Pompano Beach, known as the “heart of the Gold Coast,” is a beautiful gem clinging to the dramatic Atlantic Ocean. This lovely location, 35 miles north of Miami, is more subdued than its more vibrant, and much louder, counterpart. Despite its more laid-back vibe, Pompano Beach has plenty of fun things to do.


Guests can choose from a wide range of activities, such as sunbathing on the golden sand, snorkelling in the warm water around the vibrant coral reefs, and shopping in the upscale stores of open-air malls. Enjoy the city’s parks (there are over 50 of them), go fishing off a long wooden pier, or take a water taxi ride. Pompano Beach will never bore you.


Aside from its natural beauty, there are shopping malls, fine dining establishments, and family-friendly attractions just outside of town, such as Butterfly World in neighboring Coconut Creek.


  Things To Do In Pompano Beach, FL


• Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Things To Do In Pompano Beach, FL

Just offshore from Pompano Beach, a stunning coral reef provides underwater explorers with a close-up view of Florida’s most spectacular marine species. Shellfish, colourful coral, and an amazing variety of fish can be found half a mile south of Fisher’s Family Pier at the Pompano Beach Drop Off.


It covers the Nursery & Copenhagen sites and spans 25 mooring buoys. If you’re hunting for lobster, the holes on the western edge are the best places to look. They’re good hiders, so keep an eye out.


Suzanne’s Ledge, which drops 15 to 30 feet, is recommended for more experienced snorkelers and divers. This picturesque site, which is a continuation of the Drop Off, is quite stunning; bring a waterproof camera with you.


Labontee is another lovely diving site that is ideal for beginners. It, too, is filled with marine life (hello, nurse sharks and lobsters) and is conveniently located just a mile north of the Hillsboro Inlet. On the western edge, the best viewing areas are found.


Put on your diving gear and head to the SS Copenhagen (located on the east side of the Pompano Beach Drop Off) or the Lady Lucky Wreck, which has been turned into a unique wonderland of huge dice, mermaid waitresses, and other intriguing man-made artefacts.


• Hit the Sand at Pompano Beach

things to do in pompano beach,fl

Pompano Beach visitors spend the most of their time relaxing on the beautiful, golden sands of this Atlantic Ocean gem. Beachgoers take to the ocean to cool down when the sun’s rays get too intense. There’s no shortage of fun to be had in the ocean off Pompano Beach, whether paddleboarding, kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming, or snorkelling.


Another plus: because of a Gulf Stream bend, the water is warm and extremely clear. That means it’s simple to spot marine life from the beach, which is ideal for visitors who want to spend an afternoon snorkelling.


There are lifeguards on duty all year and a variety of amenities to make your visit more enjoyable. Behind the sand dunes, a paved walkway is lined with picnic shelters and flanked by tall, waving palm trees.


It will take you to the Fisher Family Pier, one of Pompano Beach’s most popular destinations to spend an hour. The views from this vantage point are breathtaking.


Do you need a little retail therapy to go with your sunbathing? Just feet from the sand is the upmarket Pompano Beach Fishing Village, which is packed with exciting shops and restaurants.


• Sample-McDougald House

Things To Do In pompano beach,fl

In 1985, the magnificent Sample-McDougald House was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This Southern gem is a luxurious Colonial Georgian revival mansion with gorgeous porches that extend around the ground and second floors. This is a popular wedding destination, and it makes for a great backdrop for memorable images.


The beautiful white home, built by farmer Albert Neal Sample in 1916, located on Dixie Highway among the owner’s huge pineapple fields. William and Sarah McDougald bought it in 1940 and donated it to the Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society in 2001. The club then relocated the structure to its new position in Centennial Park, which is much calmer.


House tours, yoga on the lawn, mommy and me museum days, vintage car displays, and other exciting events are available in this magnificent site.


Note : The house is closed on Sundays and Mondays.


• Greg Norman Signature Pines Course

Things To Do In pompano beach,fl

This golf course was redesigned in 2013 and reopened with a fresh new look, making it one of Pompano Beach’s most popular attractions.


The course is open to both visitors and residents and is a terrific place to play a few rounds of golf or simply take a lesson and try your hand if this is your first time on the green.


If you want to eat while admiring the rolling views, there’s an on-site restaurant, as well as a pro shop and a learning centre where friendly tutors may teach you how to improve your game.


• Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe

hillsboro antique mall

You might not instantly think of antiques when you think of Pompano Beach, but a visit to Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe will convince you otherwise. You’ll discover over 250 antiques dealers in one location, and you may browse around at your leisure, looking for bargains in the several shops.

From art deco to experimental art to historical and vintage items from Florida and beyond, there’s something for everyone. If you need a break from antique searching, the area is studded with eateries.


• Butterfly World

Things To Do In pompano beach,fl

When guests enter Butterfly World’s Paradise Adventure Aviary, time appears to stop. The colourful aviary, the first stop on a journey through this exquisite oasis, is breathtaking, and it smells divine.


As guests make their way through the colourful petals, waterfalls, and trickling fountains towards the moist Tropical Rainforest, the lovely aroma of roses permeates the air, relaxing them. Butterflies of different shapes, sizes, and colours dart about, landing on sumptuous flower petals or even a guest’s shoulder for a brief moment.


The sluggish, moist heat of this sanctuary is accompanied by soothing music, which lulls visitors into a stress-free haze. On a bright day, you’ll be delighted at how many gorgeous butterflies flit through the air; they prefer the sun to the rain.


This popular tourist attraction was the first butterfly house in the United States, having opened in 1988. It’s also the world’s largest of its sort. Inside, there are several huge aviaries, including one dedicated to tropical birds, Butterfly Lake, a bug museum (equipped with a massive tarantula, scorpions, and cockroaches), a Lorikeet Encounter, the Mariposa Café, and a gift store.


Butterfly World is only six miles northwest of Pompano Beach, despite being technically in neighbouring Coconut Creek. It’s a short drive you’ll be glad you took.


Note: To get a same-day ticket, call beforehand; otherwise, you’ll have to order one online and wait five to seven days for it to arrive.


• Curtain Call Playhouse

ccph logo

The Curtain Call Playhouse, which has been in existence for almost two decades, is on a mission to educate locals and visitors alike about the arts in the Florida region.

To that purpose, the firm employs great performers from all around the region who tour on a regular basis so that people from all over the region can see their work. If you want to see a show, check your local listings to see where they will be performing next.

The company produces a diverse spectrum of works, including dramatic works, musical theatre, and children’s shows.

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• Visit Nearby Parks

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Pompano Beach is home to 52 beautiful parks of various sizes and types. You’ll find the right setting in this gorgeous city, whether it’s a cosy corner to relax on a bench, a waterfront area to eat a picnic while taking in the view, or a spacious spot with amenities like basketball courts and a pool.


Are you travelling with a four-legged companion? The Pompano Beach Dog Park is a must-see. This large space, located between 1000 and 1098 18th Avenue, allows visitors to let their pets run free. Shade, seaside vistas, and beach access are all available at North Ocean Park (3424 NE 16th Street).


Pompano Beach Community Park (located at 820 NE 18th Avenue) is a favourite destination for families. There are aquatic and tennis centres, as well as a baseball complex, a playground, and a covered picnic area.


Alsdorf Park (2974 NE 14th Street) has a public boat launch, boat wash, marina, and enough parking. There’s a little playground with swings and climbing equipment, but there’s not much else to do but watch the boats go past. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Pompano Beach Water Taxi stops here.


• Pompano Beach Amphitheater

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Pompano Beach Amphitheater is a year-round open-air entertainment venue in Pompano Beach that accommodates a wide variety of concerts and other shows.

The spectacular arena can hold up to 3,000 people at a time and hosts big-name performers from all across the country on a regular basis.

Check the local listings to discover who will be performing in town when you arrive, and enjoy a concert beneath the stars in the warm Florida weather.


• Fisher Family Pier

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The Fisher Family Pier is a gorgeous and entertaining place to spend an hour or two. This 900-foot-long pier, named for former Pompano Beach mayor Lamar Fisher, juts into the Atlantic Ocean, providing an unrivalled vista of both the waterfront and the city beyond the golden strand.


Although difficult to see from the pier’s end, it was designed to resemble the region’s famous pompano fish, with a small indent for the mouth and a circle for the eye.


Giant blue umbrellas stoically stand along the pier, providing much-needed shade, while numerous chairs provide a nice location to sit while taking in the breathtaking view. Arrive early to catch a glimpse of the spectacular sunrise.


There is no charge to walk along the pier, although there is a small cost for those who want to fish. The on-site Bait Shop sells bait and other fishing supplies, as well as renting rods.


• Festival Flea Market Mall

Festival Flea Market Mall entrance

Festival Flea Market Mall is an outdoor shopping mall fashioned after a ‘Main Street USA’ arrangement to give you the feeling of being in a small town in Middle America.

There are over 500 different sellers in the retail area, so there isn’t anything you won’t find if you seek hard enough. Boutiques, antiques, jewellery stores, high-end businesses, and even fruit and vegetable shops all coexist in an eclectic setting!


• Pompano Beach Fishing Village

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Take a stroll through the bustling Pompano Beach Fishing Village after you’ve finished fishing from the pier. This posh sector of town, which is new to the neighbourhood, has stores, hotels, and a slew of wonderful restaurants providing food that’s almost as good as the view.


One of the most popular places to eat in the fishing town is Beach House Pompano. It’s virtually just across the street from the Fisher Family Pier, and only a few steps away from the sand. Take a stroll up to the rooftop for a tasty selection of Beach Bites or a more substantial meal made with fresh, local ingredients.


Both inside and out, the Oceanic Pompano is a sight to behold. This local hotspot is a beautiful place to enjoy a special breakfast or an evening out, housed in an architectural marvel with spectacular views. While the prices are a little on the high side, the food and service are definitely worth it.


Laid-back Lucky Fish offers a full day’s worth of delicacies. In the morning, tasty breakfast burritos and a cup of coffee will get you going, while tacos, sandwiches, and nachos will keep you energised all day (and night). Take it to go so you may eat while feeling the sand between your toes.


• Pompano Beach Water Taxi

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Are you looking for a fun, traffic-free way to experience the city? The Pompano Beach Water Taxi is a great option. This popular taxi service takes visitors through the beautiful seaside mansions, busy stores and restaurants, and historic structures that line the pristine shoreline of Pompano Beach, providing a delightful way to explore the area’s sparkling waterways.


There are nine stops across the city, so there are lots of opportunities to pick up passengers. On a Friday or Saturday evening, Alsdorf Park is one of the most popular areas to surf (from 6pm to 10pm). There’s a boat launch here, and there’s lots of parking, so dumping the car is simple.


Note: On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Pompano Beach Water Taxi runs. For the most up-to-date schedule, visit their website.


• Pompano Citi Centre

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Pompano Citi Centre is another open-air shopping mall in the Pompano Beach neighbourhood, and it’s where you’ll find premium stores like Macy’s and Sears.

The mall’s heart has a variety of boutiques as well as restaurants and cafes, making it a spot where you may wander to your heart’s delight.


• Pompano Beach Airpark

Pompano Beach Airpark

Pompano Beach Airpark initially opened during World War II and is still in use today, with many runways and aviation aircraft in place.

The airpark is well known as the home of the Goodyear blimp, The Spirit of Innovation, which you may see in all its splendour if you visit here.

Although the public is not permitted to go on the blimp, it is nevertheless a sight to behold as the helium-filled aircraft rises into the sky.


• Blanche Ely House Museum

blancheelyhouse 1

The Blanche Ely House Museum, which was once home to education and civil rights pioneers Blanche and Joseph Ely, has recently been refurbished and now houses key relics from their lives. Through different exhibits and displays, including letters made to the governor and Pope, the museum recognises the great labour of these significant leaders of the area’s black population.


This unassuming white cottage is home to a lively creative community and acts as a cultural centre for the neighbourhood, offering a diverse range of art classes and seminars. Listen to poets, see movies, go to a gallery, or go to a jazz event. There are numerous ways to keep yourself entertained.


The museum is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you rely on GPS, it can also be difficult to locate. Check a map to make sure you’re on the correct track — it’s near the corner of NW 15th Street and NW 6th Avenue.


On 3rd Avenue near NW 15th Place, you’ll find the Northwest Branch Library and Apollo Park, which has a playground and tennis courts.


• Fern Forest Nature Park

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This park in neighbouring Broward County is named from the abundance of ferns it contains, about 30 different varieties to be exact.


You may spend a day strolling through the park’s 247 acres of land, which has been designated as a ‘Urban Wilderness Area,’ as well as relaxing in the hammocks that are strewn throughout the park for your enjoyment.


You can also see a wide variety of other local flora and animals here, and the park is part of the wider Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.


• Art Collection : Things To Do In Pompano Beach, FL


A trip to Art Collection is a must for art aficionados. The interior’s enormous (it spans 45,000 square feet), two-story showroom is crammed with unique items spanning different genres, despite its canary yellow walls.


Inside this distinctive and slightly congested space, over 4,000 pieces of art created by a plethora of talented artists are on display. Because there are so many works layered on top of one another, make sure you set aside enough time to look over them all.


You’ll discover something amazing to embellish your personal space, whether it’s a contemporary mixed media painting, a one-of-a-kind photograph, a complex sculpture, or a classic landscape. Enhance your environment with the brilliant hues featured in Dalia Kantor’s inventive works or add pizazz to your home with one of Gerardo Mendez’s colourful and funky pop culture creations.


Art Collection offers custom frames as well as a design service. If you’re not sure if a painting will fit in your area, their designers may bring it in for you to examine before you buy.


You’re not looking for art? Treat this colourful environment as if it were a gallery, soaking up inspiration from its magnificent creations while enjoying the cool breeze.


• The Great Lawn : Things To Do In Pompano Beach, FL

Pompano Beach what to expect 1

The Great Lawn, located near the intersection of East Atlantic Boulevard and North Pompano Beach Boulevard, is an open-air concert and event venue that hosts a variety of outdoor acts throughout the year.


You’ll have to check the local listings to see what’s going on when you’re in town, but musical performances, food and wine events, and festivals are all possibilities. There is usually something going on here at any time of year, with special events scheduled around significant holidays.


Music Under The Stars, which takes place throughout the summer and features a variety of musicians, is one such event that takes place here.


So this was our list of some of the Best Things To Do In Pompano Beach, FL, hope you guys found it useful.


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