Wildwood, New Jersey, is one of the top beach destinations on the East Coast, thanks to its sandy beaches and boardwalk. From spring until late autumn, the town of Wildwood, New Jersey, swells with visitors who come to enjoy a diverse range of family-friendly activities, including craft exhibits, parades, truck and motocross racing, food and music festivals, and weekly fireworks.


The best things to do in Wildwood NJ are listed below.


Things To Do In Wildwood NJ



• Have Fun At Wildwood Beach

things to do in wildwood nj

This coastal attraction is part of the city’s attractive 5-mile coastline and is open to the public for free.


If you’re looking for free things to do in Wildwood NJ, this popular strand is the place to go. This beach will fascinate visitors of all ages with its brilliant seas, fine sands, and family-friendly atmosphere.


Did we mention how beautiful the sunrises and sunsets are?


At this beach, there are plenty of inexpensive things to do close by. You could spend the full day here doing traditional beach activities like sunbathing, swimming, and sandcastle building. This beach also offers boogie boarding, boating, and biking.


Visitors can participate in every type of water and beach activity imaginable, as well as attend seasonal events. Surfers should bring their boards to Rambler Road Beach, which is the only beach that allows surfing. On Wildwood Dog Beach, pet owners can stroll, run, swim, and play with their dogs (who must be kept on a leash). On weekends, lifeguards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


• Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Water Parks

things to do in wildwood nj

These piers, first opened in 1969, entice families with entertainment attractions and two fascinating water parks.


Morey’s Piers is a kid’s paradise. In fact, it includes some of the best things to do with kids in Wildwood. At Morey’s Piers, whether your family like crazy rides or conventional amusement park thrills, you’ll have a great day with your friends and family.


Begin your vacation at the Mariner’s Pier, where you may enjoy simple pleasures and vintage rides. Check out the thrill rides at Adventure Pier for something a little more adrenaline-pumping.


• Wildwood Boardwalk

things to do in wildwood nj

The boardwalk in Wildwood, which stretches for 38 blocks, is jam-packed with water and amusement parks, shops, restaurants, clubs, and hundreds of other activities. Take a walk along the boardwalk to take in the views, sounds, and fragrances, or take the Sightseer Tram Car from end to end.


Enjoy the beach views while having fun at Morey’s Piers, Splash Zone, or Ocean Oasis, or attend one of Wildwood’s almost 200 annual cultural, sporting, craft, and food events and festivals, the majority of which are free. Watch the free Friday night fireworks display or listen to a free music almost any night of the week throughout the summer.


• Wildwood Convention Center

things to do in wildwood nj

This 260,000-square-foot facility, was opened in 2001, features an indoor arena with a seating capacity of 7,000 people.


Looking for something fun to do indoors in Wildwood when it’s rainy or cold? Why not attend a performance, game, concert, or event at this cutting-edge convention centre? This event facility will keep you entertained for hours indoors with its wonderful ocean views and first-rate services.


Check their schedule to see if any of their events, concerts, or games are available to watch. Fans of sports should attend WWE events and Harlem Globetrotter games. We also propose their enticing vehicle events and displays.


• Wildwood Farmers Market

things to do in wildwood nj

From May to August, the Wildwood Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning. Every form of culinary treat imaginable is available at the market, including locally sourced vegetables, herbs and greenery, baked products, artisanal culinary delights, beverages, and condiments.


The market, which started three years ago and is held regardless of the weather, is the brainchild of the Wildwood Business District. The market’s live entertainment, which runs from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every week and includes acts such as live music, a balloon artist, and a stilt walker, will appeal to both children and adults. Behind the market, there is free parking.


• Breakfast in the Sky

things to do in wildwood nj

This amazing experience, located at Morey’s Piers, allows you to have a delicious breakfast on a 156-foot-tall Ferris wheel.


Breakfast in the Sky at Morey’s Pier is unlike anything else. This dream-like experience on the Wildwood Boardwalk is a wonderful blend of spectacular scenery and delectable food.


It’s one of the most fascinating and romantic things to do in Wildwood for couples.


On a huge wheel, get carried away on a wonderful adventure rising gently high over the boardwalk. Enjoy an extraordinary culinary adventure complete with wheel-side service and exquisite tableware while admiring the vistas.


• George F. Boyer Historical Museum

GeorgeFBoyer Museum

Wildwood’s lone historian and the first president of the Wildwood Historical Society was George F. Boyer. His goal was to collect and preserve items from Wildwood’s past, particularly from the once-thriving entertainment industry. The museum, which opened in 1963, displays images and memorabilia from a time when Wildwood venues hosted acts like Tony Bennett, The Supremes, and Fats Domino.


The museum, which concentrates on the 1950s and 1960s, not only brings Wildwood’s music scene to life through artefacts and organised activities, but it also gives visitors a glimpse into the music and dress that helped establish American identity during that time period.


This admission-free museum, founded in 1963, aims to showcase and preserve Wildwood’s history.


The museum is unquestionably one of the must-see attractions for history buffs today. This museum tells the storey of the city and its boardwalk through memorabilia and photographs.


Visit this museum to learn more about the town. Despite the lack of signage, it’s jam-packed with exhibits that tell the storey of the city’s past.


• Splash Zone Waterpark

things to do in wildwood nj

This summer playground in Wildwood Boardwalk is brimming with interactive features and is frequently voted as the Jersey Shore’s best water park.


Traveling with energetic children? Make a point of putting this water park at the top of your list of fun things to do in Wildwood. This park has a variety of splashy attractions for everyone, from the heart-pounding Flow Rider to children’s pools.


Soar down the exhilarating Speed Dominator and face The Best of the East’s rapids.

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• Seaport Aquarium

things to do in wildwood nj

The Seaport Aquarium, located just off the boardwalk, houses a diverse collection of aquatic life, including reptiles. There are fish and monkeys, eels and alligators, turtles and sting rays, and sharks, of course.


The Seaport also has a touch pool where you can interact with the tank’s inhabitants. The aquarium aims to be both recreational and educational, and feedings are held at various times throughout the day.


You will also be able to feed some of the animals. It takes an hour to see all of the exhibits at Seaport, but allow more time if you want to read the plaques and ask questions.


• Sightseer Trams

things to do in wildwood nj

This tram car service, which has been in operation since 1949, travels a couple of miles along the Wildwood Boardwalk.


The Sightseer Trams service in Wildwood is more than just a convenient mode of transportation. It’s a popular attraction on the city’s lively boardwalk, and it’s both a fun ride and a piece of history. Furthermore, it is the best and quickest way to see the entire Wildwood Boardwalk.


Take a ride on this tram car and be mesmerized by the vibrant sights to see this weekend.


• Silver Bullet Tours

things to do in wildwood nj

Guests at Silver Bullet can take dolphin tours on the world’s largest speedboat. The Silver Bullet travels at breakneck speeds through the area, allowing passengers to see local landmarks and marine life, such as birds and dolphins, while narrators entertain and provide interesting information.


Guided tours are available three times per day and last 90 minutes. Guests are encouraged to bring a camera to capture everything, as well as a bathing suit to enjoy the ocean spray and sunbathing. There is free parking, and the Silver Bullet sells snacks and drinks on board.


• The Doo Wop Preservation League Museum

things to do in wildwood nj

This museum, located in Fox Park, commemorates everything that made the city famous during its heyday in the 1950s.


The museum is ideal for anyone looking for something different to do in Wildwood. This museum, with its retro neon motel signs and old decor, will transport you to the city’s past. This museum, believe me, is a time machine that will transport you back to the 1950s and 1960s.


Browse through this museum’s vintage and retro exhibits for a nostalgic experience. After that, satisfy your hunger with a snack at the on-site retro malt shop.


• Crest Dunes Bike Path

things to do in wildwood nj

This lovely path stretches for 12 miles all the way to the North Wildwood Sea Wall.


Cycling this path is one of our top cheap fun things to do in Wildwood. This 12-mile biking adventure burns a tonne of calories while providing stunning views of the Wildwoods.


This path is ideal for a leisurely ride or hike through the Wildwoods. Make a few stops along the way to take in the sights and sounds.


• Sam’s Pizza Palace

things to do in wildwood nj

This boardwalk pizza joint has been satisfying taste buds with its cheesesteaks, slices, and pies since 1957.


Sam’s Pizza Palace is a New York City institution known for its delectable New York-style pizza. Their hand-tossed pizza will definitely sweep you away with its crispy thin crust and variety of toppings. It also has a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.


Enjoy the views while sampling their flavorful, cheesy, and hearty pizzas. Meatballs, Extra Cheese, and White Broccoli are among our favourites.


• Dark Star Pirate Cruises


Hop aboard this modern-day, 50-foot-long pirate ship in Wildwood Crest for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Have you ever fantasised about becoming a pirate? You can make that fantasy come true by boarding The Dark Star, a genuine Pirate-themed cruise. This cruise will keep you entertained for over 60 minutes with a variety of swashbuckling activities.


Sign up for a cruise and enjoy the exciting activities such as face painting, treasure hunts, and water cannon battles.


• Kona Surf Co

things to do in wildwood nj

This company, founded by surfing legend Mike Sciarra, has been supplying high-quality sports equipment since 1969.


Kona Surf Co offers a complete line of high-quality, hand-stitched accessories and apparel. Even better, the shop stocks only the best athletic brands, such as Quicksilver, Billabong, and Under Armour.


This shop offers discounted skateboards, surfboards, and sporting equipment. You can also speak with the staff to get expert advice and tips.


• Boardwalk Mall

things to do in wildwood nj

This seasonal mall, which is open from May to October, houses a variety of restaurants and stores along the city’s boardwalk.


The Boardwalk Mall is a must-see on any list of the best things to do in Wildwood NJ. It’s a fashionista and shopaholic’s dream, with a slew of chic stores. Not to mention a few excellent dining and entertainment options.


At this mall, you can go on a shopping spree or look for bargains. If you don’t feel like shopping, go to the arcade on the bottom floor and play some fun games. Enjoy the delectable dishes at Captain Jack’s while you’re there.


So this is the end of our list of some of the best things to do in Wildwood NJ, I hope you guys found some of your favorite choices.


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