when you are doing your research and this word is ‘Atoll”.


I did not know what was that but an Atoll is a ring shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles the lagoon partially or completely.


  •  Transportation in Maldives is like nowhere else, you have to move across the ocean. Getting from one island to another is either by ferries speedboats or sea planes.


  • Public ferries for example from the Velana airport to Male city is less than 1 USD. For other places that would depend on the time taken. Speedboat transfers from male to Omadhoo island where we stayed was 25 USD per pax one way.


  •  Seaplanes can range from 150 USD upwards. It’s important to note that there’s also a green tax which tourists have to pay when they stay at guests house or resorts.

things to do in maldives

Best Time To Visit Maldives


  • For the latter is 6 USD per night per person while for guesthouse it’s 3 USD. This is a tax that encourages people not to harm the environment or to help pay for things that are good for the environment.



Other than that it’s very common to pay 22 percent taxes; 10 percent for service charge and 12 percent normal tax.


Being on an island, don’t be surprised if you are on an island and you walk only 5 minutes to cover the whole island from end to end.


  •  This is typical there, and there aren’t a lot of shops activities and nightlife around on the islands. Main activities would be mainly sea activities, swim, relaxed by the beach, go on excursions snorkelling and diving.


  •  As for food, since Maldives doesn’t have much land, many food items are imported and this is the reason why food could get slightly expensive especially at resorts.


  • Local islands you can get away with a meal between 7 to 13 USD, which might be a bit expensive as well. Maldives has an all year-round hot sunny tropical climate.


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